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May 17 17 tweets 3 min read
THREAD: The Trinity in Creation

Scripture opens with an account of a triune God who creates the heavens and earth over the course of a seven-day week.

What’s the connection between these numbers? Could a triune God have created the world over any period of time he chose? Image No doubt he could. But a sevenfold week seems particularly apt. Here’s why.
Apr 18 17 tweets 3 min read
Blood in the Biblical Narrative

As Christians, it’s natural for us to associate bloodshed with redemption. In light of the Gospel, the idea seems intuitive.

That bloodshed can bring about redemption, however, is an unusual idea,… Image …which is revealed to us *gradually* as the Biblical narrative unfolds.
Mar 25 33 tweets 6 min read
THREAD: Joseph, Jesus, & the Descent to Egypt

Joseph is a well known type/picture of Christ, so it’s natural for us (as Christians) to want us to map his experiences directly onto Jesus’s, all of which is well and good… Image …But we can learn a great deal from a contemplation of Joseph’s life in its original (OT) context. For a start, let’s have a think about Genesis’s general flow.
Jan 28 31 tweets 5 min read

The text of Mark 2.26 has caused quite a few folk quite a few problems.

Jesus seems to have thought David took the showbread from the sanctuary when Abiathar was the high priest, but the text of Samuel suggests he did it on Abimelech’s watch.

What’s gone wrong here? Image Well, first of all, we need to consider a couple of relevant historical questions.
Jan 22 35 tweets 6 min read
► THREAD (🧵)

► Cleanness, Holiness, & Forbidden Mixtures: Some Thoughts

(The-platform-formerly-known-as-Twitter seems as good a place for them as any.) Image The Levitical system views the world in terms of four basic categories:

► clean,
► unclean,
► common,
► holy.

These are often thought of in terms of a three-tier hierarchy (with ‘unclean’ omitted for some reason),

i.e., ‘common’ ⇒ ‘clean’ ⇒ ‘holy’, Image
Jan 21 18 tweets 3 min read
THREAD (🧵): Who exactly was Jeremiah?

Well, we’re told three main things about him in his prophecies’ first two verses:

🔹 he was a priest;
🔹 he lived in Anathoth; and
🔹 he was the son of a certain Hilkiah.

Below, we’ll consider these facts in a bit more detail. Image Let’s start with Anathoth.

Anathoth wasn’t just any old city; it was a highly significant one.

It was allotted to the line of Aaron, i.e., the line of Israel’s high priest (Josh. 21.13ff.).

As a result, it was where Eli lived.
Nov 13, 2023 20 tweets 6 min read

Keen to tackle the big questions of the day, I wondered if some thoughts on the thorny matter of hedgehog words in Scripture might be in order (with thanks to the Christmas card below for inspiration). Image Modern-day Arabic dialects have quite an array of words for the hedgehog, Image
Aug 25, 2023 8 tweets 1 min read
🧵: Sometimes animals have more sense than both men and angels.

Balaam’s donkey could see what the great seer couldn’t (Num. 22).

Image Two wayward priests carried the ark into battle and lost it, but a couple of well-directed cows brought it back home. Unlike the priests, ‘they turned neither to the right nor the left’ (I Sam. 6.12).
Jul 25, 2023 6 tweets 2 min read
NOTE: In Revelation 4, John is taken into heaven’s throne-room.

The appearance of the one seated there is compared to ‘jasper’ and ‘carnelain’ (σαρδιον), and around the throne is an ‘emerald’ rainbow.

Why these gemstones in particular? Image Well, the names of the twelve tribes are engraved on the high priest’s ephod in order of birth (Exod. 28.10),

so it would make sense to take the twelve gemstones on the high-priest’s breastplate to have been arranged similarly. Image
Apr 16, 2023 60 tweets 12 min read
THREAD: The Chronicler’s Theology

Paul views Israel’s temple as an essentially human structure, fulfilled in believers on earth as they worship the God of heaven.

Yet Paul’s theology isn’t an NT innovation; it’s rooted in the Hebrew Bible, most particularly in Chronicles. Image Chronicles is few people’s favourite book.

The index to Walter Moberley’s ‘Old Testament Theology’ contains over 600 OT references, only two of which come from the book of Chronicles,

and neither of them has anything to do with its genealogical material.
Apr 10, 2023 42 tweets 7 min read
THREAD: Easter, Esther, & the Third Day

In and through Jesus’ resurrection, the third day is associated with new life.

But the association of life with a third day isn’t a New Testament innovation; it’s deeply engrained in the Biblical narrative. Image In the very first chapter of Scripture, on the third day of Creation week, land emerges from the world’s watery depths—from a world full of raw potential and yet devoid of actual life.

Grass springs up from the earth, followed by fruit trees.
Jan 8, 2023 16 tweets 4 min read
🧵 THREAD: Elijah, Some Patronyms, and an Egyptian Mongoose

For the details, scroll down. ⤵ In 1 Kings 19, Elijah is told to anoint three different folk (1 Kgs. 19.16ff.).

One of them is ‘Jehu the son of Nimshi’,

whose name is worthy of attention.
Dec 12, 2022 24 tweets 4 min read
🧵 THREAD: Into the Christmas Narratives Again…

TITLE: The Shepherds, the Manger, the River Chebar, and the Siege of Jerusalem

As the time for nativity sermons draws near, may I suggest a reconsideration of the sometimes overlooked connections between Luke and Ezekiel 1–11? One of the primary themes of Luke’s birth narrative(s) is the return of God’s presence and glory to his Temple.

That theme is brought to our attention by Luke at in at least three different ways.

➡️ First, by means of his description of Mary’s pregnancy.
Dec 6, 2022 37 tweets 6 min read
🧵 THREAD: Ezra’s clans, the Jubilee, and 153 Fish.

Exegesis by numbers.

Image by A. Levin. Image Ezra 2’s list of clans deserves serious attention.

Consider, for a start, some of its numerical properties:

➡️ It begins with the classic introduction to Biblical lists of people, viz. ‘Now these...’ (וְאֵלֶּה), which has a gematrial value of 42.
Nov 24, 2022 70 tweets 9 min read
🧵 Lamentations is a book of pain & sorrow.

Yet amidst its pain, somehow, is beauty,

& its sorrow is underlain by hope, which briefly (& triumphantly) rises to the surface.

Moreover, the book’s lament provides us with an exquisite picture of the work and woes of the Messiah. One of the most important features to grasp in an analysis of Jeremiah’s lament is its direction of travel.
Oct 26, 2022 17 tweets 3 min read
🧵 THREAD: Daniel and the Prayer of Nabonidus

THE QUESTION: Who borrowed what from whom? In 1948, a text known as ‘The Prayer of Nabonidus’ was discovered among the Dead Sea Scrolls.

It’s pretty short (a hundred words or so) and badly damaged,

but the details below at least can be made out.
Jun 13, 2022 76 tweets 13 min read
THREAD: Jesus’ Two Genealogies

Why two?

Why genealogies at all?

And what if we don’t know the answers?

For a few thoughts on the matter, please scroll down.

#GodIsInTheDetails Image Bart Ehrman says genealogies aren’t among most people’s favourite passages in Scripture.

He’s probably right (though there’s time for that to change: Eph. 4.11ff.). Image
Jun 3, 2022 51 tweets 9 min read
THREAD: Would the real Priestly source please stand up!

Since today is a special day the in the UK, some thoughts about the *dates* recorded in Scripture might be in order (as might apologies for the rather weak visual pun). Question: What kind of events does Scripture assign exact dates to, and what kind of events does it leave largely undated?

Let’s consider a few events in Israel’s history and find out.
May 19, 2022 25 tweets 4 min read
🧵 THREAD: Time in the Gospel of John

For John, Jesus’ crucifixion takes place at a highly significant moment: the 7th hour of a 7-week cycle of a 49th year.

For more, please scroll down. Image Symbolically, the climax of John’s Gospel is set against the backdrop of three ‘moments’:

a time of darkness at noon (the 7th hour),

the time of the feast of Weeks (Pentecost),

and the time for God’s Jubilee to be inaugurated (a 49th year).

Here’s how.
May 16, 2022 5 tweets 1 min read
MINI-THREAD: Two different Lemechs.

Cain’s son Lemech is a man of sevens.

He is the seventh from Adam.

He heads up a family of seven (him, his two wives, his three sons, and his daughter).

And he says his death will be repaid with a seventy-sevenfold vengeance (Gen. 4.24). Seth’s line has a Lemech as well.
Apr 16, 2022 66 tweets 10 min read
🧵 THREAD: The Theology of John’s Passion Narrative

In John’s Passion, Jesus dies a death which is substitutionary, penal, and propitiatory—a death which fully expends the wrath of God so it might not afflict his people. In recent years, many students of Scripture have become more interested in the intricacy and import of Biblical narratives.

At the same time, some of them have become less certain about the doctrine of Penal Substitutionary Atonement (PSA),...