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3 Nov 19
Lots of chatter regarding #SocialPrescribing over the past few days - some great comments & ideas warranting sensible debate, some inevitable & understandable misunderstanding, & some attempts to undermine the great work being delivered by people & communities across the county
#SocialPrescribing enables all local agencies to refer people to a ‘link worker’ to connect them into community-based support, building on what matters to the person as identified through shared decision making/personalised care and support planning
It is not ‘signposting’, it is not a case of ‘doctor knows best’, it is not ‘over-medicalising community’, it is not a top down initiative - it builds on the assets people have in their own lives and helps them develop non biomedical solutions to improve their health & wellbeing
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28 Jan 19
Our plans for an expansion of #SocialPrescribing will see over 1000 Link Workers recruited over the next two years #PersonalisedCare bbc.co.uk/news/health-46…
Social Prescribing is a key part of our Comprehensive Model for #PersonalisedCare alongside: Shared Decision Making, Patient Choice, Personalised Care and Support Planning, Self Management Support, & Personal Health Budgets
We will be publishing a definitive delivery plan on Thursday detailing how we will scale #PersonalisedCare over the next 5 years to support 2.5m people - including 900,000 people who will benefit from #SocialPrescribing
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