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17 Jul
Whether media outlets want to acknowledge it or not, it seems clear that government officials endorsing nationwide mass gatherings caused a whole lot of people to decide they were done with distancing. Anecdotal, but I’ve heard a bunch of people say they were over it after that.
This is a different question than whether the protests themselves triggered a spread directly. They must have, to some significant extent, as the mayors of LA and Miami-Dade have said.

But the consequences aren’t limited to direct spread. There are indirect repercussions too
The glaring contradiction between months of public cautions and public officials joining crowds of tens of thousands in the streets convinced a lot of people that (a) that public health officials were overblowing it, or (b) it wasn’t much of a threat anymore. Not hard to see why.
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13 Jul
Kyle Griffin joined Twitter in 2009 but his first tweets about Afghanistan came in July 2016, months before the election. Despite meddling from Russia, Pakistan, and Iran, he did not tweet about the US KIAs in Afghanistan during the Obama era.

Draw your own conclusions.
By all means, let's have a conversation about our Afghanistan policy and foreign meddling. But Kyle Griffin and his trash stache should sit that one out.
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4 Jul
Were Lincoln and Grant confederates?

Was Fr Junipero Sierra, who defended indigenous communities in Cali and Mexico, a confederate?

Was Colonel Hans Christian Heg, an immigrant & founder of an anti-slavery militia, a confederate?

Was the Forward statue a confederate monument?
Junipero Serra.* Damn autocorrect.
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15 Jun
A huge percentage of the country was told they couldn’t hold funerals for loved ones, worship together, or even open businesses for months. Many of those restrictions still stand even now.

The distrust and resentment from this double standard will far outlast this pandemic.
And if you step outside of the twitter bubble and ignore the big accounts gaslighting this hypocrisy, you’ll see that people on both the left and the right are recognizing it and chafing at it. Media, health, and political officials are doing irreparable harm to their credibility
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3 Jun
The dude goes into roid rage mode when an older bicyclist asks him why he's breaking quarantine, so I guess it's no surprise that he's confused by the notion that people are supposed to behave peacefully in public.
Chris can retreat to his place in the Hamptons during this and will still have a job when it's over, so go figure that he doesn't care about small business owners having their life's work set ablaze before their eyes.
It's darkly funny that Cuomo's explanation for taking things to 11—and flexing on a random guy who is decades older than he is—was that the guy was interfering with his enjoyment of his property. Now he's entirely unconcerned that rioters are destroying others' property.
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2 Jun
This isn’t even close to a Blackhawk. If it were, the people wouldn’t be standing around below it at that altitude. It’s almost certainly a Lakota, which is a lightweight NG helicopter primarily used for disaster response.

I’ve called in shows of force, this isn’t that.
BTW, not that it’s particularly necessary to disprove the NYT’s point, but shows of force don’t involve Blackhawks/hovering over a crowd (which would just make you a sitting duck). They involve jets flying by at low altitude or maybe Apaches.
You can debate whether using a helicopter is necessary (and given what we’ve witnessed, I think it’s easily justifiable), but it’s clear that journalists comparing these things to combat zone tactics have never stepped foot in those situations. This is riot control; not war.
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1 Jun
It's an absolute disgrace that the taxpayers pay this activist's salary. This isn't journalism, and the American people shouldn't subsidize it.
Like, FFS. There was a story today about people lighting homes with children inside on fire and then blocking fire engines from responding. They're burning family-owned businesses and beating up elderly women. How much more evidence do you need, @Yamiche?
lol at all of the folks like @gtconway3d who are ostensibly committed to upholding American ideals—like, say, not rioting and burning small businesses—but tweet things like #WeLoveYamiche to own Drumpf.

Clowns. All of you.

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31 May
Dear God. Imagine the depravity required to set an occupied multi-family housing complex on fire and then trying to block fire engines from reaching the scene.

"Inside that home was a child."
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30 May
Here’s the mindset behind blaming white supremacist losers instead of Antifa losers, even though the rioters clearly fit the Antifa profile:

-Antifa hates Trump
-People who hate Trump are Good
-Acknowledging left wing violence *might* help Trump
-Things that help Trump are Bad
Therefore, Antifa cannot be responsible.
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30 May
If you Google his name, you will find tons of news stories about this incident and a large settlement that arose from it.

No matter the situation, you can always count on pseudo-intellectual Matt Walsh to find the worst take possible.

Just a cancer in conservative commentary.
I remember absurd Matt Walsh Blog posts full of logical fallacies getting shared on Facebook when I was in college. He’s quite literally Charlie Kirk but 10 years older. He was a shit stain on conservatism then, and he’s a shit stain now.
Large lawsuit*
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29 May
Everyone knows this is false. I haven’t seen a single person justify that murder.

New topic: you took $80,000 on GoFundMe to make a movie about Trump, but you never made the movie. What happened to that money?
Sorry. $65,000.*
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23 May
It’s hard to think of something more vile than exploiting a sacred day like Memorial Day to push for universal mail-in voting. The point is to honor those who gave everything for this country—not to push domestic political perspectives. This is just gross.
I might add that this is an especially gross coming from a dude who pushed the Iraq from the safety of his desk, assured everyone that our troops would be welcomed as liberators, and said it would last “weeks, not months.”
In a just society, Bill’s record would make him ashamed to weigh in on the record about things of this nature. But Bill is clearly incapable of shame and simply bitter that he has lost his stature on the right.
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19 May
We’ve gone from:
-Why doesn’t Trump lock down all the states at once? To:
-Trump doesn’t have the authority to reopen states against their will! To:
-Why aren’t you reopening the states?!

Note: they announced three-phase guidelines weeks ago. It’s like you think we can’t see you
This was always going to be state by state and county by county, because Manhattan, Kansas isn’t the same as Manhattan in NYC. The admin (Trump’s twitter tirades aside) has been consistent from the start on that. The only folks who haven’t ate the WHPC.
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12 May
It's an absolute indictment of the credibility of everyone at CNN and every other mainstream outlet that they let Cuomo go on TV unchecked every night and spew nonsense after he violated quarantine while symptomatic and then pretended he didn't.
And, to reiterate, I've had private conversations with multiple people at CNN and they know this. There are some decent journalists there, but their broadcast folks make all of them look like clowns by association.
And by "decent" I mean "solid and reliable."
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8 May
I love how this is the angle that some in the media have chosen to pursue, instead of noting that this guy is a highly-regarded attorney who specializes in sexual misconduct allegations and represented six Weinstein accusers and the woman assaulted by Dominique Strauss-Kahn.
I mean, seriously. What's the more likely explanation?

(1) Reade engaged an industry leader who has a record of success representing clients alleging misconduct by prominent individuals; or
(2) Reade—a Democrat who doesn't like Trump—hired a lawyer because he supports Trump?
He's also represented clients who filed claims against Fox News, FWIW.
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6 May
Is this a joke?

The dude who broke quarantine is touting the success of his brother who...mandated that nursing homes keep their covid patients and said in March: “excuse our arrogance as New Yorkers...we don’t even think it’s going to be as bad as it was in other countries.”
CNN isn’t acting as a news channel with this stuff. It’s more like a reality tv show.

(Insert all caveats about Hannity, Pirro, etc, for the brain dead folks who will want to whatabout Fox News.)
Like, if you want an image of out of touch and unaccountable public figures, the Cuomo brothers congratulating each other is pretty much as good as it gets.
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4 May
Ah yes, remember when Obama was subjected to hard-hitting press questions like..."what do you think Republicans will be sipping and saying next year?" Or "what hard things do you want to tackle at this point?" Or "are you ready to call yourself the comeback kid?"
Your buddy Ben Rhodes literally bragged about creating a media "echo chamber," but okay...
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2 May
I, too, am glad to see he will be around to execute some people with anti-aircraft guns and send others to gulags for years to come.
This dude’s regime rearranged Otto Warmbier’s teeth with pliers while torturing him to death. Keeping the peace is one thing—celebrating Kim’s existence is wholly another.
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25 Apr
Honestly, everyone should reply to every CNN tweet and/or story by asking about @ChrisCuomo’s actions until they’re forced to address it.

And if you’re a CNN journalist who has stayed quiet about this, get some integrity and address it or just shut up about coronavirus entirely.
Don’t lecture the rest of the world about staying home and the dangers of relaxing social-distancing restrictions while your star anchor is running around *literally infecting other people* and then filming segments about “emerging from quarantine.” Have some self respect.
If the shoe were on the other foot, and Tucker Carlson was running around exposing others to Covid-19 after lecturing everyone else about staying home, @oliverdarcy and @brianstelter would be shrieking about it on an hourly basis. When it’s their buddy? Nothing.
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20 Apr
That mainstream outlets have given Chris Cuomo a pass for violating quarantine ***after testing positive with coronavirus*** but are freaking out about people walking on Florida beaches is absolutely shameful.
How in the world do you expect people to take you seriously after something like that? How many times has Cuomo criticized Trump for not taking the coronavirus seriously, and now he’s walking around in public *while carrying the virus*?
Anytime I see someone from CNN criticizing anyone else for not taking the coronavirus risk seriously, I’m going to ask them whether they condemn their colleague violating quarantine and going out in public while being infectious. What an absolute joke.
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20 Apr
If only there had been a group of professionals present who could have asked Adm. Giroir about testing instead of asking questions about Paul Manafort. Maybe one day, we'll have those kinds of professionals at White House briefings...
You're a White House correspondent and your one job is to ask questions that provide relevant information to the public, and you...complain that no one provided relevant information to the public? Legacy media is an absolute clown show.
Hey @KellyO maybe the problem lies with your colleagues like @maggieNYT who prefer that the WH Press Corps ask clickbait questions instead of questions that actually help the rest of us.

You're welcome to call her out any time.

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