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8 Apr
@PaulFletcherMP - let's have a look at things that have been refused classification under the two decades old laws you're championing here...
A video game about detectives news.com.au/technology/hom…
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2 Jun 19
Alright, let's provide a bit of context to this article on Colorado - because these are stats you commonly see being cited by anti-legalisation folks! /1 abc.net.au/news/2019-06-0…
Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS) is totally a thing. We don't have any good numbers on prevalence, but it's generally considered "rare" or "very rare" and only an issue if you are a heavy, daily user of cannabis ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29327809 /2
Will legalisation increase ED visits for CHS? Absolutely. But how much of this is because of increased prevalence, and how much is because cannabis use is de-stigmatised through changes in law? There is no evidence legalisation has made CHS more common. /3
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30 Apr 18
Quickie thread: You are likely to see certain anti sex industry activists start putting forward arguments in favour of the Nordic Model, two rules of thumb: (i) Check the footnotes; (ii) Remember basic guides to academic references from first year university /1
Nordic Model advocates will link to the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women in Australia's document "Demand Change: Understanding the Nordic Approach to Prostitution" - if a student submitted this in one of my classes, they would fail. catwa.org.au/wp-content/upl… /2
Of the 43 references in the report, only six are academic papers in peer reviewed journals (green) + 12 were gov reports (yellow) - the rest are websites, books and op-eds (blue) or deliberately misleading "journals" and "papers" which aren't what they seem (red) /3 #SpringSt
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