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PhD candidate @ACBRD researching the experiences of people with type 1 diabetes using open-source health tech (#OpenAPS). @Startmate student fellow. she/her
Jun 5, 2022 • 21 tweets • 10 min read
I'm now attending the symposium at #ADA2022 on diabetes care among people who are LGBTIQA+ 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

Great to see this on the program, especially during Pride Month.

(pinging @edjpedjp and @KaiSchweizer as you might want to follow the ADA hashtag for this session!) First is Dr Nicole VanKim (umass.edu/sphhs/person/n…) speaking on social determinants of health.

Lesbian and bisexual women had a higher risk of T2D than straight women. This varied by age: 144% higher in those aged under 39

Jun 5, 2022 • 10 tweets • 5 min read
Attending a very important and timely discussion at #ADA2022 on "Diabetes During Humanitarian Crises with Special Focus on Ukraine" 🇺🇦

(ping @DIPadvocate17) 1st @DrBobGabbay

What's important to think about in an emergency:

What information, resources + supplies do people need?
What advocacy is needed?
Are there research opportunities here? e.g. COVID pandemic
Partnerships: how can we work together?

Jun 5, 2022 • 9 tweets • 4 min read
At #ADA2022 this morning, Dr Anne Peters talking on "diabetes technology - panacea meets reality"

There's been a marked increase in the use of technology in the last decade. Mean A1c has improved significantly, but not enough to meet guidelines. Hospitalisations haven't reduced. We have to take social determinants of health into account, and common stressors (e.g. deportation, loss of job, imprisonment, food insecurity). Giving people who are struggling devices won't necessarily help, and they're often stolen.

Jun 4, 2022 • 8 tweets • 5 min read
Always great to see a familiar face at #ADA2022! @janespeight from the @ACBRD is presenting on diabetes stigma

Diabetes has an image problem: it is often represented inaccurately in the media e.g. stock images of sugary foods. The first slide of Jane's presentation. Jane is pictured on The language used about diabetes is often stigmatising too. People with diabetes can experience stigma from the media, but also family, friends and health care professionals.

Consequences include emotional distress, hiding their diabetes, and impaired self-care

Jun 4, 2022 • 5 tweets • 2 min read
Dr Rebekah Walker speaking at #ADA2022 about the influence of food insecurity on quality of life.

food insecurity = uncertain of having or being unable to get enough food because of insufficient money/other resources 10.5% of US households were food insecure at some time during 2020. Those with diabetes and prediabetes are more likely to be food insecure. #ADA2022