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JasonYe4273 on Arena. Often near top of 17lands Bo3 leaderboards. Sometimes stream at https://t.co/C0eccKOhMJ. Any pronouns. Expect long tweet threads about draft.
Apr 14 8 tweets 3 min read
Short thread on shield counters in Streets of New Capenna (SNC), and how I suspect they will play out. Thread inspired by some great discussion with @Ncaa_0 on the @Limitedlevelups Discord. 1x For those not aware, shield counters are a new mechanic in SNC that basically protect a creature from the next time it would be dealt damage or destroyed. 2/x
Mar 8 18 tweets 9 min read
Another rule of engagement for NEO, related to my previous thread on snowballing material: board states in this format are often wide and tense. 1/x When games are often about snowballing material, it's pretty natural that that leads to wide boards. The best cards all provide value and a body, so that leads to there being a lot of bodies. 2/x
Feb 27 15 tweets 4 min read
To add my 2 cents to the >40 card limited discussion - here's a thread about a very quick and easy sanity check that shows when >40 is objectively suboptimal; in fact it applies to most limited decks, which is why playing >40 is usually suboptimal. 1/x This isn't to say that you should never do so! For one thing, you don't have to always play optimally. Plus, there are situations where this check doesn't apply - I'm just laying out a simple check that, if true of your deck, means that playing >40 is definitely suboptimal. 2/x
Feb 25 20 tweets 8 min read
Just thought of a great "rule of engagement" (credit to @Chord_O_Calls for the terminology) for NEO: this format is all about snowballing material. Every piece of material matters, especially early, even the ones you might not expect. 1/x The card most emblematic of this concept is Virus Beetle. This card is solidly in the lead in GIH WR in Bo1, and neck-and-neck with Spirited Companion in Bo3 - and after playing with and against it, I agree with the stats' evaluation of it as top common. 2/x
Feb 18 16 tweets 6 min read
I've seen a lot of people ask about splashing this format, and this format is the most conducive to splashing since Kaldheim, so it's time for a thread on when/how to play >2 colors in limited! (This might be a bit more disorganized than most threads, sorry) 1/x People often say that you should play two colors in limited. This is great advice for newer players certainly; playing two colors is definitely more straightforward, and sets are designed primarily for two color decks. But there's a lot of EV in thinking outside the box. 2/x
Feb 18 4 tweets 2 min read
Trophies #20-22. Lots of good rares. Highlights:
- Dodged lethal with a Wanderer's Intervention cast from the top of my deck with The Reality Chip (bonus points for story flavor)
- 8/8 Sunblade on turn 5 twice with Invoke.
- Bounced back two Gloomshriekers with my Kairi trigger Also wanted to highlight one of my proudest moments of tight technical play this set, and an example of why I like Bo3 so much over Bo1; saw Invoke the Winds in game 1, and decided to take a weird but I suspect correct line accordingly: 17lands.com/history/08ca35…
Feb 7 10 tweets 5 min read
Did a practice NEO draft on mtgadraft.herokuapp.com with some people in the Lords of Limited Discord, and got this super sweet Shrine deck - one of each shrine, plus an extra white one! Also played 5 games against one of the other drafters on Cockatrice - thoughts in thread. 1/x This was my opponent's deck - very focused and synergistic, low to the ground, attrition-y with some decent reach. I went 3-2 against them; games were very close, and I think they were slightly favored, but got some unlucky floods vs. my lucky draws. 2/x
Feb 7 13 tweets 7 min read
I'd posted my initial list of top commons in each color a couple days ago on Discord, but after going through all the archetype skeletons and thinking more about the set in detail, some of my thoughts have changed, so here's a thread on what my current predictions are. 1/x Going to go in the order U R B W G, in keeping with the spectrum of artifact/assertive <> enchantment/defensive that seems to be a core part of the set architecture. Not a strict truth, but definitely a big part of how I'm looking at the set right now. 2/x
Feb 6 12 tweets 5 min read
Random NEO thoughts thread as I build archetype skeletons: Thoughts on U as a color:
- lots of good early tempo (Disruptor, Hacker, Puzzlemaker, Specialist as a package)
- Unclear how to turn that tempo into a win? Disruptor/Puzzlemaker are 1 power fliers, Hacker/Specialist get in for 2 once and then are dinky creatures
Feb 6 11 tweets 5 min read
Currently building archetype skeletons for NEO, and falling in love with Season of Renewal. 1/x Rebuying 2 things for 3 mana is very strong - see Soul Salvage in Dominaria and Raise the Draugr in Kaldheim - the only problem is that you need to have 2 things in your graveyard to rebuy in the first place. 2/x
Jan 25 10 tweets 3 min read
About 15 games into the new Storybook Brawl patch, and maybe this is a hot take, but I think Dwarves is perhaps the best it's ever been - even better than when Wight was first moved to lvl 3 and scaled from dwarves dying. More thoughts on the patch in this thread. 1/x Some of this might be colored by two Gwen games knighting Wight (one on 3.0, one on 2.2 lmao) - and relatedly I think Gwen got a lot better this patch - but the shop buff on Wight feels really good for early tempo with Tinies scaling into the midgame with Dubly/Tweedle. 2/x
Jan 15 15 tweets 3 min read
New beta for Storybook Brawl just dropped, and the devs say that it can be discussed/streamed publicly, so here's a thread with my thoughts on the changes! Keep in mind that these are BETA changes, and thus won't all make it into the next patch. 1/x The most important change is that Good Boy no longer buffs itself. This means that CopyBoy would no longer exist, and Trophy Hunter would be nerfed as well, as those are the only comps that have Good Boy buff itself - Phoenix Feather nonwithstanding. 2/x
Oct 29, 2021 19 tweets 8 min read
Obviously it's *way* to early (literally first day of spoilers lol) to say anything for sure about the new set, Crimson Vow, but I already have some thoughts, mostly based on comparing mechanics, on how I suspect this set will play out compared to Midnight Hunt. 1/x MID was all about efficiency and going wide: disturb and flashback gave you a lot of cheap plays, disturb and decayed meant boards were wide (magnified by decayed not blocking, so boards were wider on attacks), and plentiful efficient removal (plus Flip) punished going tall. 2/x
Oct 25, 2021 11 tweets 3 min read
Random thought from some Discord discussion: one problem with how some people use 17lands data, that has existed before 17lands though things like hypergeometric calculations, is that people like quantifying things, but often don't actually connect numbers to actual meaning. 1/x Example: let's say I'm trying to decide whether to keep or mull a 2 land hand, and calculate that I have an 85% chance of drawing my third land by turn 3. One might say "85% is pretty good, I'd keep". But an annoyance I have is that I don't really know what this means! 2/x
Oct 25, 2021 37 tweets 12 min read
I know a lot of people like making tierlists for Storybook Brawl heroes, but I really don't like tierlists, so instead here's a thread with some thoughts I have on the strengths and weaknesses of every hero in SBB, sorted by my avg placement with them on this patch: 1/x First up: I have not played Evella, Gepetto, Jack's Giant, Krampus, Mrs. Claus, Pan's Shadow, Pup the Magic Dragon, or The Fates on this patch, but they all seem like fairly medium midgame stats heroes to me. Some are probably better than others, idk. 2/x
Oct 24, 2021 5 tweets 2 min read
Made it to top 32 in the #SBBTourney, which should be starting soon. Streaming my view at twitch.tv/jasoniltg with a 15 minute delay!

You can also find the official coverage at twitch.tv/storybookbrawl and the leaderboard at sbb-tournaments.netlify.app/2021-october-l… Looks like I'm in the featured pod too!
Oct 24, 2021 5 tweets 3 min read
Streaming day 2 of the #SBBTourney with 15 minute delay, starting soon! (Should have mic this time; hopefully the delay works)

twitch.tv/jasoniltg Oh also - you can watch the coverage here: twitch.tv/storybookbrawl

And you can follow the standings here:
Oct 24, 2021 9 tweets 3 min read
Streaming the #SBBTourney now! (5 minute stream delay, mostly not reading chat)

twitch.tv/jasoniltg First round is a Pants first! Got hatball pretty early (I think it took 3 or 4 lvl. 3 triples?). Never found Fork/Wand, but it was enough. Image
Oct 17, 2021 17 tweets 4 min read
Very interesting video from jorbs (excellent strategy game streamer who mostly streams Slay the Spire) on how he thinks about strategy games. I would highly recommend watching the video yourself, but I figured I'd do a thread connecting some of his ideas to MtG draft. 1/x Again, want to stress that I'd highly recommend watching the video first! jorbs uses a lot of Slay the Spire examples, but the concepts are applicable to all sorts of strategy games (and life in general). This thread is just me applying those ideas specifically to MtG draft. 2/x
Aug 26, 2021 20 tweets 6 min read
The latest Lords of Limited episode was absolute 🔥; fantastic discussion by the lords and twoduckcubed about how to best use 17lands data. However, one thing that I couldn't help but notice was missing was my most-used 17lands stat: Average Last Seen At. So here's a thread! 1/x A definition: Average Last Seen At, or ALSA, is: "The average pick number where this card was last seen in packs. When a card comes back around on the wheel, only the second time around counts toward the average." So basically, the higher the number, the later the card goes. 2/x
Aug 13, 2021 19 tweets 6 min read
Today I'll be talking about how to exploit the KHM quick draft bots! Slightly different topic than usual - still underrated cards, but this time underrated by bots. 1/x So last night I wanted to play some draft, but I was bored of AFR and didn't want to try learning AKR. But then I realized that KHM was available in quick draft! Definitely wasn't going to turn down drafting one of my favorite formats, even if it was with bots. 2/x