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26 Jul
1/ Thread. Rosie Duffield MP, a magnificent and brave women is trending again. Her supposed crime, (they are always works of fiction) is to have likes a tweet written by a gay man who objects to the word "Queer" (as do I). For this, the digital hordes have descended again.
2/ Facts for her detractors are inconveniences rather than building blocks for arguments but so far as it's not a waste of time to set some out let us attempt this. Fact: Many gay people LOATHE the words "queer" because we regard it as a slur.
3/ I've written to that effect here:… and you can find plenty of articles by gay people saying we despise this word.
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20 Jul
To the chat group that I current can’t DM who are taking great pleasure in mocking me - just you wait.
ESPECIALLY the French Guy in there
Can you guys still see my laugh emojis?
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20 Jul
1/ Thread: One of the more pervasive and sinister strands in gender identity type videos and discourse these days is to tut tut at any concern for the genitals of a sexual partner as “creepy”. Young people are being told in terms sexual attraction based theron is shameful.
2/ The words “shame” and “guilt” are never of course used, but if you’ve grown up gay you can hear them well enough hiding in the spaces between the words, fuelling the logic cascade behind the prose - they are there alright.
3/ Paradox indeed that the scions of queer theory liberation should be the ones to invoke shame and label people “creepy” but than paradox is at the heart of a movement where denial of objective truth is the reason d’etre driving the madness.
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13 Jul
1/ This will not be known as the age of trans enlightenment or LGBTQIAA2++ liberation. It will be known as the age of "genderism". A reductive creed best intellectually situated alongside anorexia, child beauty pageants and mass gym membership as an age of the worship of the self
2/ Genderism will be regarded as a historical folly, a dead end which produced madness. The madness of children not capable in law of getting tattoos but capable in law of forsaking puberty. Adults with shrivelled genitals because of a decision when they were 10.
3/ Genderism will be remembered for silencing and castigating Detransitioners. PHDs will be written about "detransioner voices" - that will be fashionable and counter cultural in 50 years time. They will be the sort of interesting, hidden voices that get academics prises
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13 Jul
1/ Thread: Years ago you would have just been called "a bit camp" as a man or "a bit butch" as a girl. Now you have "gender dysphoria". This regressive classification of GNC expression makes guilty patients of bright, independent young souls and makes their specialness a burden.
2/ This is a blunting and deadening of sharp, dextrous, incisive, happy blades of people. These are sheathed knives worn blunt by the grind of being told in online forums they must endlessly perform their gender and find about them boxes to be guided to.
3/ This is a vile and mountainous bureaucracy, a Kilimanjaro of filing cabinets with open draws like maws yearning to trap the hardy adventurous in their endless categories. These are happy knives that do party tricks safely stored away in many, many drawers.
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5 Jul
1/ Thread. Spite. Funny word. Like a protein spike on a virus. A piercing thing. It’s an active wound making thing of an emotion and no more obviously do we see it than with a man who mocks a woman worried about her pet dog. Here he is:
2/ For context, he’s referring to @BluskyeAllison. She’s a lesbian suing Stonewall. So for Davis here, or Socrates as I call him, owing to his intellectual strength, she’s a target because despite Stonewall giving unlawful advice or facing her in court, he stands in their corner
3/ Some days ago someone threw a wispa chocolate bar and a lemon into Allison’s garden. Chocolate is poisonous to dogs. She’s been the target of harassment before because she’s a proud and brave lesbian. She thought someone targeted a dog she loves.
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1 Jul
1/ Thread: I’ve watched Mhairi Black MP tonight contribute the pride debate with mounting ennui and despair. Her analysis of the gender war is simply this: a vast right wing army have drawn their forces against reason and righteousness and seduced fools to their cause.
2/ If this were true what a grim landscape it would be, formally decent lesbians, feminists, gay men and everyone in between have been played for fools, moved like counters on a backgammon board. Many of them formally wise and decent.
3/ If true, this would be a great fraud and conspiracy, a mind control without equal that made the good the bad, made the true victims aggressors and made the feelings, thoughts and arguments of reasonable people foreign things to them implanted by shadowy forces.
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27 Jun
1/ Thread. I’m going to answer “The Staniland Question” from the perspective I best can, the male one. This was a question first posed by @helenstaniland which brute forces the “be kind” equivocations into sharp focus and asks you what happens when theory hits reality?
2/ Many find it uncomfortable and dodge it. This much has been a luxury of inertia in social policy and an effect of mainstream trans focused nominal “gay”charities like Stonewall operating in the shadows. It’s now in the open as we’ve seen here:
3/ The male answer is this. A human male penis is a potential weapon as well as an instrument or creating life. A human male body is similarly a weapon as much as it is a force for protection. All species face a harsh and hostile world with survival strategies.
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26 Jun
1/ 📝 Biology denial is the next mutation of the climate change denial social pathogen mutating across the cell walls of the body politic from right to left. The left is now riddled with voodoo anti-rationalism from rewriting history to stalking literature for long dead enemies.
2/ Ignorance iterates like a virus, the protein spikes of this aggressive malady adapt always, today it’s gender ideology and critical race theory. Before it was believing in harmless auras or harmful conspiracies but it’s always been the same thing.
3/ The running blood in these animals is a diluted thing, an insufficient biological cocktail that can’t carry enough fact or reason around the body politic. You cut these things they will bleed water. They won’t be debated or scrutinised, these cells will hide from microscopes.
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22 Jun
1/ A thread about @mcashmanCBE. A man who was once an honourable warrior for LGB matters before he misunderstood the T and it addled his brain to the point it rendered him a mad untouchable king because no one can criticise LGBT. I am G. I can. I mean to.
2/ This man tonight says this: "USA Evangelical right-wing money is here in the UK supporting online and offline groups purporting to protect people, purporting to represent LGB people. They are in an orchestrated and concerted attack on every LGBT group that promotes inclusion"
3/ There is no evidence for a thing this man says. All these words about him are a gathered hurly burly, and, like the actor he is, he hopes their effect will outlast their meaning. There is no meaning. There is no evidence. Justice the noise of his unjust accusations.
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21 Jun
1/ Short thread. And so we arrive at the intervention stage of the gender wars, bovine twinks and silly "both sides" type media women urge calm and caution while pretending cancellation, job losses and the horrors of the first war didn't happen.
2/ They triangulate and position themselves for gain imagining they have a thousand ways to bring calm to war, none of which involve them taking anything other than the easiest, safest position. They are peacemakers with an eye to their own flank.
3/ They pretend at being visitors from a foreign land, as if the strangulation and distortion of lives and words happened while they were momentarily glancing away. They are cunning with these words, for this happened all around them and they hid.
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20 Jun
1/ Thread: To gather up your opponents and group them into a category of “hate” requires a gap of empathy indeed. A conviction that all who oppose you can only do so because they set out to assail you on some personal level. To live in “hate” is to live in the personal.
2/ This will never make of you a happy warrior. There is a difference between a territorial war and a religious crusade. To imagine your opponent wants not just your lands but your soul is to set yourself against a creature that will consume your spirit, digest you from reality
3/ Be careful what you dream. You can conjure with your words and your arguments things from beyond nightmare. You can make of people ravenous, clawing monsters they never were. You can summon up tidal waves that are puddles. You can make of a drizzle a torrent.
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15 Jun
1/ Thread. @stephenfry - Let us be clear about what is actually happening here. Stonewall want to make it unlawful to suggest to a child presenting to a gender clinic normally in great distress that they might not be trans. This is known as the "affirmation only" approach.
2/ Doctors, psychiatrists, concerned parents and Detransitioners are terrified by this because something like 80% of children desist from the belief they are trans following proper health care and therapy. Many of the children grow up to be gay and gender non conforming.
3/ So while a "Conversion therapy ban" is superficially attractive, in reality, for the 80% of children mentioned about it simply amounts to converting normally a young lesbian into an apparently hetrosexual male. This is why many gay people strongly object to this campaign.
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9 Jun
1/ Today is demonstrating that the cosy relationship between multi million pound charities is poisonous in a democracy, rather than engage with complex issues they back each other up or gang up against smaller charities as in the case of Mermaids/SW trying to get LGBA shut down.
2/ Reform of this area is badly overdue. Social media outings seems to stay far beyond the purpose of the charity and are very difficult to reconcile with the duties of trustees. Modern UK mega charities now act as if they have a divine right to shape debates.
3/ Today we see Amnesty & Stonewall standing shoulder to shoulder over a workplace based issue which seems to have no connection to Amnesty's charitable objectives. This is simply cartel behaviour, an aristocratic class of charity types who act as though they rule any debate
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9 Jun
1/ This scrutiny should not stop with Stonewall, this whole little clique of undemocratic, unrepresentative charity sector bureaucrats telling people what and what not to think has to be comprehensively defeated. The trustees here should also look carefully to their obligations
2/ Their charitable objectives do not include providing cover for an embattled charity currently in the middle of a scandal over the advice it provides and casually labelling any dissent as being as bad as antisemitism.
3/ Similarly, it is no part of Amnesty’s public duty when there are two competing views of LGB politics to favour Stonewall over LGB Alliance. This makes amnesty look like it’s backing a mate up and will only leave it vulnerable should the time come to disclosure requests.
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6 Jun
1/ Gay people, particularly you gay people, this is what is happening to you.

You are being used by straight male cross dressers and blue haired bourgeois social sadists as a battering ram primarily to humiliate women and render them guilty, silent wrecks for abuse.
2/ This sound horrific and it is it, but it is true. Your history, character, culture and being has been repurposed. Look around you. Look at who is silenced. Look at who is sacked. Look at who is no platformed. Ask yourself why the last letter in terf is feminine not masculine
3/ You are being exploited and used and chewed up and spat out. You know as gay people you have only one thing that makes you happy as a person. But this movement tells you to be guilty about that. It tells you that is a “genital preference” as if a human body was a collection
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5 Jun
1/ Thread. The phoney claims to being the most powerless people on the planet are easily proved false by that most simple human calculus - follow the money - tonight a frightened women has her @gofundme pulled by cowards who say “be kind” - a fox killer takes in extra funds
2/ The most powerless people ok the planet are not by nature recipients of corporate largess and sponsorship, partnerships with Adidas or multi million pound government grants or associations with billionaire pharmaceutical industries or places on government boards.
3/ Such has rarely been the mark of the excluded, but these are stranger things and we live in the upside down. In the upside down a straight lawyer and his not for profit company act on behalf of discredited extremist charities to silence dissent and claim victim status too
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4 Jun
1/ Today has been difficult. A gun obsessed person threatens women on social media. A mother is arrested and charged for having opinions.

But Pride can and will be different.

We will win this because we are winning this, where there was a renaissance will be re-enlightenment
2/ The vast, shaking edifice or word play and bourgeoise pronoun parlour games will be seen for the sophistry and western foolishness it is. In place of email signatures will be inquiries to actual deeds, not words.
3/ We will teach children and adults who need to hear it that they are not born wrong, they were born beautiful and perfect and no programme or medical intervention can make them better than what they are.
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3 Jun
1/ I want no part of this tainted, crowded rainbow. I don’t want to be part of your schemes or secret plans or pile ons or complaints or hanging up on charities or silencing women or telling lesbians to sleep with men or vice versa. I won’t celebrate your corporate approval..
2/ Your secret meetings with government officials, your petulant edicts comparing people who dare to disagree with you to Nazis. I want no part of your cushy jobs or pet news papers or networks who speak for you. I don’t want to be part of a movement that says asexual is a thing
3/ Or teaches children to care about external gender presentations that would be old fashioned in the 60. I reject your bourgeoise obsession with pronouns and looking for offence where there is none, your silly, pointless campaigns.
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2 Jun
1/ It really does take some gall to systematically complain and object to LGB Alliance’s application for charity status, then complain to the charity commission because you didn’t get your way and then to launch a court case and simultaneously complain that you are being harassed
2/ Similarly, it’s cavalier with the facts to say the least to give an interview where you say you don’t represent all gay people while in your court case saying that you should.
3/ It’s nothing but a strutting exercise of power to say that gay people who disagree with you are as bad as antisemites in the face of the EHRC telling you that is an obnoxious and unlawful view.
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26 May
1/ Thread: And so, to battle. After a weekend in which the EHRC leaves the stonewall scheme after a week in which the diversity scheme was found to offer unlawful legal advice, after a year in which Stonewall blocked lesbian and gay men who dissent...
2/ In a year in which it had nothing to say to the predominantly gay detransitioners, those uncomfortable invisible people with no place on the ever expanding rainbow. Nothing to say to trans people who don’t want the word transexual deleted from the Equality Act.
3/ Nothing to say to gay men or lesbians who take honest, decent disagreement other than to misrepresent them as full or “hate”, nothing to say to Essex University who it impliedly accuses of relying on “misinformation”. Into the bunker it descends, away from reality and decency
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