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Facts don't care about your feelings. BEng, Aerospace; MSc in Reliability Eng. Veteran (leadership, planning, risk management).
15 Sep
@joe_warmington 1/ Joe, you know who I am so it should come as no surprise that I am a man of principle. Segregation, no matter what it is called is unacceptable in a free, democratic country. Besides being a veteran, I have two engineering degrees, one being a MSc where I specifically studied..
@joe_warmington 2/ life data analysis, i.e. modelling. It is crystal clear from mounds of data both here in Canada & worldwide that this virus is both endemic & seasonal. This means that we will never eradicate this respiratory virus & there will be peaks of it every Fall, just like the flu &
@joe_warmington 3/ common cold, RSV, etc. This virus has animal reservoirs (wild deer and gorillas as a minimum of what I'm aware). COVID zero is not possible anymore. There will be a fourth wave, you can bet on that. Once people start going inside when it gets cold, case #'s will go up. Vaxxed
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2 Jun
@JuliusRuechel I agree. Each wave displays characteristics of a normal distribution, not an exponential one, as TV doctors with zero data analysis experience like to say. When viruses display normal dist characteristics, this indicates seasonality. I think that initially politicians... 1/x
@JuliusRuechel ...listened to fear mongering advisors (like Neil Ferguson out of Imperial College in London) and bought into the "sky is falling" modelling that he was doing. Like before for H1N1 and SARS, he was horribly wrong. Once committed, politicians were all in and couldn't back... 2/x
@JuliusRuechel ...out of their chosen way forward. Very clearly they didn't have good advisors in regards to sound risk management principles, which call for determining both the odds of an event occurring and the IMPACT if said event occurs. As you stated, it was clear back in March... 3/x
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