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🇺🇸#Resist🌊 #BidenHarris2020🌊 Semi retired law enforcement officer with 15 years exp... that is socially conscious, and an ACLU member in #TheATL-Tikkun Olam
Jan 14 • 9 tweets • 4 min read
@kathleen_belew I 2009, after Obama was elected as the first Black President, I (a state of Georgia law enforcement officer) began seeing brochures around the conference table wè'd use during roll calls. I don't know who left them there, but it was brochures for #OathKeepers. I Googled them @kathleen_belew I talked with one of the officers (my colleague) to get a sense of what the organization was about, their mission. Generally that officer said it was recruiting current or former military or law enforcement in case our "Homeland" was atracked because to protect our Constitution
Aug 19, 2021 • 4 tweets • 5 min read
@ASlavitt , can you get some clarity on a group of people that is small in number regarding #BoosterShots . I'm a #Pfizervaccine trial participant who was vaccinated fully by Sept 2020, and now I'm a booster trial participant. I'm pretty sure I'm in placebo group for booster trial. I have asthma, hashimotos, and am obese, and if @pfizer doesn't make the decision to unblind #placebo group in #boostertrial when the #BoosterShots will be available, I'm probably going to make the decision on my own to leave the trial. Someone needs to clarify the
Apr 26, 2021 • 6 tweets • 3 min read
@RoArquette I'm retired police officer. The police that AREN'T racist, are the majority of police officers in the United States, and are busy doing their jobs lawfully, with integrity, and without passion or prejudice. There are literally on average 240 million 911 calls answered each year @RoArquette and those videos you see about police officers violating their oaths, use of excessive force, violating policies, and laws are the exception, not the rule. In my state alone recently, there have been many examples on video of the heroism, community service, law use of force that
Apr 24, 2021 • 7 tweets • 4 min read
Just went through my employer's open enrollment for healthcare, and I learned a few things I'll pass on. An employer if they have over 50 employees is required to offer "affordable" healthcare with a "minimum value" (bronze like coverage or better). Affordable means the premiums can't be higher than 9.83% of an employee's income. My income is in the 28k-30k range. Therefore my maximum MONTHLY premiums my employer offers shouldn't be higher than $230-$246 a month. We were given 8 days to decide on the plans offered. Our plans would have $200ish deducted