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10 Nov
A message to the Citizens of Earth: The Purpose & Future of Humanity

“Citizens of Earth, we come to you at a critical moment for you are standing at the precipice of either a great awakening or a complete collapse of your civilization and species” Image
“Who are we? You have known us as many things:


In ways these are all accurate. We are multidimensional entities who are not only witnesses of your life experience but are the creators of it” Image
“Though this sounds extraordinary, you are on your way to becoming such creators yourselves

You are already capable of space travel and the manipulation of life’s compounds

And this is why we are reaching out to you with a sense of urgency & concern” Image
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31 Oct
There are powerful underlying forces that govern & synchronize our UNIverse

Nikola Tesla said that to understand the secrets of the Universe we need to think it terms of energy, vibration & frequency

Humanity’s prosperity relies on our ability to unionize w/ these frequencies
At the basic level of the Universe we can think of everything as electromagnetic energy

From the electrons in our cells to the energy source of stars

The Sun, Earth, Moon, Mind & Heart all generate an electromagnetic field of their own
The electromagnetic spectrum only contains a small amount of information that is directly available to human senses

Sound is light vibrating at a slower oscillation 🔊

Light is sound vibrating at a higher oscillation 💡

But both sound & light are just frequencies
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22 Oct
Not too long ago I dropped a information packed thread on mushrooms 🍄

I spent some time analyzing the geometry used by fungi in their mushroom blueprints

And I am excited to share more about this unique Torus geometry

Let’s go! 👇🏻
The shape of the torus is commonplace in nature 🌍

It is a fractal building block of the Universe found in places as large as Earths magnetic field

Or in something tiny like an apple, mushroom cap or glans penis
🍩 🍆 ImageImageImageImage
According the the documentary - Thrive

“The energy of a Torus flows in through one end, circulates through the centre and exits out the other side

It’s balanced, self-regulating & always whole

It’s the form that the flow of energy takes at every scale of existence”
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17 Oct
Thread: The Light Diet

Taking a new approach in the modern world so humans can use light both externally & internally to achieve self-optimization

A summary of this podcast:…
At birth we are assigned a particular set of genes from our parents; however as we grow, certain sections of our genetic code get switched “on” & “off”

Epigenetics is the study of how our behaviors & environment can cause changes that affect the way our genes express themselves
Humans are incredibly adaptive when it comes to our environment & diet

Many theories attempt to explain what lead to the rapid acceleration of human brain size as well as population density

For example: Cooking with fire. Stoned ape theory. Hand eye coordination development
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10 Oct
When I was growing up I used to hate mushrooms. They are were weird looking & had a chewy texture I was disgusted by. As an adult I now believe that mushrooms are Gods.

Let me tell you what changed my mind

It’s time for a fungi 🍄 thread 👇🏻
My personal belief is that fungi or specifically mycelium is a CONSCIOUS organism.

I have arrived at this belief via stories of antiquity & religion. My personal psilocybin use. And some peculiar facts / synchronicities I would like to share with you
The fungi kingdom can be thought of as the “gatekeeper of the underworld” or the “handlers of death”.

Mycelium helps decompose fallen trees or deceased animals by absorbing them back into the Earth, enriching soil with the nutrients necessary to grow new life.
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9 Sep
Have you ever heard that America 🇺🇸 has over 24 TRILLION dollars worth of debt?? 2 Trillion added in 2020 alone.

Who are we in debt to? How can the richest country history has ever know owe so much money?

I’m here to explain The Rothschild Banking Dynasty

I hope you enjoy! 👇🏻
Meet Mayer Amschel (Bauer) Rothschild, the founding father of international finance. Born the son of a goldsmith you could say that he was destined to have a career in finance, but in fact he’s more of a magician than a banker. More on that later. Image
Mayer was born in heart of the 18th century in Frankfurt, Germany. Growing up he eventually moved to Hanover where he got a job as a clerk at the Oppenheimer Bank, and it didn’t take long for him to get promoted to junior partner.
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