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29 Nov
Walk with me through a little made-up story:

Let’s say there was a big Pro Life rally in Detroit. But it got way out of hand and those pro-lifers started looting and burning things. It had gone on for days. A black #BlackLivesMatter guy shows up in Detroit with a weapon.
He stands guard at one of the car dealerships the pro-lifers want to burn. Suddenly, those pro-lifers attack him. On camera. Keep in mind this is all captured on camera. He uses his weapon to defend himself and two pro-lifers end up dead.
Now, pause this story for a moment. How is this man handled? Let’s just skip right past the “wouldn’t be charged” obvious stuff and think about how he’d be handled. Book deal? No question. Court side seats as LeBron’s guest at a Laker game? Definitely.
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28 Nov
Been watching all this Fauci stuff and I’ve got an honest question:

Has Donald Trump made any statements indicating regret for his personnel decisions and an intention to change things up in the future if he runs again.

Genuinely asking. Has this happened?
To explain why I was thinking about this:

Understand that we’re not in the middle of a standard up and down cycle. Everything is ramping UP right now. Only up.

The next Republican president will face hostility that makes the treatment of Trump look like a pillow fight.
The System is at a level of power and corruption now that it’s never had. That’s why the reaction to Trump’s surprise win was so visceral and nasty. He was treated like an infection that had to be purged by any means in order to save the body.
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27 Nov
A racist black nationalist just mowed down over 40 white people with his SUV and he did it on purpose and he did it after a national media backlash to an obvious trial verdict where they once again demonized white people.

Do not ever ask me to demonize “dangerous rhetoric”.
Communist rhetoric almost killed Steve Scalise. Communist rhetoric killed 6 people in Waukesha. Including an 8 year old boy.

Communist rhetoric kills people. They have dehumanized you in the minds of tens of millions of Americans.

“White supremacist”

These things have been repeated for years now by the American communists. Words are powerful. Words have an affect on the mind. That’s why propaganda works. It’s why advertising works.
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26 Nov
PRO TIP: The communists aren’t actually upset about this. They just know they can use your values against you and get you to condemn it. Weakening your side and giving them an edge.

The people who called Kyle Rittenhouse a white supremacist don’t get to lecture anyone.
I don’t condemn people on my team. I don’t denounce the things they say.

I know the game the communists play. The fake outrage game. It sickens me watching our side fall for it time and time again.

Stop dancing on their strings, puppets. They’re using you like a chump.
You know what they call us now? And I don’t mean just the street corner losers. At the highest level of the media and Democratic Party, they call us Nazis. You do realize how terrible that is, right? To be a Nazi is the height of evil.

They call you that without hesitation.
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23 Nov
If you’d like to know why statues matter to the communists and why you shouldn’t grab your ankles when they point out a military base named after a Confederate general, do some reading on Mao’s Cultural Revolution. It will explain WHY they do it.

(HINT: It’s not about slavery.)
Communists destroy the history of a nation. Lenin did it. Stalin mastered it. Mao was fanatical about it. But why? What sense does it make? A statue of Robert E. Lee? A statue of Jefferson? Fort Bragg? What do they get out of it?
Communism is a religion that believes the entire world is evil and out of order. So it’s first step (which they never get past) is destroying everything. Then it can be rebuilt into this perfect workers paradise.
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21 Nov
If you’re looking around right now and you’re rightfully horrified by the state of things in your country, you should know that proactive measures are going to be needed if you want this to stop.

The Right must become active. You cannot “live and let live” your way out of this.
-Run for school board
-Run for DA
-Run for city council
-Run for state legislature
-Run for sheriff
-Train with your weapons
-Boycott every corporation who hates you
-Stop sending your children to communist training camps posing as “universities”
-Make babies
-If your pastor uses words like “white privilege”, walk out and never return
-Do not hire communists. Do not associate with them.
-Fire anyone with a “Biden” sticker on their car
-Doxx people who doxx people
-Embrace cancel culture. Ruin the lives of people trying to ruin yours
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20 Nov
As you look at the insane reaction to the Rittenhouse verdict, it’s important to understand why we’re here and what kind of people we’ve dealing with.

The Sky is Green Theory:
We’re at a place now in America like no other time in this nation’s history. A very dangerous place. You see, cultures are held up by pillars. Government, religion, sports, education, entertainment, etc..

Our pillars are all rotted with same sickness: Cultural Marxism
The wacko leftist on the street corner you used to mock as you drove by, he now brings you the news. He runs your FBI. He plays in the NBA. He pastors your church.
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