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24 Jul
"Perhaps Yoho’s words weren’t understood as eruptive and norm-shattering because calling women nasty names, in your head or with your friends or on the steps of your workplace, is much more of a norm than most want to acknowledge."
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24 Jul
When men use slurs against us it’s *shoulder shrug* but when we defend ourselves it’s because we’re opportunistic. Fuck this
Let’s look at some of the other language from the NYT around this incident. She “embraces” being called a fucking bitch because she can use it “to her advantage”
Here’s another one. She “rejects contrition” (what a meanie!) but “embraces”—twice!—being called a slur
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16 Jul
I found a TikTok account of some girls who stand outside of an abortion clinic and just ROAST the protesters & it’s bringing me so much joy
My second favorite genre of TikTok is girls using men’s ignorance about women’s bodies to make A+ content
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31 May
We’re drowning in videos of police abuse: cops cars running over protestors, an officer shoving a petite woman so hard she had a seizure, cops shooting rubber bullets at reporters on live TV.

It’s clear who is escalating violence.
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30 Apr
If Tara Reade is smeared as a liar or opportunist by a movement that claims to believe women, what moral standing will we ever have again?…
This is a test we've failed before: The women's movement stood by and watched as Monica Lewinsky was smeared (& did some of the smearing) & I will *never* forget this response to the allegations against Assange Image
All of which is to say: There is a history of feminists being afraid to criticize those friendly to the cause. But it not only runs counter to our most fundamental values - it’s also a strategy that has never, and will never, result in the progress we’re actually after.
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3 Mar
What's telling about Chris Matthews' farewell comments is how he characterized his long history of sexism as simply making "compliments on a woman’s appearance." He wants this to be about something it's not
Condescending leering remarks aren't "compliments." Nor is joking about a "Bill Cosby pill" or saying a female politician's voice is “fingernails on a blackboard.”

Matthews wants it to seem as if he was just behind the times - but the truth is that his behavior was ALWAYS wrong
Anyway, spare me the "farewell to a giant" takes we'll see over the next few days. He was a fucking jerk and should have been fired ages ago.
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11 Feb
Actually this means they’re *not* “embracing gender equality”…
One of the simplest explanations for the domestic gender gap is that lots of men - even so-called progressive ones - still want housewives
I don’t mean these men necessarily expect women not to work outside the home, but that they build their lives around the expectation that their wives will handle literally everything in the domestic sphere
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27 Jan
This felt tricky but important to write…
This should concern all female reporters. If women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted are not considered objective, you're going to have a *really* hard time finding any women to write about these issues
And that's the rub - no matter what you think about how or when it's appropriate to talk about something after a tragedy, WaPo let PR trump their own reporter's safety
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29 Oct 19
1) I called Hill's relationship unethical and worthy of resignation in the third sentence of this piece

2) Excuse me if I don't take feminist advice from a reporter who once wrote an entire article about my tits

Now you know that yes, I absolutely *can* hold a grudge for years: Here's Ryan writing about my breasts in 2007 and how I'm "not shy about my body" because of the title of my first book.
Oh, and he did a FOLLOW UP CHAT about whether or not I used my "sexuality for self-promotion." He also claimed he tried to reach me for comment but that his email must have...malfunctioned?…
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24 Oct 19
These women are heroes, and FUCK YOU to the people in the room who didn't support them
This is how short people's memories are when it comes to serial rapists: the women who confronted him were: thrown out, called a cunt, and booed…
So next time someone says "oh well he isn't a Harvey Weinstein" as if everyone agrees Weinstein is a monster, remember how much more comfortable people are sharing space with a rapist than they are calling one out
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23 Oct 19
Imagine being mad that a magazine published a thoughtful and forward-thinking issue about men because you can’t “envision the guys down at the tackle shop or Tractor Supply” reading it 🥴
If being a man is toxic “in more than a few tellings,” why not cite any of them?

I hate lazy shit like this
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17 Oct 19
Teenage girls being amazing on TikTok is my new favorite thing
That said, I only come across these from people who share them on Twitter so if someone wants to teach me how to find shit like this on TikTok I would be eternally grateful.

I go on that app and all I get is some guy who yells at his duck
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17 Oct 19
My unpopular Reddit opinion is that MILs are unfairly maligned. There are whole subreddits of people BIG MAD that their mother in law wants to like, come see the kids at Christmas.
Maybe this is the true sign that I am an old
My favorite one was the woman who made her husband stop talking to his mom because she dared to question their "no kissing the baby" rule and "no touching the baby's hands or feet"
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16 Oct 19
It's like listening that one fucking idiot in high school government class who thought he was saying something deep
If Shapiro or anyone else thinks women should be forced to stay pregnant, it seems only fair that they be forced by law to give up vital organs to people who need them to stay alive. I mean, a life is a life, right?
I promised myself I wouldn't get dragged into this but here I am, so mad per usual
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3 Oct 19
I’ve been married ten years today which means you’re all legally required to look at my wedding pictures
Seriously though, I hit the jackpot with this guy.
Happy anniversary, @agolis, I wrote about marriage 😂…
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3 Oct 19
Maybe men should take a break from moderating conversations about women
In all seriousness, if you cannot be bothered to educate yourself on the modern discourse around gender, power and sexual assault, you should not be talking about such things on stage
Really good thread here from Robyn, who was in the audience
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17 Sep 19
Cancel culture at it again
Seriously though, this is fucking shameful.
Love to hop on the speaking circuit after a successful career of snatching babies out of their mothers' arms
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15 Sep 19
The @nytimes has deleted this, saying it was “poorly phrased,” but this is not about the wrong choice of words - it’s the constant diminishment and laughing off of women’s pain.
Having people in positions of power and influence who think it’s “harmless fun” for a guy to stick his dick in a woman’s face is how we got Brett Kavanaugh in the first place
I keep hearing how feminism has gone too far, yet here’s the nation’s most important newspaper calling sexual assault “harmless fun”

I’m fucking over it
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14 Sep 19
Oh look, more "jokes"…
The thing about hiring people who have said racist things (or misogynist, transphobic, etc) is that you're not just sending a message about what you find acceptable - for a place like SNL, you're sending a message about who you think your audience is.
Like when The Atlantic hired Kevin Williamson (who said women who have abortions should be hung) - they were telling their female readership that they didn't give a shit about them, that the magazine wasn't really *for* them. That's what SNL is doing here.
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11 Sep 19
Trying to figure out what it means that I don’t relate to the Caroline Calloway piece at all. Have I missed out on some kind of toxic friendship rite of passage?!
Thought this writing was terrific - so not a slam at all. Just baffled by how many people had “a Caroline”
My best friends in my 20s were two roommates that I met on Craigslist and they’re v kind and we all still love each other - thank goodness for basic friendships
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10 Sep 19
I'm glad I'm not on Facebook anymore so I don't have to watch every quietly racist cousin share that two-babies-hugging video
A hundred dollars says one of them posted it with "all babies matter"
The Blaze TV (lol) on Instagram devoted a segment to my killjoy tweet so now all those racist cousins are all bitching me out under, like, pictures of pasta.
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