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Columnist @JDForward. U.S. Foreign Policy and Jewish communal concerns. Bylines in @WashingtonPost, @TabletMag. All bad takes are mine alone.
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26 Oct
I've done a lot of hot takes on food and I've basically run out of Jewish dishes to stir the pot with (pun intended) and since I'm planning a wedding I figure a Lenny Bruce Jewish or Goyish may be a fun ongoing thread of bad takes
Barn Wedding... conflicting sensibilities. The New York Jew in me says "this is an open carry affair." The Soviet Jew in me says "lots of budget for vodka."

Ruling: Goyish, but endearingly so Image
Country Club Wedding

Ruling: Obviously goyish. Next. Image
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5 Oct
Looking forward to this conversation with the good folks at @ADL. Thread of a few things I hope to hit on in this conversation...
1) It's important to speak with precision on what "the left" and "antisemitism" mean. There's a great deal of slight-of-hand that happens to the detriment of combating antisemitism.
2) We have to understand the root of communal fears, and why people are driven by them in assessing the political landscape, or equally bad, deliberately ignoring the legitimate basis of them.
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