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@MSNBC Contributor. Author, #TheWatergateGirl. Co-host @IntrgenPolitics podcast. Wearer of #JillsPins. Watergate prosecutor. GC Army. COO ABA. Corp Exec.
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28 Jul
I’ll be watching Barr testify and I’ll try to keep you informed in case you can’t watch. Based on his audition memo, past performances before Congress, Flynn and Stone actions, and his prepared remarks for today, I don’t expect honesty.
He labels what I call protestors “rioters and anarchists.”He still says he is trying to “get to the bottom of the grave abuses involved in the bogus ‘Russiagate’ scandal.” And he claims he is ensuring “that there is one standard of justice that applies to everyone equally” while
dismissing case against Flynn who pleaded guilty and reducing Stone sentence and then letting 45 commute it and free Stone. He claims he is exercising independent judgment even though everything he has done follows what Trump wants.
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18 Jun
What to rename the Army bases that honor Confederate soldiers washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/…

I have two additional suggestions for renaming Army bases. Both are incredible women.
(1) Major General Mary Clark, the last Director of WACs before it was abolished to allow integration of women in the Regular Army. That allowed women to hold positions reserved for RA officers. I was GC of the Army at that time and proud of this accomplishment.
Gen. Clark was the first woman to achieve rank of Major General when she moved from WACs to be first woman to command a major installation, Fort McClellan.
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27 Mar
1/Just heard @JoyceWhiteVance telling @AliVelshi why she signed the letter urging release of inmates to save them from coronavirus threat in crowded prison/jail facilities. She made a compelling case, but I want you to know why I did not sign the letter.
2/My main reason is the lack of a detailed plan for the release & my belief that the Trump administration cannot or will not implement it fairly. For example, the letter calls for release of those who do not present a threat to society & are older, w preexisting conditions, or...
3/who have a short sentence remaining, but I fear Trump will use it to release Manafort, Madoff, Stone and any other of his friends, not those in for minor drug possession or who are 60 and in for offenses when they were barely adults. Trump has not shown why we should trust him.
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31 Jan
1/ Yesterday's and today's behavior by the president's defense team made me think of the Army-McCarthy hearings and the despicable behavior of Senator McCarthy and his chief counsel Roy Cohn (mentor to 45).
2/ Harvard law dean Ervin Griswold described McCarthy's role as "judge, jury, prosecutor, castigator, and press agent, all in one." Sound like the power the GOP wants to give to the current president?
3/ But the most dramatic comparison w today was a dialogue between Sen. McCarthy and Joe Welch,the lawyer representing the Army after McCarthy accused the Army of lax security. McCarthy diverted to charge that a young lawyer on Welch's staff had ties to a Communist organization.
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17 Sep 19
Government works only when all follow the rules. Republicans are obstructing & defeating checks & balances. #Lewandowski & Republican games today prove why we need new president & new Senate & why professionals should question witnesses hell bent on not answering.
To extent @RepJerryNadler intended today to show 45 and his Republican enablers are obstructing legitimate Congressional oversight, he's succeeding, but the message is getting lost. HJC needs to do more of what @RepHankJohnson did and must insist #Lewandowski read from Report.
Need to hear Lewandowski saying the words 45 said to him. He is the witness, not the Dems. Stop letting him force Democratic questioner to do the reading.
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2 Jun 19

2. We did not exonerate President Trump. If our investigation supported exoneration, we would have said so. To the contrary, we found and set forth in our report more than ten actions by Trump that could constitute criminal obstruction of justice. 2.
3. Despite that evidence, we were prevented from making a determination of the president’s guilt because we were bound by the Justice Department policy that “a president cannot be charged with a federal crime while he is in office….
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8 May 19
I want you all to know that a court case to get McGahn to speak to Congr won't take years. Neither will a request to the court for grand jury information or suing Mnuchin for not turning over 45's tax returns or pursuing financial records from his accountant & Deutsche Bank
Here's proof, it doesn't take long to get courts to act.
Proof 1:
In Watergate, we subpoenaed tapes for trial on April 16, got rulings from trial court, Appeals Court and and Supreme Court ruled for us on July 24. Took just over 3 months. Just over 2 weeks later, on Aug 9, Nixon resigned.
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27 Mar 19
Great ? from @chrislhayes tonight about questions #MuellerReport raises. Too many to list all my ?s but here's one I omitted on air:
How could Mueller not have found overwhelming evidence of obstruction given all we know plus what he knows that we don't?
Questions I did mention on air:
1. Why does Barr say it will take time to redact report? He can get job done fast, especially if he asks Court for permission to release grand jury testimony like Watergate grand jury did. He has resources to get job done fast.
2. Did #Mueller intend to cede his decision to Barr or, as we did in Watergate, to Congress? I bet the latter.
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3 Nov 18
With a caravan of migrants arriving at our border soon seeking refuge from the dangers of their countries, it's important to know that there is no evidence that any are other than seekers of safety in the US.

We should only ask: Who can claim asylum?

Here's the answer:
International law since the end of World War II says anyone who makes it to the border of a foreign country has a right to request asylum.
If the country finds you meet the definition of a refugee, it is obligated to shelter you.
That means the claims of all the migrants in the caravan should be evaluated, and not met with guns aimed at them by US soldiers as 45 is threatening to stop them from reaching the U.S.
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