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16 Sep
NEW: As schools face a staffing crunch, @NYCSchools will no longer require that blended learning students be given synchronous (aka live) instruction every day they're remote. Live teaching time will vary by school. Fully remote will still get live teaching daily. More soon.
Schools will no longer be required to offer ANY live instruction on blended students' remote days if they don't have the staff available to do so.
This is a major change in guidance, and in what students will experience, and comes, oh, 12 hours before they're logging on tomorrow.
Shout out to my pal @danrivoli for getting this news on the air for me, because I am currently not camera ready (aka I am in my pajamas because I am on the morning show early tomorrow)
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27 Aug
NEW: Blended learning students will have separate teachers for the days they are in person and the days they are remote, and those teachers will work as a team, per new guidance @NYCSchools has sent to principals.
The city is ALSO creating a new job title of "virtual content specialist," to help provide instructional resources for online learning. Seems that they have not even posted these jobs yet, two weeks out:
"Additional guidance on posting and filling the role is forthcoming."
More on how this is supposed to work:
"Remote and on-site teachers will be organized into teaching pairs or teams to coordinate instruction using their school’s shared, inclusive and digital curriculum and complemented, as deemed appropriate, with resources created by the VCS"
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17 Aug
Amid big questions about whether schools are ready to open Sept. 10th, @NYCMayor showing a slick video promising that schools will have what they need to open. Meanwhile, principals say they have no clue how much PPE they'll get or when it will arrive.
"Whatever our schools need, they're going to have. We're going to send them the supplies in bulk before school begins and then re-stock as needed," @NYCMayor says.
(This is without even touching on the fact that schools say outside of safety concerns, they have no clue how they're actually going to have the number of teachers they need to staff classrooms)
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18 Jun
Here’s my story on what’s been happening at Success Academy in recent days: ny1.com/nyc/all-boroug…
I spoke to Ebony Woods, a former staffer at Success Springfield Gardens where a white assistant principal put up a bulletin board that immediately struck black educators as inappropriate. It featured black children hanging upside down from a branch covered in a leafy vine.
Woods and others raised the issue to school leaders who said they hadn’t thought of it that way.
"How could you be so insensitive not to think that, and why do we have to teach you?” Woods said. “Why is it our job to teach you the insensitiveness that you have?"
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22 Mar
One thing I like to do when I’m stressed out is make ravioli from scratch. It takes all day, it’s repetitive, it keeps my hands busy, it’s hard but not too hard to do while enjoying a glass of wine or two. And the reward is ravioli.

This is about to become a ravioli account.
We start with the pasta. I use a mix of semolina flour and Italian 00 flour. The semolina adds flavor; the 00 adds elasticity. It’s also great for pizza dough.
I use a stand mixer for this, which I know is a bit controversial. But it saves time, effort and is less messy!
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14 Nov 19
NEW: @NYCSchools has released preliminary enrollment data for District 15 in Brooklyn, where a diversity plan removed all screens from middle schools. We've previously seen stats on seat offers, but not enrollment.
@NYCSchools This district includes neighborhoods like Park Slope, that tend to be whiter and wealthier, and neighborhoods like Sunset Park and Red Hook, overall less white and less wealthy. For years, some schools in the district served many more non-white, low-income students than others.
@NYCSchools The plan switched to lotteries for entry, and prioritized 52% of sixth-grade seats for students from low-income families, English learners or those in temporary housing. This means some families in Park Slope will wind up sending their kid to a school outside of Park Slope.
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21 Jan 19
It's Martin Luther King Jr. Day at the National Action Network House of Justice in Harlem, where @TheRevAl is ripping into @realDonaldTrump, calling his visit to the MLK monument "a drive-by" he only did after being attacked for having no schedule today.
No surprise to anyone who has ever seen Chuck Schumer speak at a graduation, but he is giving essentially the same speech he gave at NAN a year ago -- quoting the Shirelles: "Mama said there'd be days like this," in talking about Trump's election.
.@NYCMayor is speaking about Dr. King's calls for redistribution of wealth and the need for economic justice alongside racial justice.
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