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Vice-uh. I only recognize cyborgs who are disabled+/trans. Cy/She. Bi+ and relationship anarchist. Find me in Granta, NYT. Books w/ Soft Skull, BOA, HMH.
9 Apr
I'm still thinking abt this tweet, a day later. The powerful adjective "descriptively" disabled. The verb "reanimate the harms" and it's not just about this moment, I keep thinking (1/?)
It's about an entire history of descriptively disabled poets who do not-much-really for community. We, in community, know who I'm talking about. Some of the poets are dead and we thought they were going to lift us all up when they won this or that award.

But they did nothing.
It's about years and years of whisper network. Like "we all know ____ is disabled but we aren't allowed to say so."

Why? Why is being-disabled something "so bad" we can't even say it? And we need to protect the person who's won every pot of gold? Why isn't she w/ us?
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19 Mar
Q&A on the pronoun Cy.

What is the pronoun cy about? I've never seen it.

It's my pronoun! I finally found it after feeling uncomfortable & un-selved by the way I had to silo my #disability away from my gender ...
when for me, personally, my disability is constitutive of my gender; the two are inseparable; one makes the other makes the other made.

Okay. What are the declensions/variations?

I don't know! I'm using Cy and Cy's (rhymes with sighs or size) b/c I'm a Dominant so I like ...
the capitalization when I use my own pronouns. Obviously, the capitalization is not required of anyone else. But since my pronoun, I figure I get to capitalize.

Can anyone be Cy/cy?

Sure. Everyone has free will. My intention is for the pronoun to resonate with disabled and ...
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5 Feb
Going thru intense pain flare & having this beautiful flashback. Working in bed w/ #disabled ex. She's reading draft of "Common Cyborg." She's like "Babe, you know its not a thing yet. Like, there arent actually cyborgs." I'm looking at her. "Babe. We are cyborgs." She's like ...
"I know. But they don't know." I'm like "Yeah, that's why we have to tell them."

For a second I thought she meant she didnt believe me. But now I think she did believe me. She just knew it was gonna be hard to tell them that we're real. We exist. #Cyborg #Relationships #CripLit
I forgot to take the pill. The #opioid but I just took it so I'll get relief soon. But there's something here. I don't know what it is #brainfog I'm thinking ...
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4 Feb
Here's what happens when a disabled man writes about being 18, newly paralyzed, at a rehab facility, in 1978. And he publishes the essay in a national #bioethics journal.
ID: Bill Peace, aka The Bad Cripple, white man in a blue shirt w/ gray beard sits next to my former persona, Tipsy Tullivan, blonde. Mouth covered by headline "A Blowjob from the 1970s & the Censorship of Disabled Writers." Audio and #transcript avail from hobartpulp.com/web_features/a…
This happened in 2014. What has bioethics, as a field, done since then, to inspire the confidence of us #disabled people? #MedicalTwitter
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1 Feb
Watching ACCESS DENIED right now with Deaf expert Tim Riker signing, "I don't see any Deaf individuals that have tenured teaching positions. So it's really hard sometimes. There are boundaries to planning my future."

#DeafTalent #AcademicAbleism #DJAB
Tim signed about all the careers he considered: "Maybe I'll be a doctor. But I don't know any Deaf doctors. Maybe a lawyer? Finally I went into corporate. But I wasn't moving up in the company. Then I went to human services. There was a lot less resistance there." ASL Interpreter Ben is a wh...
Tim is signing in this image "Then I went and got my Master's at Gallaudet." He wanted to do a #PhD but orientation was not accessible. So he wondered: "If orientation isn't accessible, how will the PhD program be accessible?" #AcademicTwitter #IsYourPhDProgramAccessible ASL Interpreter Ben voices ...
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22 Jan
I just spit into a tube for my employer. So my keycard would be "unlocked" and I could get into my very own office. Where my property has been for very many months. Now yeah, I guess #COVID19 means this is just what #workers do now. But here are #disability implications:
-- my spit, which has my DNA of course, is now a QR code
-- my employer now has access to my DNA
-- my employer now knows I'm on #opiates
-- my employer now knows I'm on #Lexapro
-- my employer now knows things about me that I don't even know about me b/c I've never given DNA
In return for this enormous amount of data I've just given my employer, what do I get? Access to my property, that is, my #poetry books, my #journals, my mementos from across a decade & etc
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22 Jan
I spent 15 years under various pseudonyms on social due to unwanted attn, also stalking, from amputee devotees. I've been on social 6 months as myself. And I'm up on a devotee website. I don't think nondisabled ppl fully "get" what this feels like, how dangerous the web feels
And this might just be a rant. Because I like it here. I fckn like the disabled community here. But I don't really have #access to dis community on here if I'm going to have to worry about where I'm appearing elsewhere.
Why do you think I wear wigs & sunglasses? Why do I never show my full body? Because this place -- the entire web -- is not actually accessible to me, it is not actually safe. I'm not sure why we are acting like it is safe, specifically for amputee women but also other dis
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18 Dec 20
What you've always wanted: 2 jellyfish, floating in the sea, alongside an x-ray. This is a snow globe ring. H.D. told me to make it. etsy.me/2WtlsB7 #HildaDoolittle #Modernist #DisabilityPride #Neurodiverse #ChronicIllness #Jewelry #YouGetProudByPracticing
The jellyfish are close together perhaps looking at the X-ray. Unclear what the X-ray identifies as it is a miniature and floats in the sea.
"After World War II, H.D.’s world was increasingly 'influenced by an alternate body,' to borrow Jennifer Bartlett’s definition of the new poetry of disability," writes Cynthia Hogue for @jacket2mag jacket2.org/article/being-…
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18 Dec 20
On Jean Rhys QUARTET as 1928 unicorn-hunting with nonconsensual powerplay. #Polyamory #RelationshipAnarchy #Kink
"I don't know what I shall do . . . I don't care, and that's a big advantage, anyway." -- Marya, the unicorn in this novel, talking to Lois, the wife of H.J.
When I say "unicorn," I doubt myself. For one: I'm using this contemporary lingo and for another the nonhuman mythical animal rather dehumanizes a woman, even if to critique an arrangement, I don't know. Something about "unicorn" is distasteful.
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9 Dec 20
Happening now: Dr. Jonathan Flowers on "COVID19 and the Disinheritance of an Ableist World." Dr. Zara Bain chairs.
Four squares. 1st image: our Oxford moderator. 2nd image. Dr. Flowers is a Black man wearing glasses and a blue shirt in an office with books. 3rd image. Dr. Bain white woman wearing glasses and in office with books. 4th image white person wearing black mask.
How to join this FREE and OPEN TO ALL conference on Philosophy, Disability and Social Change? Here's the link: bsg.ox.ac.uk/events/philoso… #PhiDisSoc2020
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9 Dec 20
Happening now. The first panel of Philosophy, Disability & Social Change w/ Julie Maybee Slide reads on left: Making and Unmaking Disability. Book co
"There are three layers of embodiment. Or what we'll call the three bodies." Visual slide: 1 Personal body 2 Interpersonal body 3 Institutional body #PhiDisSoc2020
"The phenomenon of disability spread ... the idea that when a nondisabled person encounters disabled person the nondisabled thinks disability 'spreads' over the entire disabled persons body" (might be getting this wrong/paraphrase) #PhiDisSoc2020
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9 Dec 20
Editor asks me: Will you review That Pandemic Antho?

I say: Maybe. There are a lot of disabled writers in it, right?

Editor: ............

I say: Like, obviously?

Editor: ............
[After a while] Editor: Wouldn't it still be interesting if there were NOT a lot disabled writers in it? Your review could be about that?

Me: No. That's not interesting at all b/c my ideal audience is disabled writers & readers, so that's just like gross.
[I really did say "that's just gross" lol]

Editor: Lemme send you the TOC.

Me: Okay.

Meanwhile, I'm impatient so I just look up the antho b/c it's Big and Famous and Everywhere.
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8 Dec 20
Dear @POETSorg : I know we should be on great terms b/c you just featured my poem thx. But I just got your email "Poems Honoring Touch." And where are the #Blind poets? No, really. Plz tell me someone here is Blind? (con't)
This is a real question. I don't know every poet who is Blind. But I'm scanning this antho & it's like you know you gotta include disabled poets -- hi disabled poets -- but you haven't quite figured out that touch is very much the domain of Blind poets? Given, you know, Braille?
This would be a good article @POETSorg for you to read: poetryfoundation.org/poetrymagazine…
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8 Dec 20
Things I'm currently seeking in relationships & no, not everything is romantic, Norman

1. Dis/crip/trans theologian slightly interested in Lacan & avail 3 am (eastern) on Wednesdays for reading group on The Psychoses hosted by @lacancircle

2. Picky? This isn't even picky yet.
3. Submissive academic trapped in systemic thinking about the academy who wishes to escape that thinking through a new medium: perhaps clay.

4. Knower of Latin who will send me every week on exactly Sunday night at exactly midnight a Latin phrase with their thoughts about it
5. Someone who is definitely a woman or trans woman or transmasc or enby and also makes snow globes. Amount of snow globes already made: 10. What for? Consult.
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8 Dec 20
Rec Letter Season. Dear Everyone, I highly recommend Archer Magazine for your next must-have subscription. "A magazine about sex, gender and identity." @ArcherMagazine Yes, an ex did introduce me to it. But what? I have to give this zine up too? No, I do not think so.
Current issue: How to build self-confidence / Creativity during COVID / Porn as sex education / Asexuality in adolescence / Coming out as autistic / Transgender teens / Fat liberation / Sexuality and religion
Here's what got me. Essay on LGBTIQA+ relationships. The sentence: "A person might control which social supports exist around a relationship." Uh-oh. This sure resembles DADT structure.
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7 Dec 20
LaTeef McCloud is about to read at The Hastings Center.
Zoom. Three squares. Top square ASL interpreter Cathy. Top r
Lateef McLeod speaking now. "Mainstream society has barely adjusted to accommodate us. This country has a long history of keeping us in medical institutions. This is due to our society's reliance on treating us as having individual med prob"
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7 Dec 20
I'm really feeling somthing @radiantbutch tweeted but I don't want to take up space on their thread. So I'm starting a new one cuz subject is related to their point, but different.

Thread: What an Accommodation Is Not
1. An accommodation is not "a favor." And yes, I'm talking about disability accommodations (this is obvious to all of the cyborgs following me, who are like, yeah, we know).
2. An accommodation is not the same across the board. An accommodation granted by nondisabled person/org to disabled person/org is going to be different than accommodation granted from dis to dis.
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5 Dec 20
11. In an earlier online essay I wrote about Jo Miles, I was wrong. I said that the first time she talked about her disability was in her final collection, Coming to Terms (1979). Nondisabled person told me this and I believed them. But no. Disability is in all the books.
11a. Miles' poems are disabled poems b/c Miles is disabled. We do not require disabled subject matter for disabled aesthetic by disabled person. Even so, Miles includes the poem "Appointment in Doctor's Office" in her 1941 book Poems on Several Occasions @NewDirections
12. The PEN Oakland/Josephine Miles Literary Award was established in her honor to recognize achievement in multicultural literature.
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5 Dec 20
12 Facts about Disabled Poet, Activist & Theorist Josephine Miles That You Probably Don't Know.

1. First woman to receive tenure at the Department of English @UCBerkeley . This was in 1947. Note: Not first disabled woman. First woman. Period.
2. "In the 1930s, as a graduate student at Berkeley, she completed her first distant reading project: an analysis of the adjectives favored by Romantic poets." Thus she invented digital humanities before #digitalhumanities
2a. Citation from "Search and Replace: Josephine Miles and the Origins of Distant Reading" by Rachel Sagner Buurma and Laura Heffernan (2018)
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22 Nov 20
just woke up am going to All Access Cafe Reading in 40 mins do you need coffee, directions
This reading is brought to you by Jack White & Marshall Mathers I am not kidding. They put in the $$$ for disabled & deaf writers series. #DisabilityPride #WeGotRockStars #SuddenNewLoveForEminem #Unexpected #ButOk
. @tinyjag as if you need another reason to be proud of your town, Detroit, but like your town is the first in the USA to say: "disabled writers series? hell yeah lets do it"
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21 Nov 20
Disabled musicians to support instead of Sia. Also, who the fuck is Sia? No, don't tell me b/c I really do not care. I care about these disabled musicians. A thread.
Headline: "Meet Collander: The 'Sick, Crip Femme' Making Literal Bedroom Pop" thank you @KQED for covering her kqed.org/arts/13104275/…
Collander's songs:

1. grim bitch/sick shit
2. prescribe me your body
3. medicalize me
4. able in the sunshine
5. lorazapam hands
6. cows on an open meadow, drinking from a mobile water supply waggon and walking on muddy ground
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