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Cyborg here. Disabled lifestyle Domme. Director A Kim Deal Party. Work in @NYTimes @WIRED 5th Book: Common Cyborg @HarperBooks
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Slow-tweeting a poem. Invitation for #cyborg poets, that is #disabled poets, to join me in slow-tweeting our poems. Here is the tag #SlowTweetPoetry Title: Dream about the War on Opioids by Someone Who Uses Opioids, Responsibly, For Chronic Pain

First line: Where are we? Is this Phenix, Alabama?
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Throwing a sale 🎉 called BABYITSCOLD on Etsy. Borg4Borg. These 10 rings are 30% off.

3 carat #Aquamarine on round, adjustable, silver-plated band. Any gender. Taking cues from the pill ring. White hand wearing the ring... This is a 1" by 1" soft recycled suede ring. Do you stim? Then you'll like this ring. #StimRing #Neurodivergence #ADHD #PTSD #Anxiety #TactileArt Holding the ring between in...
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I wrote this for all of us in #HigherEd absolutely any of us. Please use it. How? Send to upper admin if you're concerned about teaching in-person. But what did I leave out of this essay? I'm about to tell you. First the essay with my thanks to @truthout… 1. Students themselves are electing to go virtual in my classes. They are just doing it. And that's fine by me. My classes are, at present, in-person and asynchronous online.
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Here's the deleted tweet from @lifetimetv * I'm neurodivergent but not Autistic. As an ally, and poet whose job is to think about names, words, language, I'm going to analyze this deleted tweet.

* But also read actually autistic ppl on this topic
Image Description: "and that's why they #LeaveItToGeege heart emoji . Don't miss the premiere tomorrow at 10/9 c" Photo of a 7-person family . Six people appear to be white. There is one Black masculine person in the back row. Text over the pic reads +
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One thing I can do from bed: Roll out all these rings I made during last bout of chronic pain. One ring is a #sonnet 🪡other one is two couplets and a tercet #poetry #visualpoetry #cyborg silicone material Sonnet ring appears to be only 12 stitches. But two of the lBlack thread. The first couplet has a short stitch then a lo Do you have to do anything while you are in bed? No. Emphatically no. You do not. I am just antsy and getting used to the situation. I am not saying "be productive from bed." I do not endorse that shit. Be you.
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Truly wtf is going on in this book I'm reading. LIVES OF WIVES by Laura Riding Jackson. Can I get an assist from #Modernists

"Let us now move quickly to Athens. Aristotle is back and married to Pythias." I shall hold a poll. What is going on in this book?
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Posting so I don't hijack thread over @WeAreDisabled .

Here's my thing about Etsy's new accessibility feature. You can now add alt text to each image. You're thinking, "Great!" right? Okay wait just one second. I am a disabled designer selling on Etsy. I am also in #ChronicPain pretty much all the time. So the message from Etsy to me is: "Great news. Those 70 listings on your shop? Each one has 7 images? You get to alt text 490 pictures now!" No the fuck I do not.
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Doing a #ChronicPain thread in-real-time. TW: I am experiencing the highest level of pain I've ever been in. I'm going to discuss that. I do not identify as an addict. I'm in full support of addicts getting relief & I am w/ them. If you don't wanna read further, stop reading now. What does the highest level of pain look like for me? I am crying. I am scared. I am wearing an ice pack around my neck. I am just off the phone with my disabled chronic pain friend who is not on social media. At all.
Nov 13, 2021 8 tweets 3 min read
Glad Britney is finally free & all but here's today in my life at the attorney's office:

Ok so, my next of kin are my parents. Couple years ago they exorcised me for being bisexual/pansexual and having multiple partners.

Attorney: What? They exorcised you?

Me: Yeaaaaah. Attorney: You need to do something. Fast. You're engaged. Do you want to get married?

Me: No. That's off the table. Person's great. But my personal take is that marriage discrimnates against the unmarried. Especially disabled ppl. Especially Black single moms. So, hard pass.
Nov 12, 2021 5 tweets 3 min read
How to solicit my poems for yr tiny zine. Give me something I want. Obvi not money b/c yr zine doesn't have any. Here's an example. Editor writes to me-- "We're a new magazine & nobody's heard of us. But I'm the guy on Twitter who told you the name of the band you'd forgotten: Alkaline Trio." Lemme tell you: I sent that editor The Best Poems I had just written. Service is high compliment to a Domme Poet.
Nov 10, 2021 16 tweets 5 min read
Fam. Let's chat. I'm in another convo about what counts as disabled representation. Here's what does not count: "I'm secret disabled for secret reasons but I work @VICENews so Vice gets to claim me as having disabled representation." The above is some bullshit. Do you know why?

Probably you already do.

But let's stay with the discomfort and go deep.
Aug 29, 2021 28 tweets 6 min read
A True Story about The War on Opioids, Narrated by Cy: My new employer's health plan says I gotta use CVS. I use Walgreens. I'm nervous about switching, but I assume I'm being overly cautious. So I tell my new neurologist to send the prescriptions to CVS.
Aug 10, 2021 4 tweets 1 min read
I'm a lifestyle Domme & I'd like to follow more Pro Dommes who are also disabled. I know some Pro Dommes don't feel comfortable disclosing disability for obvious work-related reasons. But if you're out as disabled Pro Domme, say or sign hello. I'd like to follow you. Lurker: What is a lifestyle Domme? Someone who practices as 24/7 lifestyle, might feel Domme as innate identity, etc, but does not offer sessions to general public.

Lurker: What is a Pro Domme? Could be all the above. Or could be in kink for work only. Offers sessions.
Aug 9, 2021 5 tweets 2 min read
What am I not doing, when I provide alt text for #SealeyChallenge ? well, I'm not participating in the challenge as such b/c it takes about two hours to ask for alt text each night.

What am I doing, then? Dreaming a future where poets lead in diversity and access. A future where today's poets remember that ... Homer was Blind. Milton was Blind. Dickinson was Blind. Tubman was Blind. Borges was Blind. Kuusisto is Blind. Kathi Wolfe is Blind. John Lee Clark is Blind. Constance Merritt is Blind.
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New stuff at Depop. Is that really the price on whatever? It's kind of a name yr price shop. You name it. I drop the price for you. You buy it. Probably not the Depop way, but do I think Gen Z cares? No. #RoyLichtenstein #PopArt #Cyborg White background. Pink polka dots. T-shirt. Size XL in girlsBIPOC women in frame like a comic strip. Pop art. Detail of K, you're too late for the shirt. Here's more merch. #CommonCyborg selling on #Depop Detail of miniskirt with one larger black & white pattern. ACrutch ring. Agender and adjustable. Silver-plated crutches
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You get to be bisexual if you want to. Bisexual is trans inclusive spread the word. Why'm I saying this? + When I was just-realized-I'm-queer, & finding my sexuality, a friend said, "You can't be bisexual. You have to be pansexual. Bisexuality is out."

Dude. No it's not. But I didn't know that. And then I felt bad. About *my own sexuality* 😐
Aug 7, 2021 4 tweets 1 min read
Being disabled does not give anyone license to abuse.

* I think we don't talk about abuse inside disabled communities b/c we suffer so much abuse outside disabled communities. I have been verbally & emotionally abused by another disabled person. When I whispered it to a fellow disabled writer, that writer said, "Well, the person is also disabled. It's part of person's disability to communicate that way." It is OK to set a boundary so you are not abused
Aug 7, 2021 4 tweets 1 min read
Could someone hack the BBC doc called "Sickness & Lies" so that us disabled folks in the USA have access? Just put it up on YouTube? Via anonymous ways? NM. I found it:
Aug 6, 2021 5 tweets 2 min read
Here's a first. Top 10 Creative Writing Program in USA hires two disabled poets. Yeah, you read that correctly. Two disability hires in the same year. I'm honored to join @FSU_Writers with L. Lamar Wilson.… Pic 1 of L. Lamar Wilson, a Black man in a room with desk and coral wall behind him. He is looking at camera. He's wearing a button up with stripes in peach, red, grey, white, black. He has dreads and he's slightly smiling.
Jul 13, 2021 8 tweets 2 min read
Something that got me thru the plague was being part of Lacan Circle of Australia's reading group. We started reading Lacan's Seminar III in August 2020. Weekly zooms. Slow reading. Pauses for questions exclusively about the text. Tangents on the origins of words. #Poetry "While he may be a writer, he is no poet. Schreber doesn't introduce us to a new dimension of experience ... Poetry is the creation of a subject adopting a new order of symbolic relations to the world" (78).
Jul 12, 2021 5 tweets 2 min read
New city. On ph w/ potential new neurologist. Using all my class & whiteness: "I'm Dr. Weise. I'm taking a job at [ ]. I'm on Norco and Klonopin and my prescriptions will run out in a month."

Neurologist: "Well, we do interventions here."

[con't] Me: "Yeah, you do epidurals. I've had two. C3-C4 area. I hate them. I'm happy w/ my regimen."

Neuro: *sudden shift of tone* "Okay well we would need a referral."

Me: "Obviously. Before I get you that, can you continue the regimen that works for me?"