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Five books. Written for @nytimes @wired @poetrymagazine + books with @softskull @BOAEditions future w/ @EccoBooks Cyborg = Politically Disabled. Free Janet.
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Proud of these students: "Lilia Kilburn, Amulya Mandava, and Margaret Czerwienski sued Harvard in 2022, alleging that the university did not investigate complaints about Comaroff’s alleged behavior until stories about him appeared in the press."… "Kilburn alleged that, among other things, Comaroff kissed her and touched her in ways that made her feel uncomfortable on a number of occasions"

... and yet ...

"One group of professors wrote a letter saying he [Comaroff] was an excellent colleague and university citizen"
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I switch bodies between crutches & tech so I'm all geo-spatially confused. If you also switch bodies, then you get it. If you're uncomfortable w/ lang of "switching bodies" then "changing embodiment" or "flipping form" works fine Somebody wants a drawing. And I'm kind of down to draw so let's do this
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Who will tell the doctors (academic, nondisasbrled) that their tech fetishes & paranoias are absolutely related to their delight/disgust about disability?

#CyborgLifeIsDisabledLife Am I telling the doctors (academics)?

Is that what I'm doing? When I take their title and say: The title 'dr' ? I don't want it. The title 'dr' got way too much ableist detritus on it. You can call yourself that. I decline to call myself that.

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Flashback. I'm in Buenos Aires and a writer asks me (but in Spanish) "who do you read NOT from USA?" and I'm thinking, thinking, and then writer says, "Let me guess. Bolaño."

I start laughing. He starts laughing. Then we're just laughing. At USA writers. It helps if you know that I am USA writer, so I was very much laughing at myself. And this was in 2009 at the height of The Bolaño Fervor. Had I read the man? No. Was everyone in NYC telling me to read the man? Nearly everyone.
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Lex posts are generally about:

1) The same person named Sammy fucking everybody up in California & 1000 ppl writing "help me get over my ex they're so beautiful"

2) User not found: these are lost heterosexuals aka queer next year

3) People who garden I have never met SO MANY GARDENERS in my life. I could start a Garden of Eden
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How many students are going to tell me what men did to them before somebody at my work place does something to protect our students I am disgusted. I am receiving yet another revelation. I am holding space for that student.
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Some poets: We hate The New York Times more than The New Yorker. Actually, we love The New Yorker.

Really? That's interesting.

The @nytimes had an entire series called THE DISABILITY SERIES. So that happened.

Remind me, again, when @NewYorker last pubbed disabled writer? And while we're here: How many openly & out disabled editors does @NewYorker actually employ? How many staff? How many tech people? How many ANYONE AT ALL openly and out as disabled at #TheNewYorker
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What's up with @NewYorker for the abled poets who just haven't noticed their favorite zine reeks of fascism + ableism:

@TheBrooklynRail : ... in response to the ableism in her poem “The Star Market” in The New Yorker. In the penultimate stanza, your speaker interrupts herself to say, “No one likes the poetry police. I’m not the poetry police.” Can you say more about what you mean by that? And have there been instances in which readers have reacted negatively to your criticisms and activism?
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Happening now: Zoom with @lacancircle

"We have been invaded by the proliferation of the impossible Real" quoting Lacan "Science affects nature but it does not affect the subject. Disjunction between science and the human psyche." Rik Loose paraphrasing #Freud from Civilization & Its Discontents
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Times I think 'what is Marie Howe doing tonite' : 0

Times I think 'what is Ronaldo Wilson doing tonite' : Infinite If you have not read Ronaldo Wilson, then are you just wanting to make sure you have something really good to read at some later point or what.
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This is an invitation for disabled graduate students and disabled tenure-track professors and disabled full professors and all people in teaching positions, who are disabled, to teach the course

LITERATURE BY DISABLED PEOPLE The course requires that you teach books by us.

We do not teach books by nondisabled people in LITERATURE BY DISABLED PEOPLE.

We do not recognize nor honor the nondisabled experts. We do not care about their writing.

The course is for our writing.
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One of my support ppl right now

(I have like a team of 17 support ppl bc this workplace harassment been going on a minute so obviously I have team of support ppl & I told each "dont be obvious on social")

is indubitably watching me tweet & abt to txt:
How do I know? Because that specific support person? That is her only thing she says. She says, "I am here to tell you to get off the internet" and I say back "thank you very much. That is excellent advice. For someone else. You still wanna support tho?" and she says, "YES."
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Flashback. Summer 2020.

Me to my therapist: I'll just move to FSU. It's my dream job. I know they haven't technically conferred tenure but whatever. I trust them to do it.

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Relatedly: Here's a text I sent earlier.

This is about #Consent and #VoiceMemos you receive. Did you know you get to STOP LISTENING to a voice memo a friend sends you? Yeah, you can stop listening. At any point. And you can tell the friend: I stopped listening. By the way, I am dropping my own text messages in the above.

The only time I drop other peoples text messages? 1) I get consent to do it or 2) the people are abusers and the text messages are showing pattern/abuse
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I will tell you this about that, tho.

If you're disabled and you tell a disabled friend, "Your friendship is not accessible to me right now. I will talk to you in a few months." Woah, person will get mad at you.

That's ok. Let em get mad. Do you think you have to be friends with every disabled person in the entire world who wants your friendship?

Do you think you have to be friends on the terms set by the other person?

And if so? Why do you think that?
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Could someone tell me what AI/app we all use to find mutuals of someone we don't consent to being mutuals with?

I need that app. I don't have time to play "who's friends with who" in the followers. An app can do that for me.

#UnfollowAbusers #UnfollowAbusersFriends #Obviously And hey, I get that not everybody can do this.

I get that I have privilege. I have a job I'm willing to quit if the abuse continues, evolves, or IS NOT TAKEN SERIOUSLY BY HIGHER UPS.

I don't need the job.

That's a great place to be. Not everybody has that class advantage.
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If you are an older woman, and you are in an abusive relationship right now -- I mean this week, this month, this year gotdammit -- and you cannot figure out a way to get out? of that abusive relationship? I want you to know that I see you. I am with you and I am on your side. I do not care if that abusive relationship has led you to do things and be involved in things you never would have, otherwise, been involved in. It is not your fault. It is entirely the fault of your abusive husband. Now how do we help?
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Why is the word "access" a signifier that slips to "love."

Access is not love. Access is the law.

I don't need you to "love" me in order to make something accessible.

In fact, I don't want your "love." That implies a relationship I don't consent to. This is not easy shit to say publicly because of how widely adopted access = love.

Justin Dart started this.

Justin Dart's motto: "I love you. Lead on."

No. I don't love you. I don't have to love you. Love is not part of my bid for civil rights. I won civil rights in 1990.
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It is incredibly hard for me to reconcile how people who are my abusers? Those same people also taught me a lot. I don't know what to do with that. Or how to reconcile it. The husband and wife duo at Florida State University taught me poetry in 1999, 2000, 2001.

I applied to teach at FSU twice before I got the job.

The third time I saw the ad? I almost did not apply. Here's what I said to my partner:
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I am thinking about publicly naming

1) the male co-worker in my department who kissed me without my consent while I was standing by my car in disabled parking outside Gaines Street Pies


2) his wife, who witnessed her husband kiss me without my consent I have not named either of these people for a number of reasons, but primarily: 1) these people taught me poetry; they brought me into poetry; they introduced me to the very art that I practice and
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And to my colleagues? The ones calling me "crazy" or "not believable" ? I will be writing about you next.

I mean, if I feel like it.

I don't know if I feel like it. I have not decided yet.

I have two other books with @HarperCollins before I get around to writing abt you There's no way in hell I'm going to interrupt my current memoir to suddenly pay attention to some standard abuse that we disabled faculty (and students and staff) receive all the time. Abuse so standard? I already wrote about version of it

No, the memoir will not be about you.