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25 Oct
ancient Israel was said to use the Urim and the Thummim (meaning uncertain, possibly "Lights and Perfections") which was a breastplate worn by the High Priest along with an ephod
famously, this was one of several methods Joseph Smith used to translate the gold plates into the Book of Mormon, right?
according to Joseph Smith and the LDS church, the angel Moroni took back these artifacts, and most Mormons think that's the end of the story. and it is, in a way. but there's more, too.
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24 Oct
the second episode for today is about WWII, and I introduce Alfried Krupp
Hjalmar Schacht, using financial trickery to keep rearmament off the books
Krupp and the other industrialists were not paid for their weapons in reichsmarks, but in “mefo bills”, which were IOUs from the Metallurgische Forschungsgesellschaft, hence the “mefo”
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24 Oct
today's all about Gustav Krupp, the homunculus himself
we're talking about Versailles again, and the Treaty of Rapallo too
Karl Radek lol
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14 Oct
it's time for a thread

so check this out. I've got about 7,000 followers on Twitter. I'm very happy about that, right?

I take pride in my posting, I certainly do less of it now that I've got a podcast, but whatever
and then I've got 346 patrons - way more than I ever thought I'd have. I put a lot of work into my show and I really enjoy creating, so I'm happy people respond to it
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12 Oct
would you like to hear more about how the perfidious British promoted the New Age movement?
always gotta start off w/ Ian Fleming
the aforementioned George Viereck, who wrote the first psychic vampire novel, and maybe invented gay pulp
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9 Oct
today's all about Krupp, the Kaiser, WWI, and the chaos afterwards
German U-boats, largely developed by Krupp, mostly without the Navy wanting or asking for them
Krupp's Big Bertha cannon, yes named after Bertha Krupp von Bohlen
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6 Oct
Anthony John Cavendish, MI6 officer, w/ Maggie Thatcher
discussing SIS pedophilia
discussing using blackmail
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6 Oct
this was a really fun conversation with @khalidbinyaqub where I got to pick his brain about Islam and magick
this is the image Khalid refers to in the episode - Jahangir Image
on the left is one of the magic seals Image
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3 Oct
gonna attempt an open-source type of investigation here today. I've been talking with some people about the likelihood of gore videos/sites and their fans being cultivated and groomed by certain groups for certain purposes.

to that end, we found a few examples
probably the most obvious one being Luka Magnotta, who was an enthusiast of deranged videos; he later went on to murder and cannibalize Jun Lin in Montreal (which, Montreal)
"After a video allegedly depicting the murder was posted online, Magnotta fled the country"

"He was previously sought by animal rights groups for allegedly uploading videos of himself killing kittens."
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2 Oct
today introduces new characters in the Krupp saga and there's a widespread bribery case implicating most of the German army!
Marga Krupp, Fritz' wife, left with their two daughters, Bertha and Barbara
Bertha and Barbara were sent to boarding schools until they were old enough to get married; here's Bertha
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30 Sep
so, I've got JD Salinger content in the pipeline, but this was given to me by a listener who's also an Antiques Roadshow superfan - a letter between JD Salinger and a woman he met on a cruise to Cuba in 1948
here's the bit: it's from Salinger pretending to be his dog writing to her dog, you know, to flirt
as the story goes, this was 1948, so Salinger was on the rebound, and I guess this was 1940s culture or something
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28 Sep
today's all about Wayne Williams, and the rabbit hole goes very deep

for my money, this and last week's Atlanta episode might be the best stuff I've ever made on my own
a fair amount of this comes from Chet Dettlinger's the List and Programmed to Kill, but many other sources too
the Williams family came from Columbia, GA, near Phenix City, the "sin city of the south"
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25 Sep
alright, I'm particularly proud of this one - the story is batshit insane.

these episodes mostly stand on their own, so going in order, while recommended, isn't necessary.
Friedrich Alfred Krupp, Alfred's son
I think this one particularly captures his character
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25 Sep
has anybody done anything with picky eaters as some kind of indicator for, you know, 🦋?

I think the common conception of them is "psychopath shit" but I wonder if there's actually a reason
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22 Sep
I think this and next week's premium are my best work yet, though it was hard to write and listen to, as a heads up
Dr. Donald Lunde
Dr. Lunde was at Atascadero when Kemper was there, before his killing spree, yet nobody ever mentions it?
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15 Sep
on the premium side, I talk about Roberto Bolaño and discuss the existence of magick
specifically, I talk about By Night in Chile as a great introduction to Bolaño if someone's never read him
Mormonism comes up, and so does the whole white and black magick dichotomy
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14 Sep
you know how Twenty One Pilots sucks ass, but they're super famous anyway?

Josh Dun's great-great-great-grandfather is Edwin Dun
Edwin Dun was the Japanese representative of the Standard Oil company
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11 Sep
growing depressed realizing how I'm going to have to go back even further to the Opium Wars to really understand anything
I'm joking, I'm like a pig in mud with this shit
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11 Sep
tonight's viewing - the spotlight on Mann continues Image
Jimmy Falun Gong product placement Image
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11 Sep
in case you were ever like "is PTC just a fad" or "is PTC just following trends", the answer's no, because I wrote 12 episodes about a German steel company lmao

it's not boring though, I'll say that
here's Essen in relation to Germany
like most of Europe, Essen used to be plagued by wolves at night, hahahah
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6 Sep
tonight's viewing - more Michael Mann, with Thief
Belushi, Willie Nelson, and Tangerine Dream, what a film!
man, what a shirt
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