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18 Oct
(1) Remember Soros wanted Ukraine for the gas pipelines.
He tried twice to overthrow Ukraine, being successful the second time with Obama's help.
It was part of Soros' "Colour Revolution".
(2) The Ukraine president was successfully ousted the second time and Soros' revolutionaries that were part of the first attempt were installed.
Soros wanted those gas pipelines!
(3) That is what pissed-off Putin and why Putin took Crimea.
Remember Obama did nothing to stop Putin from taking Crimes.
That brings us back to Biden.
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17 Oct
(1). My two cents:
This is very serious!
I have been sitting here thinking about how very bigly we are being played re: this Hunter Biden situation.
We are focusing way too small.
(2).Hunter Biden is a dummy figure.
A drug addict who was easily led into being a participant by masters of deception on a global level.
Anyone who knows a little about how things work are being treated as idiots.
(3). Think about this:
There is no way in Hell that kind of money was moved by anyone without it being well known and allowed.
We had a CIA Brennan, an NSA, Clapper, and FBI, Comey, a State dept, HRC and Kerry, a President, Obama, his aid Val Jar, an IMF, FTC .......
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16 Oct
My two cents:
Remember folks.
We are using strategy, not emotion this election.
We need too many Repubs this time, so we can sort them and boot the lousy ones next time, without leaving ourselves short.
We have to force the Repubs to win.
It is no longer whether you personally like any of them.
You had a chance to primary out the ones you didn't like months ago.
So let's get it right.
f you have an emotion about it, get it out of your system.
We are using our heads this time.
If we do it right and give ourselves a big enough number to NOT risk losing a majority, we can get rid of the ones we need gone next election without the risk.
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30 Jul
My two cents:
I have been thinking about all this violence and race nonsense ripping our country apart and I have a little story to tell everyone.
Maybe then they will get it.
(2) A long time ago, in the 1600s some Pilgrims landed on American shores.
They were subjects of the king of England.
They built cities, towns, businesses, farms and settled the land, all for the benefit of the king.
(3) That went on for over 100 years.
The kings of England ruled over the colonies and garnered great wealth off the backs of the colonists.
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21 Nov 19
@realDonaldTrump @DevinNunes @RudyGiuliani Boise is Hunter Biden's firm.
Also Burisma, Vindman and the lady testifying today
This thread ht @crazyprofessor
@realDonaldTrump @DevinNunes @RudyGiuliani @crazyprofessor (3) "Vindman’s attorney, David Pressman of Boies Schiller Flexner"…
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17 Sep 19
(1) My Two Cents
re: Kavanaugh's penis.
I am sitting here giggling myself silly thinking of how the fake details would have had to play out for this latest Kavanaugh lie to even be believable, which it isn't and I'll tell you why.
(2) The story goes that Kavanaugh was a freshman and was in attendance at a drunken dorm party.
Freshmen don't usually mingle with the seniors, but lets go along just for fun.
The guy Max Stier, who reported this story says he saw Kavanaugh with his pants down.....
(3) Another guy at the party is alleged to have grabbed Kavanaugh's penis, then pushed it into Ms Rivera's face.
Remember those details for a second....
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