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Co-founder and CEO @remote Prev: VP Product at @gitlab Working on creating more remote jobs. Job is really my first name.
6 Apr
1/ How to have fewer meetings:
2/ Never have a meeting just to share information. Do that by chat, email, video message (@loom), audio (@yac) or pigeon.

Even better: write it somewhere centrally (e.g. @NotionHQ) and just link to that.

"FYI [link here]"
3/ Never start a new recurring meeting.

Only do recurring meetings if you see week after week that you need to have a meeting.

Make a point to reevaluate the need for that recurring meeting on a recurring basis.
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30 Mar
1/ How to evaluate and find a great remote job:

With a remote job, I mean a proper one. Not a job at a company that happens to be remote because of covid or because people are cheap elsewhere.

It's not hard to find remote jobs, but it's incredibly hard finding a remote job that works for you. If you're in the USA, it's much easier as most jobs are USA-only.

Start by checking whether the job allows you to work from your location.
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25 Mar
1/ I've been managing people remotely for 8 years. Here's how to be a better manager in a remote (distributed) team:
2/ First off: being a great manager and being a great remote manager are nearly identical.

Most of these tips would directly translate to an office. If you are a good manager in the office, transition shouldn't be hard.

I.e. you don't need to smell people to manage them.
3/ One-on-one calls:

Have regularly 1:1 calls with all your reports. The point of these calls is to check in with the person, not the work.

What that means in practice is that you don't spend that time reviewing work - you can do that async.
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24 Mar
These are the best ✨new (or otherwise yet to be massively appreciated)✨ tools that help you greatly with remote work:
. @AlmanacDocs is building the future of the documentation tools for teams. Reviews, approvals, merging, history, super great multiplayer. Early days, but super awesome.
. @withopal helps you block out apps, notifications, so you can truly focus or simply disconnect.

Super important, because remote work means work is always just a glance away. Opal helps increase that distance.
Mobile-only, but on desktops soon.
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2 Mar
1/ Here is how to be super productive working remotely:
2/ Find your optimal schedule and only work then. This could be e.g. working early mornings until afternoon, a day split in two or more parts, or working late nights.

The best way to discover what works is to experiment.
I work best afternoon-nights.
3/ Block your calendar: when out of your work schedule, block! Avoid ever making exceptions to this (circumstances allowing) if you can.

This is your first defense for a reasonable work/life balance. Even if you work a lot: block hours to sleep, eat and workout.
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11 Aug 20
Want a remote job? Not sure where to start? Here's how you can find one:

2/ Decide what you are looking for:

Companies tend to look for a person that can do a certain job. E.g. "Node engineer", "Data scientist"

Few companies will look at your profile if you don't apply directly to a position.

Zero will do if you can't say what it is you want.
3/ Be realistic. If you have little experience in time, you will have to make up for that in other ways - preferably a way you can prove.

Public work is gold. Blog posts, even e.g. StackOverflow or Dribbble profile can be very good.

For jobs like product mngr this is hard 🤷‍♀️
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