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10 Mar
Ever wonder why San Francisco is the way it is? Or what the heck City Hall spends $13 billion on every year? Find out with SF Politics 101. Webinar explains how local politics work with an entertaining look at history that shaped SF. March 16 at 7pm… 1/5
Learn about San Francisco’s journey from the Gold Rush to tech backlash — and every twist in between. The webinar is brought to life with photos and narrative storytelling. It’s designed for any resident new or old who wants to better understand the city they love. 2/5
I bring my insights as a journalist who has covered City Hall. I also serve on the boards of two of San Francisco’s largest democratic clubs, which provides additional knowledge about the inner workings of local politics. 3/5
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5 Mar
This is San Francisco: a TV news crew reporting on increased crime is robbed of their camera at gunpoint. 1/14
Before expressing outrage over this ironic property crime, we can’t ignore the violent and senseless killings in San Francisco recently — especially the numerous attacks on Asian seniors. 2/14
Like the 84-year-old grandfather body slammed on the sidewalk and killed on his morning walk. And dismay our district attorney told the New York Times the attack wasn’t racially motivated because the suspect was having a “some sort of temper tantrum.”3/14…
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21 Feb
If you’re frustrated or outraged by San Francisco's school board and wish there was a recall, one group has finally emerged as the vehicle to channel all the recall energy into action. Learn more:… 1/23
A group of public school parents filed paperwork with the Secretary of State on February 19 to launch the Committee to Support the Recall of Board of Education Commissioners López, Collins, and Moliga. 2/23
The recall website’s cover photo perfectly explains why parents are pursuing a recall. Join here: 3/23
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1 Feb
Are you frustrated by the way San Francisco’s public schools are run but don’t know what to do about it? I’ve heard from many people who are upset that the school board seems more focused on renaming schools than safely reopening them. 1/35
Parents want to know if the school board can be recalled. Or if we can stop electing the school board in a low information/low turnout race and let the mayor appoint competent school commissioners. I put together a 101 explainer with pros and cons. 2/35
When school board members recently debated appropriate school names, it took seven hours to bring up what should be the only topic of every meeting: how to better teach students in a pandemic. 3/35
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