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12 Nov
Exiting Bitcoin:
This thread explores a collection of strategies for exiting Bitcoin cycle peak if it plays out as it has in previous cycles. All these strategies should be used in tandem for optimal clarity. Thank you for reading and supporting! 👇👇
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1. To begin, it is important to note that we will be exiting cycle peak based on price action and indicators, not price targets. Let's take a look at where I project cycle peak to be at this current time (December 24/25th):
2. Moving onto the first strategy which is price action based. Each peak previously has given very specific price action starting with the 'stupid big candles' and the 'W' pattern:
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12 Nov
Releasing 'exiting Bitcoin' in about 1 hour. Retweet gang fingers on buzzers 😂
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Cover page sneak peak
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10 Nov
Hold the line, we know these days are cursed.
Give me your best HOLD THE LINE gifs
Epics gifs you legends
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10 Nov
Altcoin bear market short picks:
This thread explores a list of Altcoins for potential shorts in the bear market which may occur in 2022 according to my current projections. Thank you for reading, hope you find this useful, any retweets are appreciated. 👇👇
$ALTS #Altcoins $ETH Image
1. In this thread we will be establishing which alts may offer good short gains during the bear market by looking at how they performed to the downside during Bitcoin's mid cycle correction period: Image
2. Beginning with ICX offering a good percentage to the downside mid cycle: Image
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9 Nov
Model price action update, re-entering price discovery:
-Projection remains 450k-520k
-Cycle peak around December 25th 2021
-Bear market low 65k-75k
-Expecting bear market low red line retest after wave 2
$BTC $Crypto #Bitcoin
Date projection explanation:
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9 Nov
Altcoin Fractals TradingView Guide:
This thread gives a point to point explanation on how to overlay Altcoin fractals on top of Bitcoin so you the reader can see how your Altcoin of choice behaved when Bitcoin peaked in 2017 or mid cycle. Thank you for reading.
1. Firstly you will need to enter #TradingView and bring up the BLX as pictured below:
2. Next you will need to open up the add symbols tab:
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8 Nov
Team I've had some people say they would be interested in a newsletter.

I'm open to the idea. Format would be 2 issues a week including a general bitcoin market update, my thoughts in greater detail and crypto threads.

Vote below your approval or disapproval.
Naturally this wouldn't effect the free content I put out just I will be going into more detail on the newsletter.
Guess we'll put this on ice for now
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8 Nov
Exiting Altcoins:
This thread explores multiple strategies on exiting altcoins at the end of the bull cycle. Some are more advanced than others but the goal of nailing the peak is not for everyone, you just need to get out somewhere near. Thank you for reading 👇
1. Beginning with some comparisons of where Altcoins in the past have peaked in relation to Bitcoin. First on the list is Ethereum in 2017:
2. Now comparing 2017 to how ETH peaked for mid cycle in 2021:
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7 Nov
This 'exiting altcoins' thread is going to be a lot of work but I think you will like it a lot.

Naturally I cannot cover every Altcoin but I am going to show you a selection of examples using the strategy and then you can take this and implement it yourself.
$BTC #CTM #Bitcoin
Here is some memery to entertain you in the meantime.

When we spot le stupid big candle:
Post cycle peak life
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6 Nov
We are bearing witness to the Bitcoin cyber ants building a space port for 84k.
$BTC #CTM #Bitcoin
Gimme your best bullish gifs
Green candles
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6 Nov
Bitcoin's 4 year cycle:
This thread presents a guide to the 4 year cycle of Bitcoin, which is fundamentally vital to understanding how the market currently moves. Lot's of work has gone into this one, your engagement is greatly appreciated!
$BTC #CTM #4yearcycle #Bitcoin 👇👇
1. We begin with the 'halving' event. The halving of the miners reward which triggers the bull market phase:
2. After the halving event comes the bull market phase which we are currently experiencing:
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5 Nov
Final Alt Season Picks:
This thread examines a short list of Altcoins to rotate into post Bitcoin's cycle peak if it occurs in such a manner as it did for the mid cycle peak. Thank you for reading, like and retweet if you find this useful 👇👇
$ALTS #Altcoins #Altseason #CTM
1. Disclaimer, in order for an Alt to make this short list we are looking for 2 things. One, an alt that made a powerful move to the upside and two, it made this move after Bitcoin had topped mid cycle:
2. Beginning with Ethereum. We can see that ETH had a move after Bitcoin peaked out mid cycle however this move was not very big. As @jclcapital pointed out small moves may not be worth the risk to reward, something larger may be preferable:
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4 Nov
I have remade the cycle peak price action charts below. As a note, regardless of my price prediction of 450k-520k I will be exiting based on price action not price predictions (more info below). Credits to @jclcapital for being the first to spot this peak PA.
$BTC #CTM #Bitcoin
Collaged as one image:
To expand on my initial point, if price say reaches 200k or 300k and the above price action is occurring and/or proven indicators are signalling a cycle peak then I will be exiting. Price targets being reached or not reached do not signal an exit.
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3 Nov
The Bitcoin Matrix:
This thread explores the mysterious and miraculous consistencies that have occurred across the 3 bull cycles of Bitcoin. At the core is divine mathematics which Deepak Chopra described as a reflection of the values of the cosmos. 👇
$BTC #Bitcoin #CTM
1. First let's begin with the mathematical theme of an average of 2013 and 2017 we see playing out in the 2021 cycle. The initial point of interest being the gains to the upside for the first half of the bull run:
2. When the mid cycle drawdown came around, everyone was screaming Elon and manipulation. Whilst I don't doubt these two things were in play, the drawdown was almost an exact average of the previous 2 cycle's. And touched the golden ratio for the third cycle running:
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16 Oct
Symmetry across 3 cycles:
1. This thread compiles much of the work I have done over the past few months, highlighting the symmetry and key occurrences in this cycle comparing to the 2 previous. This is purely my perspective and should not be taken as the only possible outcome. 👇
2. As discussed in my previous post, this cycle is showing itself as a double wave, similar to that of 2013. The first half of the cycle was an average of the previous 2 in gains to the upside. We await the second half's completion.
3. The mid cycle drawdown was also an average of the previous 2 cycles. As pointed out by @irandall13 it is interesting that despite where the halving date is in the year, all cycles converge for mid cycle in July of the following year.
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15 Oct
1. Question:
When people see the massive consolidation we have had over the past months, akin to 2013. Do they really see this cycle ending with 100-200k? Everything I have seen and presented points to a huge mania phase ahead, only because it appears so. (Thread👇)
#Bitcoin #CTM
2. Increased returns on the first half of this bull run are the first indication that this cycle will not finish with diminished returns. The first half in both previous cycles has been an indicator of the second half:
3.2017 had diminished returns and in it's structure it clearly shows. 2017 was not a double wave cycle it was a slow ascent. Mid cycle has been historically a glimpse at what is coming for the second half.
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