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18 Sep
1/13 Happy to announce that we've finished designing an all new online masterclass "THE ART OF PEACE" with my close colleague & good friend @Irenologist at the Galtung-Institut. Luckily I don't have to do it all by myself. I'll be available for deep Q&As. Below are our 12 themes:
2/13 What will participants take away?

1/12: Basic Needs (see #bhnjg) & the question of legitimacy: A Life centred approach to Politics
3/13 What will participants take away?

2/12 Time & Space as History & Geography as: Context.

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12 Aug
What do I mean by art in the "art of peace" & creativity?

Art refers to reacting spontaneously to spontaneity. Creativity refers to calling into reality something new, that wasnt there before. Intuition is of the essence. Prepare for the unpreparable. Expect the unexpected.
What happens to our professionalism? Standardization in our field. It is the framing within which we move creatively. But to stick to our routines as peace professionals is to stick to the ANSWERS we have found so far. But more important are the QUESTIONS we are yet to answer.
For the latter we need both the creativity & and the courage of artists.
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22 Aug 20
@rkelly123 @LukeshRoberts 1) Both And all the way down indeed. One of my key books is „Peace by Peaceful means“. The title (Pure Gandhi btw.) from a praxeological p.o.v, stipulates that THIS type of goal is obtained & contained in its means. Ex negativo, see: „bombing for peace is like f*g for virginity“
@rkelly123 @LukeshRoberts 2) Assuming that Violence fundamentally rests on:

🟠A) attitudinal & normative dispositions legitimizing it,
🟢B) behavioral expressions negating the 4 basic human needs #BHNjg of others &
🟣C) contradictions between autotelic & heterotelic goals within or between actors;
@rkelly123 @LukeshRoberts 3) I posit: Applied #ViolencePrevention, #Peacebuilding, #PeacePolitics, #TraumaConciliation & #ConflictTransformation categorically rest on

🟠A)Empathy to read intrinsic attitudes
🟢B)Nonviolence vs. violent behavioral expressions
🟣C)Creativity to #SolveTheUnderlyingConflict
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24 Jun 20
USA: In numerous horrendous arrest videos that are indistinguishable from assault videos with black victims at the hands of Policemen & women, one thing is becomes clear: Crossing paths with police in the USA while black is the closest thing to an extrajudicial death sentence.
To all currently engaged in fixing this unacceptable state of affairs in the USA, I say this: you will achieve nothing durable or deep unless you deconstruct & redefine the very political ethos at the heart of that country’s perception of itself, or else;
this “As abroad, so within!” culture of the US executive branch, which has become apparent to all, will continue unabated. This is a transformative moment to be seized, not only at superficial levels of “police reform in race relations” but deeper, questioning the very legitimacy
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11 Mar 19
@philippefroguel @oslouniversity @haaretzcom Eh ben dites donc. Écoutez, j’ai visité l’Israel 39 fois depuis 1960. J’ai espoir qu’un jour l’Israel dont rêvaient Buber & Einstein fasse surface. Il y’a dans la vision de mon ami desormais mort Uri Avnery quelquechose de constructif. Israel doit dialoguer mieux. Pas plus.
@philippefroguel @oslouniversity @haaretzcom Il me semble que vous ne comprenez rien aux fondements de l’irénologie. Ce qui est dommage mais le choix est le vôtre de jeter ou non un regard dans ce domaine de la géopolitique. A ne pas confondre: Polémologie. Je vais ici faire un effort sincère d’élucidation de mon approche.
@philippefroguel @oslouniversity @haaretzcom D’abord ne melangeons pas tout.
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