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Jan 15,
1...I think Albertans of “both sides” can come together on this.

First, lets be clear. @AHS_media = @dryiu_verna = @CMOH_Alberta = @JasonCoppingAB = @Shandro = @GoAHealth = @YourAlberta = @UCPCaucus = @Jkenney*. One entity, one strategy.
...2 2...We have been a victim of an offensive perversion of “our democracy”.

Regardless if you side with/against vaccines, with/against social distancing/restrictions, schools open/closed etc etc
One thing holds true.
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Nov 13, 2021
1/ With the recent attempted soft stance on Nazism being pushed by @Jkenney's @UCPCaucus @YourAlberta w/ @AdrianaLaGrange, does anyone one find this particularly disturbing. Disturbing when you think this is a long game /2 2/ A long game in that you don't indoctrinate grade schoolers to win votes in 2 year's time. This is an attempt to soften fascist trends for decades to come. What govt ever plans out past the next election?!? Clearly this isn't in @Alberta_UCP's best interest /3
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Jul 31, 2021
1…I’ve had a choice number of people reach out to me to sincerely ask me to stay in Alberta. I didn’t realize so many of my actual patients followed me on Twitter. Many who know me personally know I’m just an average joe who managed to transition from…2 2…from construction work (and academia) into medicine. I am not stoic. I am not always ‘proper’. To my patients: please realize that was a really really low couple of days for me. But, I did not mean to turn this into an “I’m leaving!” dramatic publicity stunt…3
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Jul 30, 2021
1…Tonight my dog died. Metastatic Cancer. Not the only case of cancer currently brewing in my family. Had to put her down. As I held her and felt her last breath, I realized how hellish my work-life balance had become this last year…2 2…Don’t get me wrong, medicine has always been tough to find work-life balance. Notoriously. But, we had been making inroads as a profession to attain that balance. But, when UCP came along that all halted. Then COVID came along and that was shattered into a million…3
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Jul 17, 2021
1…In the lead up to WWII, Hitler engaged in a campaign of “re-uniting the Germanic Peoples”, and Lebensraum (“living space”). Despite the rest of the world watching him (esp France, England, USA, Russia), he was able to hostiley annex (though without a single shot fired)…2 2…He was able to annex Austria, and approx 80% of Czechoslovakia’s industry and resources.

A) a slick PR campaign
B) “Divide and conquer” politics
C) unwavering ideology

He gained the power and righteous delusion to take the world to the brink of destruction
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Jun 29, 2021
1…Discussed with an immunologist: new variants are appearing with mutations in the human tissue receptor portion of COVID, which is also the portion of the spike protein that the vaccine-induced antibodies (AKA your immune system)…2 2…while this does not increase the infectivity or virulence (disease severity) or the virus, it could lead to significant decrease in vaccine effectiveness…3
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Mar 11, 2021
1...I think it is official...the "contract" offered the docs by @shandro is not actually a contract. Its an autograph book that Shandy wants to collect COVID-hero signatures in. It is so vague that this contract lawyer of a minister...2 2...has generated a document that can't be legally upheld as a contract by any self-respecting contract court.

@shandro can't even do his original job as a lawyer correctly
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Mar 4, 2021
1...For those wanting a little context on how @jkenney failed us all because of corruption and TOTAL LACK OF VISION. In April 2020, when the world knew COVID was about to lay us all to ruin, and many were already singing the praises of vaccine development...2 2...@jkenney and the @UCPCaucus @YourAlberta government sunk what was left of our heritage fund into the CEO pockets of O&G companies waiting on the doorstep to leave. Canada had no vaccine production capacity, Alberta was leading the country in unemployment...3
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Mar 4, 2021
1...Sometimes a little context is in order. Realize that while our Minister of COIs has presented the AMA with a contract “good for everyone”, here is a person who felt fine to trespass on a neighbour’s property, threaten them and their family because they were a doctor...2 2...with an opinion on his ulterior motives (owning a private health insurance company). He has harassed multiple doctors, he has demanded punishment from the college for any doc that has opposed him...3
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Mar 3, 2021
1...@shandro, @jkenney, @ucpcaucus have engaged the AMA for further contract talks. We doctors are finding ourselves soon to be voting on a contract we don’t even yet know the details of. Meanwhile, the govt (and the AMA) have asked us to not discuss the details...2 2...with the public (once we know them), as a show of good faith. However, in the last 3-4 days we have seen numerous “UCP-allies” publish articles taking shots at docs, we have heard the Minister proclaim Bill 21 isn’t a threat to contracts, and UCP MLAs email their...3
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Feb 6, 2021
1...As a doctor I am morally very concerned that the @UCPCaucus intention to open up Alberta (just as the hyper-infectious variants descend upon the province) is going to push our system deeply back into overburdened, slowing down services and costing people time and life...2 seeking care for their mortal illnesses, resources that will be exhausted caring for people who could have avoided getting COVID.


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Feb 2, 2021
1...@AHS_media @UCPCaucus @shandro
I have had multiple patients now test + for COVID, without me being notified. AHS has a protocol they want family docs to follow where we contact patients at home every 2 days to ensure patients are coping/recovering...2 2...That's the extent of the healthcare people are being offered at first contact. However, if AH doesn't even notify the GPs of their patient's status, not even this can be acted upon. This is ignoring the huge burden this is on GPs...3
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Jan 1, 2021
1...As a free person I took 2 weeks off over Christmas and New Years. As a family doctor I needed to continued to attend to the health needs of my patients, especially in nursing homes, sacrificing my stay-cation. As a frontline health worker, I specifically saw and cared...2 2...for a patient who ultimately passed away from COVID 2 days ago. While others dashed away from the house fire of COVID, I charged in (with full PPE). Then, I hear the same UCP govt that accused me as over entitled and a burden to the healthcare system...3
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Nov 24, 2020
1...Here we have an example of how this could have been predicted if the @UCPCaucus was listening. Instead of seeking to protect Albertans, they have decided to serve up a horror movie for us to live through into Christmas. If we are hitting 6400 cases a day by then... 2...and the prevailing death rate is 1% (48,000 cases so far and 480 deaths, in Alberta), that means 450 Albertans will die over the Christmas week. That means that Alberta will cycle through its complete allotment of ICU beds almost twice that week, with every...3
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Nov 23, 2020
1...It is clear, we won’t have a rational COVID plan in Alberta until the UCP is completely out of legislature. And, people who die between now and then can’t be made undead. So, Albertans, what will you do? Every Monday @jkenney is still in power, is a higher risk that...2 2...someone you love will not make it through this. Every Tuesday that @shandro is still the minister of health, is a rising risk that your family member will pass away gasping for air needing a respirator they can’t access...3
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Nov 23, 2020
1...I have heard from a number of colleagues across the province. Many of them have been “in contact” with people that have subsequently been swabbed for various reasons, to be found +ve. Yet, these physicians have not been contacted by tracers...2 2...most times they receive lab results showing a +ve (on labs not ordered by them, so there is no direct indication that a contact was made) and then have to trace back their interactions themselves. In some cases their patients have notified them directly...3
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Nov 21, 2020
1...To every small business owner: masks save you from this situation: A colleague saw a pt the other day, the pt next day learned they had been exposed, and 3 days later they were +, because the pt and doc wore masks, that doc now doesn’t have to shut down...2 2...that clinic while awaiting a swab -, and hoping not to develop symptoms. That clinic business didn’t lose thousands, 60-300 patients didn’t lose their appointments. Every other small business, where the owner’s presence is essential, would suffer the same impacts...3
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Nov 20, 2020
1...Corporations have essentially become nations without borders, taxes or laws. It philosophically challenges the concept of “nation”. I wonder if somewhere in our collective human future, if people will be able to ‘pick’ their nation based on something other than...2 2...geographic borders. I wonder if such a movement would have eventual trickle down effects to geographic limitations. Imagine if the “nation” you were part of was found to be against you personal values. You could reassign yourself to another nation. Maybe as new...3
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Sep 28, 2020
Me: "So it dawned on me this morning. Equalization is not what it is being portrayed as."

You: "Yes, we know, Dr. John, its about Albertans being richer and being in a higher tax bracket".

Me: "But, wait. Its actually much worse than that. Let me explain"

2/We are all starting to understand that equalization and the resulting transfer payments tend to give Alberta less and other provinces more. Also, that individual Albertans pay more into it, but this is a function of them actually being in higher income tax brackets. 3/
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Sep 17, 2020
1...None-the-less it offers some opportunity to shed light on the dispatch changes. As the doc for nearly all the firemedics in Red Deer, a number of the members have noted to me that frequently they rely on information being sent to them by the dispatcher that depends...2 2... on a common understanding of the local environment. The dispatcher, and the EMS/fire crew share common landmarks, a common civil experience. Further, the dispatcher and the person in distress also share that civil experience...3
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Sep 12, 2020
1...On power politics: When the disruption cost exceeds the concession costs, govt moves. Now, when Z number of people create Y amount of disruption each, the cost is Z*Y. Now if 10 times more people get involved, the cost becomes 10Z*Y. The more people involved, the less...2 2...the less each has to do to surpass the concession cost.

Further, to keep govt in line, one must continue to make real the threat of disruption costs. Organizations need to stay strong after the win. This resiliency is created through not only realization of goals...3
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