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18 Jul
@bowlestrek Any idea fandom could save or change the current shape of Doctor Who was murdered by Piers Wenger in the aftermath of S12: its about CHINA (SMG) and HBO now. The BBC cares nothing for fandom or what fandom thinks
And where has that left us? #RIPDoctorWho is true (Cont)
@bowlestrek US ratings down 80%, UK Ratings down over 50%, and doomed to fall further and further, and the fandom a polarised radicalised toxic battleground with APPALING behaviour from BOTH extremes
Its true, there is no future in this
@bowlestrek As someone whos had the SAME abuse from both wings "Racist Sexist blah de blah", and YES, that is the TRUTH, I know the fandom will never come back together while Chibnall is showrunner of Doctor Who
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17 Jul
@100thDr I'm not suprised people are leaving the fandom
After all the essential problem no fan discussion: or argument: can do anything at all about is the general audience already abandoned the show
There is a reason the ratings are now in the same place they were back in 1989 (Cont)
@100thDr I know I'm not that popular with many people. Thats ok with me, Im not the sort of person who seeks popularity: Im the kind of person who seeks truth
@100thDr During series 12 I set myself a mission to ensure a side of the fanbase that had been very repressed by cyberbullying during series 11 was going to be heard this time. I stepped on a lot of toes and annoyed a lot of people: nethertheless what I said WAS the truth
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4 Jul
#MountRushmore #IndependenceDay #FourthofJuly #FourthofJulyWeekend
#FourthofJuly2020 #Trump2020 #WWG1WGA
Thank you very much. Governor Noem, Secretary Bernhardt, we very much appreciate it.
Members of Congress, distinguished guests, and a very special hello to South Dakota.
As we begin this 4th of July weekend, the First Lady and I would wish each and every one of you a very, very happy Independence Day. Thank you.
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2 Jun
@bbcease @bbcease, can you help me out:
What do these words mean?

What happened to George was terrible.
But you are not the only people in society and you do not have the privilege to ignore the law indefinatley
You want change:
Do it through dialogue and the ballot box
Hard wake up call
@bbcease I want you to understand me:
I have done a lot of protesting
I have done a lot of activism
I know how to get effective change
But society does not work by letting one part of society who doesnt like how things are do whatever they like with impunity
You are discovering the limits
@bbcease You are in a democrat city with a democrat Mayor, but THEY have given the orders for the Police to take the gloves off tonight
Do you understand WHY?
Your group was on the freeway
How many 1000's of people were NOT, and were at HOME?
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22 May
@Emily_Rosina An intelligent response would be to engage with questions and critics positively, wouldnt you agree Emily?

I must be honest, you seem to have squandered opportunities to no good purpose and wasted chances to use the watchalongs to help heal the fanbase
@Emily_Rosina Don't get me started on "unintelligent treatment" from triggered bigots calling themselves "Doctor Who fans" on Twitter, the plots, schemes, hatefull cyberbullying, ignorance, judgementalism and the hypocrasy
Its pretty shameful
Far easier for you, salaried with BBC at your back
@Emily_Rosina But then, they only reflect the attitudes of the staff at the BBC, after all its "programming" pumped into society that has taught it to them, where the democratic majority are targets for hate because they didnt vote like auntie wanted them to. And whats that done to the show?
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13 Apr
@spikedonline @Tom_Slater_ @Tom_Slater_ falls into the trap of name calling when he should be reasoning that Icke knows VERY WELL what he does and why he does it. Make a WILD claim: get attention: use that attention to talk about a lot more info that ISNT wild. He has had this MO since the 90's
@spikedonline @Tom_Slater_ A day after the BBC then gives him front page publicity for his "5G is Coronavirus" theory he is then on Alex Jones in the US where both of them pose as free speech heros: Jones following exactly the same MO. Jones most got in trouble with it over Sandy Hook some years ago
@spikedonline @Tom_Slater_ My view is this kind of Clown game could maybe have been justified some years ago, but now it is an anachronism that can be used to justify furhter clamp down on free speech and shut down of debate: how much REAL debate about 5G has the public had?
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21 Mar
@TomWho4 My first thoughts when clicking play on the video werent about ethnicity: but its clear having watched it this wasnt just idiot youth abusing and risking the health of an elderly couple, but a racist hate crime by three bottom feeding failures 1)
@TomWho4 Tommy taking direct action might make people uncomfortable, especially the Police trying to hold together a thin line of law and order, but the Police dont help matters by constantly failing to do the right thing 2)
@TomWho4 I understand tensions are high: I understand the concern that with society being locked down for all our sakes, situations could blow up out of control: but thats why its the Police who need to urgently adresss their priorities here 3)
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27 Feb
@bbcdoctorwho So, The Ruth "Doctor" DOES return on Sunday...
Fandom is on the edge
Detonating Canon will detonate the show, with 18 months till series 13, this promises to be a TERRIBLE idea...
We hope we are wrong! #NotMyDoctorWho…
@bbcdoctorwho Before anyone gets triggered by presumptions...…
@bbcdoctorwho I see our meme is getting a little attention here, so lets be clear. The decision to usurp Hartnell with a prior matriarchal line is a big MISTAKE. It speaks of insecurity and a touch of desperation that isnt going to convince anyone going forwards (1)
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25 Jan
@bigfinish All for imagination and freedom
Though I dont ship myselfgeek subcultures are a fact of online life
But I do care about canon+tone of the show, and I dont think shipping fantasies actually playing out would be anything else but harmful
The Doctor should be above Human sexuality
@bigfinish 10 loved Rose because she healed his wounded soul but he always knew not to impose a romantic relationship that could never work upon her. The human Doctor solution protected the Doctors character's integrity
@bigfinish 11 got the balance right
Amy and Rorys marriage was a sacred duty to protect for him just as he protected Amy when she had a hot crush on him and said NO
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24 Jan
@rtalalay @gallifreyone Rachel this is an outreach. I would like to talk to you about this. This Gally One panel is clealy a pivotal event in how the fanbase got to be where it is today. And the fanbase is in pain and suffering like never before (cont)
@rtalalay @gallifreyone 2) Im a decent human being, i like to think. I think you are too. I completely agree the movie industry is rotten and MeToo was long overdue. Creatures like Weinstein, and others far worse than him, are despicable
@rtalalay @gallifreyone 3) But I think I see where this has gone wrong and become exceedingly toxic to the point where I seriously believe the show is close to death a lot closer than people going with its current version like to think
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23 Jan
@doomcock @Nerdrotics @GeeksGamersCom BBC what’ve you done to Doctor Who?
Either change it or end it, but this cant go on!

Please read to learn what the loyal fanbase has to say about the state of our show! Every bit of help counts :)…
@doomcock @Nerdrotics @GeeksGamersCom Terrified the audience will reject the Ruth Doctor if catapulted ahead of Hartnell, the Radio Times tries to claim there is no such thing as Canon

@Doomcock deserving of your ministrations!…
@doomcock @Nerdrotics @GeeksGamersCom Canon CAN bend: This is TRUE: but only when the show can take the audience with it
Moffat pulled off his canon bending dodge of the "War Doctor" because he couldnt get Chris E back for the 50th, but fanbase went for it becuase John Hurt as a dark secret Doctor was irresistable
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1 Jan
@doomcock @Nerdrotics @GeeksGamersCom BBC what’ve you done to Doctor Who?
Either change it or end it, but this cant go on!

Please read to learn what the loyal fanbase has to say about the state of our show! Every bit of help counts :)…
@doomcock @Nerdrotics @GeeksGamersCom Our dear friends @Nerdrotic @Doomcock @RandomMnky and @DDayCobra
We have raised our voices and started our campaign for #NotMyDoctorWho
But I am a writer, not a sci-fi You-tuber, and our channel is small. We ask for help to get our video seen
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14 Nov 19
I am a Lion of PEACE
And I know this:

For God & Country.
For Humanity.

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21 Aug 19
@negativiq @Signnamehere1 Look: its not great, no. Its a bad year. BUT STOP PANICKING JUST BECAUSE MEDIA TELLS YOU TO! Amazon used to lose this amount EVERY MONTH, its not been this bad for ten years, true, but its not the end of the world. Nor is this driven by climate change, climate is NORMAL (cont)
@negativiq @Signnamehere1 Now the current government has changed priorities and does want economic growth. Easy for the privileged West to tell Brazil it has to martyr itself for the planet. But this is not politics, its PEOPLE, doing what people do, stupid, shortsighted, maybe, but people (cont)
@negativiq @Signnamehere1 Those people are responding to pressures based on their economy: true. Humans have screwed up their environment because of their economy many times, look at why the Aztec or Roman civilisations suffered collapse (cont)
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19 Aug 19
@mitchellvii Hey @Mitchellvii.
I have been observing recent events over your tweets supporting #RedFlagLaws, but until now have refrained from comment. However I have a few things I would like to say, both to you, and those who now turn their back on you... (cont)
@mitchellvii Firstly: I'm English. This means, in the normal run of things, I consider American Gun Law to be none of my business. I don't consider it for me to support or reject any proposal for what Americans should do in their own country
@mitchellvii But I am a patriot, a friend, and part of the same world-wide movement #WWG1WGA
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29 Jul 19
@BrentSpiner @MikesWife17 @Neilfan12 @HealhGlyn @JeriLRyan Ultimately whether someone enjoys a piece of media is personal and subjective. But especially with franchises there are reasonable expectations of tone, characterisation, quality of story telling and respect for established world canon. (cont)
@BrentSpiner @MikesWife17 @Neilfan12 @HealhGlyn @JeriLRyan When it comes to trek I have watched all of TOS TNG DS9 VOY Enterprise + all movies. So I must have some notion of what feels like Trek + what does not, that while personal to me will also relate to other peoples common perceptions to a degree. (cont)
@BrentSpiner @MikesWife17 @Neilfan12 @HealhGlyn @JeriLRyan Since Bad Robot has come to franchise: loved 2009 film: felt bold new take on Trek that took risks to be different + make new continuity free from past. Smart. Influence of Leonard Nimoy on production can be felt (cont)
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28 Jul 19
Terrified of #EpsteinGate, the UK press is again presenting the disgusting treatment of Lord Bramall as proof it was a "Witchhunt". The Met DID know he was innocent: BUT THE MOTIVE WAS TO DISCREDIT THE OTHER INVESTIGATIONS INTO THE REAL UK ELITE PEDO SCUM!
"The D-Day hero revealed Scotland Yard chief Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe visited him after the probe had been dropped to admit officers knew he was innocent but could not clear his name because they 'had to look like they were investigating'."
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16 Jul 19
@MaajidNawaz My thoughts:
1) Britain is about the least racist nation in Europe, studies confirm
2) We are right to be proud of that
3) We all know it was bad in the past: we have come a long way (cont)
@MaajidNawaz 4) How you feel is very understandable and I share how you feel
BUT (and there has to be a but)
5) America is NOT Britain and their situation very different to ours
6) Lawless borders have created major social pressures in America
7) An Injustice against all American citizens
@MaajidNawaz 8) President Trump was elected by the grassroots of central USA specifically to bring rule of law to the border
9) But he has faced entirely hostile Media who simply will not report fairly
10) he has counterd this by TROLLING the narrative, very effectively
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15 Jul 19
@BBCNewsnight @ShankerASingham @BBCTwo @KirstySNP I see @BBCNewsnight headed up by Marxist Maitlis is continuing to show some Anti Semites are more equal than others. @Jo_Coburn called out for the same hypocrisy earlier today. Anything to HATE @realDonaldTrump!
@BBCNewsnight @ShankerASingham @BBCTwo @KirstySNP @Jo_Coburn @realDonaldTrump HA! Maitlis chocked couldn't even finish reading one tweet when it wrecks the BBC Narrative agenda. Exposing how much BBC bigots DONT care about human lives!
@BBCNewsnight @ShankerASingham @BBCTwo @KirstySNP @Jo_Coburn @realDonaldTrump AND the SNP communist defending her American racist communist counterparts was the icing on the BBC #FakeNews cake.
This is all a trap by @POTUS of course, and he has triggered you all to fall for it.
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15 Jul 19
"Lion of London", Roy Larner, has radical POV's: that cant be denied. But he ALSO took on 3 tooled up jihadists and saved lives.
His battle cry "FU I'm Millwall" has now been reciprocated by state REFUSING him compensation on the basis "FU you wrong-think"
As someone who has always sought a balanced view and common ground, yet been brutally repressed and had by human rights abused on social media for daring to try to talk about the issues, my view is this is a terrible message that can only radicalise society MORE.
Some urgent common-sense reboot is needed at the top of British Society, where the establishment is panicked by its guilt over its own failings. But its the British Gov under Cameron+May who used these jihadists abroad for foriegn policy goals.
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