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4 Aug
Don't agree with everything in this long piece, but well worth reading. Summary: if America retreats from the Middle East, China takes its place, allied with Russia/Iran/Hezbollah
One of the reasons the rest of the West needs to step up, so USA doesn't step out
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31 Jul
Is @benjaminwittes really complaining about overly zealous government surveillance?* The same Ben Wittes who cheered on every instance of unmasking and Boom Boomed every defense of the fraudulent FISA warrants on @carterwpage? That Ben Wittes?
*If you can count reading his Twitter feed and writing up reports “survelliance” 🤦🏻‍♂️
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31 Jul
The “not my president” “faithless electors” “resistance” “disrupt the transition” “Russian Collusion” and “impeachment” crowd have opinions on respecting election results?

You guys start with 2016 and we’ll take it from there
If it’s a fair election, and Biden wins the most valid votes in enough states for 270, he wins. Same goes for Trump. How is this hard.
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30 Jul
Do only woke interns run the ACLU’s feed now?
—America is a Republic, not a Democracy
—Congress sets the date of the Presidential election via federal law 3 USC § 1, it’s not in the constitution
—Debating delaying the election due to major disaster happened in ‘04, nobody cared
“Delaying the election is a bad idea and not within the power of the President to decide”

There you go. Easy.

You don’t have to lie.
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30 Jul
More delays - DC Circuit WILL rehear Flynn case en banc with the full court...
For those asking, this ain’t good. A majority voted to rehear the case. You have to assume for now that the same majority will vote to kick the case back to Sullivan and let him carry on his clown show, maybe with a slap on the wrist which means nothing
The only guaranteed way that Flynn goes free at this point is either a blanket pardon, or Trump is re-elected, giving this enough time to play out, possibly up to SCOTUS (plus some new DC Circuit appointments when vacant wouldn’t hurt either)
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28 Jul
A Biden administration will fire every US Attorney en masse on day one, then claim Durham being fired was a by product (whoops)
The only way of “protecting” a federal prosecutor from the power of the Presidency is through the threat of Congressional action, up to impeachment if necessary

Even if R’s somehow retook House and held Senate in a Biden win(!) they wouldn’t be prepared to go that far anyway...
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28 Jul
Barr is really going to quote ACAB to the Democrats faces, I love it
“What unfolds nightly around the courthouse [in Portland] cannot reasonably be called a protest; it is, by any objective measure, an assault on the Government of the United States”
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27 Jul
AG Barr testifies to Nadler’s Judiciary Committee tomorrow. Things to watch for:

—A staged “peaceful protest”

—Attempts to discredit Barr, really designed to undermine Durham probe

—Interruptions. Lots of them

—Roger Stone conspiracy theories

—Barr eating Nadlers lunch bigly
For those asking, 10:00am DC time, watch here: judiciary.house.gov/calendar/event…
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25 Jul
The Oregon Attorney General sued DOJ claiming Oregonians were being kidnapped off the street by unmarked officers, and used a video as evidence in the complaint

The video was taken in California, not Oregon 🤡🤡🤡

The AG lost, as you’d expect
Now former National Security Advisor Susan Rice is claiming federal officers are secretly working for private security firm ZTI, because some blue tick misread a shoulder patch that says ZT1, which is a unique identifier for the officer (which she’d know if she’d listened to DHS)
Can’t stop laughing
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21 Jul
More people got shot in Chicago last weekend than the feds have arrested in Portland in 2 months
Good luck getting Lincoln’s state to secede from the Union though
Sorry Kentuckians
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21 Jul
Trump tweeting about judges is an attack on the judiciary, but rioters trying to burn a federal courthouse to the ground with people inside it isn’t

Your media everyone
Border Patrol detaining people criminally entering the US through the border =literal concentration camps

China detaining millions within the interior of the country, carrying out forced sterilization, abortions, rape, torture and assault on a religious minority =NBA sponsored
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21 Jul
1) Almost every press question here is mind numbingly stupid or malevolent

2) DHS provide factual explanation that Portland “kidnapping” was 20 min non-arrest questioning with probable cause about laser blinding attack

3) DHS also completely debunk the “unmarked” uniforms trope
Watch this yourself and then read/watch how the media covers it. Unbelievably dishonest and millions upon millions of minds are being poisoned daily over this
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21 Jul
✅ Democrats
✅ Couldn’t accept GOP President
✅ Want to end the United States
✅ Attacking federal property
✅ Think everything is about race
The only thing different here is the Confederacy succeeded in capturing Sumter and these soy boys won’t take that courthouse
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21 Jul
Has anyone else noticed that every single declassification of previously secret documentary evidence undermines, rather than supports, the Russia Collusion hoax?

In every other comparable case - e.g. Clinton, Nixon, it was the opposite. The more you knew, the worse they looked
And the people pushing the hoax (or failing to correct it) had access to a lot of this evidence in real time. There is a reason they suppressed it for nearly an entire presidential term, and “sources and methods” ain’t it - which is proven over and over with every new release
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21 Jul
Tucker’s lawyers should immediately file a motion to dismiss & or/strike the allegations about him from the lawsuit filed against Henry, Fox, Hannity & Tucker et al

Failure to state a crime & the dates events are alleged to have happened are clearly false

100% that motion wins
Also including those events in the complaint suggests bad faith calling into question the other allegations (which are more plausible but let’s see how they hold up under challenge)
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20 Jul
Masks are going to be bad again aren’t they?
CNN: Why wearing a mask is a symbol of racism
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18 Jul
Primary Sub Source interview memo confirms that the FISA relied on Steele, Steele’s Primary Sub Source, “six” of “his” sub-sources and Stefan Halper. That’s it.
Also Primary Sub Source says that in March 2016 he was “clueless” about who Paul Manafort was. Yet then went on to supposedly provide allegations Manafort was the ringleader of the Collusion conspiracy?
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9 Jul
Assuming this Berman quote attributed to AG Barr is true, it is disconcerting how Barr still misunderstands the nature of his opposition. Berman being fired doesn’t hurt his job prospects. It makes him a resistance hero in New York. He’ll be inundated with offers, book deals etc.
The rest of the Berman testimony is a nothingburger - breaking news: the AG is supposed to run the Justice Department, and that includes the SDNY
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28 Jun
Obama Bros have no moral standing whatsoever to be angry that Russia may be paying terrorists to kill Americans. These are the same guys who sent billions to Iran who not only paid terrorists, but directly organized them and supplied them with sophisticated EFP explosives
And that's assuming the story is even true.
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24 Jun
Don't laugh but at this point my working theory about @GenFlynn and the Logan Act is that the people in the Obama administration got the idea from the freaking West Wing cable TV show
An episode at the end of the series ("Transition") shows the outgoing lame duck admin in a foreign policy dispute with China and Russia. They carry out electronic surveillance of all calls with Russia and wiretap the incoming team and confront them about...

...the Logan Act!
That theory - while it sounds nuts - is actually more plausible than the other two:

a) The Obama FBI or Justice Dept. thinking they could prosecute the Logan Act against anyone, let alone an incoming National Security Advisor

b) Joe Biden even knowing what the Logan Act is
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24 Jun
Elias (an acting CoS to an Assistant Attorney General) made some serious whistleblower allegations about selective antitrust prosecutions. I’m not going to be flippant about them, but he said he’d “referred” them to the DOJ IG...okay, so did they get investigated, or not? 🤔
Rep. Collins just read into the record a letter into the record from OPR saying at least some of Elias allegations related to Cannabis subpoenas were investigated and found to be without merit
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