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Action - and inaction - speaks far louder than words
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22 Nov
I have just heard @TiceRichard claim on @LBC that there is no more pressure on hospitals than there is normally

And that PCR tests are inaccurate compared to lateral flow tests.

And that excess deaths are no different to the 5 year average
These are all lies and fundamentally wrong.

Utter unsubstantiated and dangerous nonsense.
This nonsense is PURELY for Tice’s own business interests

I am absolutely fuming that this self serving fool is allowed to spout this twaddle.

@TomSwarbrick1 - if he makes these claims without ANYTHING to back it up you should cut him off
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20 Nov
Given ALL the news on @BorisJohnson having zero morals over @pritipatel, lets not forget the main purpose of the Tories

To get money and crush the devolved Parliaments

They regularly send out begging letter & propaganda

The below is a copy and paste

Todays Tory Scrounge email.

Tomorrow I’ll be speaking to the Scottish Conservatives Virtual Conference.

I’ll be thanking the people of Scotland for their effort to tackle the virus, conveying my commitment to devolution despite the SNP’s abysmal handling of devolved powers
Most importantly, I will be urging us all to come together to defeat the virus and Build Back Better

Before I make my speech, I wanted to ask you to do something extremely important. I need you to make a donation to the Scottish Conservatives >>
Make a Donation
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19 Nov
I’m being asked by some what is the R rate of seasonal influenza?

R is a rate - it changes, like acceleration.

It is a measure of how fast something is transmitting at any one point in time

What I THINK they want to know is - how does flu compare to covid?
Well, we could look at relative mortality

@toadmeister demonstrated yesterday that Covid has 10x as many deaths as seasonal flu

Information I have seen says Covid transmits 3x more than seasonal flu

Basics are - it is not flu.

It is more dangerous and can be passed on easily
Plus, we are seeing long term effects that are beyond the lungs

We just do not know what they will be yet.

So - don't go don't the rabbit hole

Stick to facts from those who KNOW what they are talking about.

Soap, mask, distance - trust the scientists
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19 Nov
There is much talk about the fears of a vaccine currently.

But this fear was created by the likes of Andrew Wakefield and amplified by a willing "press" seeking sales rather than supplying information.

The irony is that the claims on MMR were proven false.
But the poison injected into the minds of the population carried on.

And is carrying through the generations.

Lies fanned by those without morals for a quick buck are lethal

They will destroy the very basis of society
Don't believe me?

I was told this today:

"My 10 year old just came home after getting the flu vaccine at school. He was kinda upset at the large part of his class who didn't and proceeded to tell him vaccines cause autism"
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30 Oct
I have not really said much of my thoughts of late.

Just RT'd a lot of others

But I feel I have something to say now.

These last 4 1/2 years - and the last 12 months especially - have challenged us all

Maybe- just maybe- make us see the value in community and ech other
Perhaps we needed this - to see the very worst in those we just accepted

To see the evil within our society

If so, it is a hard lesson. But one which must be learned

With luck, the good will prevail

I have seen so much good here it gives me hope.
Unity of good is our strength

Together we are stronger

It will not happen overnight - much as I might wish it may

But it can happen

So - though we may despair, hold onto that

A brighter truth awaits if we truly want it.

Hold on, fight hard - cleave to the good
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29 Oct
Latest Tory "Give us your money" email



It was one year ago today that Parliament voted in favour of a general election.
On that day, and in the weeks that followed, I asked you to support our Party so that we could get Brexit done and unleash the potential of this entire country.
And because you, and millions of people like you, placed your trust in us we won an historic majority which has already delivered on many of our promises.

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28 Oct
This is Gary (@GazzaB23611124)

Gary thinks he has a valid argument Image
Here it is Image
And another attempt from Gary Image
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26 Oct
If Brexiteers were right, they would be rubbing my face in all the good things their vote has brought.

They are not - they are seeking to blame the likes of me - a remainer - for all the shit that is coming.

To drag me into the "at fault" club.
THAT is an admission of failure - to try and "share the blame"

Classic spread the shit around.

Far easier than accepting responsibility for their actions

And guess what - just like witht he Tories and the coronavirus
I would have FAR more respect for you if you just admitted it

You did not know, you cast your vote on ignorance.

NOT stupidity.

But no, come and blame me.

Because that is what those who promised sunlit uplands WANT you to do.

Champion them EVEN though you KNOW they lied
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16 Oct
Another begging email from the @Conservatives to non Tories...

A thread.


Most Conservatives don’t even know we have our very own lottery.

But members and supporters like you have been winning cash prizes every week for over a decade.
And their entries have been crucial in funding every campaign and election in that time. Raising more than £10 million for the Party.

Start playing now for just £1 a week >>
Win up to £5,000
Play Now
As one of the most powerful fundraising activities in Conservative history, there isn’t a better way to support our Party.

Entries go directly to helping us secure our new MPs, defend the Union from the SNP, fight next year’s double set of local elections and hold back Labour.
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3 Oct
I am in a bad mood tonight

Annoyed that Trump gets so much sympathy for being an arse and contracting Covid - when he pretty much did everything to do so.

Annoyed that banks and loan agencies continue to profit as small business goes to the wall
Annoyed that Sunak intends getting rid of £20 extra to the poorest in society in April.

Annoyed that Therese Coffee sees no legal obligation to the poorest for the DWP

Annoyed that @BorisJohnson blames EVERY ONE OF US for his failings

And annoyed at us
For tolerating this BS

For being too worried to challenge the shit.

It is in our hands - we can make a change.

But we don't - for fear and fear alone.

A handful of scum have neutered a nation

They steal our contribution for themselves and spit on us
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25 Sep
On the 21st October 1996 a massive disater occured

Above the Welsh village of Aberfan, near Merthyr Tydfil, and overlaid a natural spring. a period of heavy rain led to a build-up of water within a tip which caused it to suddenly slide downhill as a slurry.
It killed 116 children and 28 adults as it engulfed Pantglas Junior School and other buildings.

The tip was the responsibility of the National Coal Board (NCB), and the subsequent inquiry placed the blame for the disaster on the organisation and nine named employees.
This was the start of the career of John Humphrys - as he was there to catalogue it

It was a humanitarian disaster.

And a warning

If we let standards slip, this is what awaits us.

Do NOT let this happen again
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25 Sep
In case you cannot see the article that @TiceRichard was talking about earlier, here it is Image
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17 Sep
The actions of this government, and @MattHancock in particular on the NHS are clear to see

Blaming the NHS on testing failures is ridiculous - flu jabs & baby immunisations are done without a hitch and have been for years
Think of Warfarin clinics - day in, day out blood testing without a hitch (things are bad if you have to wait an hour)

Had testing been given to the NHS then it there would never have been an issue.

Labelling private industries with NHS logo negatively impacts the NHS.
It would be useful to see a comparison of investment into true NHS services,

Against handouts to these private firms.

In the first instance, the NHS has structures in community and primary care for routine monitoring, immunisations etc

Let alone the expertise.
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6 Sep
It was Britain's wartime leader Sir Winston Churchill who first publicly suggested the creation of "a Council of Europe" in a BBC radio broadcast on 21 March 1943

The Council of Europe was founded on 5 May 1949 by the Treaty of London.

We are one of the founding members.
This is NOT the EU.

The Council of Europe is an official United Nations Observer.

It looks after the The European Court and the Convention of Human Rights

It often warns against states like Russia and Turkey interfering with and limiting the press

It issued a media alert of the UK government for the blacklisting of investigative journalists.…
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2 Sep
I have been quiet recently, for many reasons.

But I am annoyed.

Annoyed that the New British Fascists protest in Trafalgar Square and no one gets arrested

Annoyed that 64 people get arrested in London for protesting FOR action on climate change.
I am annoyed that Johnson abandons the nation to pretend to be on holiday

And shows up at PMQ's utterly vacuous

Annoyed that Smack Wetsockfails to answer ANY question by @justinmadders

Annoyed at the utter stupidity of the British people
I am FURIOUS at the danger the government has put all in over the handling of schools

Anyone who has followed me knows I believe in peace.

But I am really struggling to maintain that position now.

I STILL believe that non violence and proper judiciary is essential
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19 Aug
Get to know this word.

It is going to get REALLY important REALLY fast. Image
In 2009, EU Regulation (CE) n°1072/2009 was introduced.

Its aims?:

Genuine single market in all goods and services across the EU and reduce in the percentage of “empty running” by vehicles on EU roads, reducing the costs of transport, reduce total vehicle journeys and pollution
The legislation scrapped the requirement for drivers to return to their home countries with an unladen vehicle.

All drivers/vehicles can now do up to three ‘cabotages’ in a period of seven days after their initial international delivery.
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19 Aug
I posted yesterday about the 1828 group's "NeoLiberal Manifesto" with the Adam Smith Institute.

Written by it's founders - Jack Powell and Matt Gillow - it is, in reality, the real Tory manifesto and will have been cobbled together by the ERG, ASI, IEA & TPA
Because the 1828 is really a media mouthpiece of them, designed to amplify the right wing agenda.…
This is their site, and list of supporters and contributors…
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18 Aug
Last year, I got very agitated about the Tory manifesto - page 48 especially.

But this document from the Adam Smith Institution and the 1828 group are in effect the real Tory Manifesto

And we should all be worried.…
It is not a quick read, but please DO read it.

John Penrose - Dido Harding's husband and a Tory MP - is on the advisory committee of the 1828 group.

Both support the dismantling of the NHS and an insurance based replacement.
So her "appointment" has clear conflict of interest issues.

Ironic, as John Penrose is also the government's anti corruption champion.

The Adam Smith Institute is only one of many shady right wing groups driving these agendas.
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15 Aug
The exam results fiasco

Remember this? Image
Yes, he really said that - and thinks it

And enabled it with Gove…
This is what happens when we allow entitled gobshites to have free reign over things they know nothing about.

They did not care about the elderly in care homes.

They do not care about those finishing school now.

This is madness.
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10 Aug
There has been much in the news about a reduction in premature births during the pandemic,

Less pollution, less stress on the mother etc.

All promising - all suggesting the world should change
But it is not all rosy.

Still births are up - sharply up.

And I have seen little or nothing on this

Certainly not from the government

Is this an effect of the virus? Appears to be unknown currently…
So, whilst the government is patting itself on the back for a reduction in premature births

Which it likely had no hand in,

Should it not be equally vocal on the potential risk increase in still births?

Especially if we rush to get primary school children back to school.
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