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7 Jan 20
So, think "Kink" is just another type of entertainment? Really? Having worked w/ sexual predators, I can assure you, they don't. They benefit from that myth, as it makes their hunting all the easier. People overlook the dark spiritual realitiy in play.…
Some are intent upon pushing the idea of "Kink" as just another harmless preference. That's how darkness is always spun by porn-fueled deviant men, who've become psychopathic predators. They use the greatest trick used by cults: Smile & simply say, "It's not what it looks like."
Whether it's called "entertainment", "kink", "Furries" or "playing dress-up" in women's underwear & cross dressing, it's important for people to understand that men "into" such things will inevitably be "into" yrs worth of porn, which has turned them deviant, likely predatorial
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1 Dec 19
Think MAPs/Pedophiles aren't all about their agenda? Really?
Those pushing the man-made myths of "Non-offending" or "Virtuous" Pedophiles or MAPs ("Minor Attracted men who lust after kids as a result consuming online child porn via VPNs), count on the people missing the meaning of what they actually mean by what they say to each other.
If you think those pushing the 'P' to be added as a Sexual Orientation, those pushing the psychological fabrication of MAPs and "Virtuous" or "Non-offending" Pedophile aren't intent upon moving the ball forward, it is time to awaken. They are just gearing up.
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3 Nov 19
This is a deceptive narrative, pushed by a man who has a financial interest in having porn-saturated deviant men diverted to his treatment program. The noted differences w/in Pedophile brains are more reliably understood as the result of extensive porn use…
Cantor is deceptive, as he conveniently avoids the reality that porn changes the brain, and even shrinks it, and changes neuropathways and structure. Also, violating conscience changes brain function, which is also seen in pedophiles. He's purposely creating a false narrative.
Why would James Cantor be so dedicated in pushing a false narrative, when he has no ability to discern the amount of porn use by the men he's has studied? Some Key reasons: He will benefit financially when predators are diverted to his treatment program, & it fits his agenda.
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27 Sep 19
Welcome to “Minor Attracted men”, the pedophiles we are being told that we need to trust are “non-offending”, who we are assured don’t ever look at child porn online behind closed doors via VPNs. They assure us this guy would never be influenced because of porn. Really?
How many men will they now have to start releasing from prison, currently doing time for this exact thing? These are type of men being called "Non-offending Pedophiles" & "Minor Attracted Men", who just happened to be born with a lust for kids. They tell us porn isn't involved?
If this isn't a sexual offense or grooming, then we will now have to change the Prison Sex Offender Treatment curriculum, as this is described as grooming, sexual exploitation, and illegal contact with minors. So, which it is? Is this grooming or not? Sex Offenders want to know.
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19 Aug 19
Sophisticated Predators are Maters of Deception and Spin, all the while "putting it right out there." The ultimate goal? Removing all Age of Consent, re-frame porn-fueled deviance as "fetishes" or "just harmless fun", all the while perfecting grooming methods. Notice anything?
Some would say, "Hold on... now you're confusing adult diapers with Predatory play toys & grooming tools!" Really? Well, you tell me why, which at first-glance does look medical, has an "Events" page, listing all of the following unique "activities"...
So, Nothing to see here, right? Just a coincidence that these are two activities on the same page for the same audience?
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16 Aug 19
Parents, let's pretend a group of very sophisticated child sexual predators (the kinds I used to have in my prison sex offender groups) wanted to convince parents to "entrust" their kids into the eager arms of Predators? What do you think they might come up with? Any ideas?
Parents, let's pretend a group of very sophisticated child sexual predators (the kinds I used to have in my prison sex offender groups) wanted to convince parents to "entrust" their kids into the eager arms of Predators? What do you think they might come up with? Any ideas?
Parents, let's pretend a group of very sophisticated child sexual predators (the kinds I used to have in my prison sex offender groups) wanted to convince parents to "entrust" their kids into the eager arms of Predators? What do you think they might come up with? Any ideas?
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2 Aug 19
So, what's the ultimate Game Plan underlying all this focus on gender fluidity, Trans, Drag Queen, library reading, Mentoring gender confused kids, etc? It always has been about Predators gaining unfettered access to kids. via @BreitbartNews
@BreitbartNews Welcome to "the dirty little secret" of the Trans Activists, the men in Drag who want to access kids, and those who want access to "gender confused kids." 11+ yrs conducting Sex Offender Treatment to approx 4000 Predators revealed this to be the case. It's always been the goal
@BreitbartNews Doubt that the goal underlying the Trans movement, men in Drag accessing kids, those pushing for sex changes for kids, the gender fluidity ruse, etc. is all about pedophiles being able to access other peoples' kids? Ask them to push for these men to be prosecuted. They never will
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23 Jul 19
@roostersghost @jamethiel @ForwomenScot @AthenaNike4 @MichaelConroy68 @lecanardnoir @FondOfBeetles @will_malone @Goldylions @HJJoyceEcon @rickygervais @BlanchardPhD @ZUCKERKJ @Glinner @HarryTheOwl @BenjaminABoyce @jackappleby @WeAreFairCop @MLaidlawMD @jensenrobertw @SamBarber1910 These findings mirror what I found in the PA Dept. of Corrections. And, the levels of deviance w/in the Drag community is reflective of what they view in terms of porn. 100% of sexual offenders accessed porn on an increasing basis prior to arrest. ttps://
@roostersghost @jamethiel @ForwomenScot @AthenaNike4 @MichaelConroy68 @lecanardnoir @FondOfBeetles @will_malone @Goldylions @HJJoyceEcon @rickygervais @BlanchardPhD @ZUCKERKJ @Glinner @HarryTheOwl @BenjaminABoyce @jackappleby @WeAreFairCop @MLaidlawMD @jensenrobertw @SamBarber1910 Of course, Predator apologists will attempt to assert that not all porn users and men in Drag commit offenses. The reality is that 100% of users of child porn will deny up until arrest. 99% will deny ever looking at the thousands of images inevitably found on the computers.
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16 Jul 19
Pedophiles have perfected the art of hiding their identities. Draq Queens & Furries are perfect for that.… via @AV_Newswire
Predators are using what appears to be "harmless fun" to access and groom kids. Doubt that" Just do an internet search of pedophiles arrests, child porn, and furries. You'll be shocked. I had never heard of their usefulness in accessing (both in person & online) until doing group
Perpetrators have an advantage over parents, as they know we don't know how they think, would never think as they think, so they use that to their advantage. Then, when someone begins to suspect the truth about them, they can claim they never would do anything like that.
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13 Jul 19
This young man deserves the highest award possible. For those in communication w/ the President, please let him know of this true Patriot.…
Though he was already granted the Medal of Honor, I believe he should receive the Congressional Medal of Honor.
So, as we discuss the issue of men reading to kids in the library, this is the kind of man we need reading to kids. It is time to start the "Life of Service & Sacrifice Library Hour." Time to raise the bar from deviant men to men of character, who can serve as example to kids.
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12 Jul 19
Simply put, some very highly placed Sophisticated Predators are in positions of influences within this church. This church is likely being used for trafficking!… via @BigLeaguePol
Very sophisticated predators specifically gain access to kids by obtaining positions of influence w/in that church from which to groom kids. Most are involved in sex trafficking of kids. 100% are deeply involved in child porn.…
Rarely, do sophisticated child predators work alone, Though it can be surprising, just as with NXVIM, women are often involved in the recruitment process.… via @nypost
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10 Jul 19
If you think the Issue of porn-influenced men who play dress-up and access other peoples' kids is not a key strategy in the Predators' Game Plan, think again. The door of the Trojan Horse has opened, and it's all out war. Doubt that? Then, why is ti that I can't open this email? has seen the Predator Game Plan, and is shining a light into the darkened reality behind the Drag Queen Reading Hour, unmasking the realities of porn-fueled deviant men who play dress-up, then demand access to other peoples' kids. That's why she's a target
This is what can be expected when one dares speak out about the deviant porn-influenced men, who dress in women's clothes, and demand to be able to have "personal time" with other peoples' kids. They'll implement a scorched earth policy. Why? To keep the truth from being revealed
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7 Jul 19
If interviewed a day prior to arrest, these two would have denied using any child porn. If he had dressed up in drag, what would have prevented him from reading to kids at the library? via @kfor
Some might recoil at raising the issue of Drag Queen Reading Hour at libraries in connection with such a story, I understand. But, having spend 11+ yrs providing forensic sex offender treatment to incarcerated predators (approx 4000 during that time frame), it's important.
Some will no doubt protest my raising concerns over men playing dress-up & reading to kids in libraries, and doing so in connection to a heinous chid rapist. That would simply be due to ignorance re. the nature of the sophisticated predator, or a desire to suppress dark realities
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4 Jul 19
What's a Red Flag that you've captured the attention of a man who is likely a very sophisticated Predator? #8. Normal adults will readily acknowledge that deviant displays of sexuality increase the likelihood of child assault. Predators will say, "It's not what it looks like."
What's a Red Flag that you've captured the attention of a man who is likely a very sophisticated Predator? #9. Normal adults want to know how better to protect kids from Predators & will direct their sympathies toward the victims. Predators will portray deviant men as the victims
What's a Red Flag that you've captured the attention of a man who is likely a very sophisticated Predator? #10. Normal adults want to know what was learned from closely studying and listening to 4000 sexual predators over 11+ yrs. Predators will assert such findings are nothing.
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4 Jul 19
What is one of first tell tale signs of a man who is legitimate vs. a likely sophisticated predator? Normal adults want to learn more about predators to protect kids, & are especially interested in learning more from a professional who knows. Frauds will act in the opposite way
What's a Red Flag that you've captured the attention of a man who is likely a very sophisticated Predator? #5. Normal adults want to learn about the minds, motives, & methods of Predators, and what drives them to hunt. A fraud will seem unusually intense about debating that info.
What's a Red Flag that you've captured the attention of a man who is likely a very sophisticated Predator? #6. Normal adults will readily acknowledge that "bird of a feather flock together" & "garbage in, garbage out." Likely predators will try to assert porn isn't involved.
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4 Jul 19
Men aren't born "Attracted" to children. The cause? Sexual deviance. That's why, in 2019, it seems like there are so many. Not because of better reporting laws, or that there've always been these numbers. It's because men are accessing porn, at faster rate, making them darker.
An other-wise well-adjusted adult doesn't lust after kids because they are "Attracted", they're hardwired differently, because of past abuse or mental health "issues". Though flawed researcher has supported these ideas, the reality is that it is ALWAYS the result of porn use.
How can it be said that otherwise well-adjusted men, who lust after kids, do so because they've saturated their minds in tons of progressively darkening porn, leading into "barely legal", then into dark & deviant stuff, then into to child porn? 11+ yrs of sex offender treatment.
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28 Jun 19
“He slowly added on other requests, like building a secret door and adding hooks to the wall,” Wolf told Fox News, adding that the ultimately turned down the job offer because he was "weirded out" by the requests. #FoxNews
He appears to have set up a profile on a website where aspiring models seek jobs.
“I am tall, buffed, Funny. I am a victim, Romantic, Violent and character actor,” the profile reads. The page contains several images of himself posing shirtless." So, wonder what "inspired" him?
"Lueck, 23, disappeared after meeting an unknown individual around 3 a.m. on June 17 near a park in Salt Lake City after being dropped off by a Lyft driver, according to police." Do I know what motivated this heinous animal, this Predator? Yep. I spent yrs studying such Predators
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28 Jun 19
The more I see about Drag Queen Library Reading Hour, the more I can see why certain supportive City Counsel members and other political officials are inclined to suggest that such activities are in the best interest of our kids, and are truly enriching.
Well, the more we discover about the unique things happening at Drag Queen Reading Hour at our libraries, it kind of helps clarify what this is really all about. Even the most ardent supporter is hard pressed to try to say that it's not what it looks like.
So, we're being told that we must be "understanding". Well, having spent 11+ yrs conducting forensic sex offender treatment to incarcerated Predators (4000 over that span of time), I would say I've got a pretty good understanding of how much child porn these guys secretly consume
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27 Jun 19
The darkness w/in Sophisticated Predators cannot be overstated, nor can their ability to emotionally manipulate those they select to manipulate & groom. #FoxNews
The degree of skill w/ which a Sophisticated Predator can identify, target, groom, then manipulate, use, abuse, and exploit a vulnerable adult or child is often under estimated. They have the characteristics of cult leaders, & are well-schooled in the dynamics of manipulation.
So, what makes a sexual predator? It starts w/ unbridled ego, then achieving a calcified conscience, and a constant and unrelenting diet of of progressively darkening porn, which transitions into malevolence (for child Predators, it transitions to child porn). That's how it works
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27 Jun 19
If you really think this mother is surprised, then you have been fooled. No, this mother who has overseen the extreme sexualization & grooming of her son is likely now doing damage control.… via @gaystarnews
“I am a sexy kid with sexy feelings. It’s totally cool for grown-ups to get turned on by me. I love it. That’s why I do this stuff. It’s great, it’s fun, it’s me”. The only thing shocking about this statement by a Pedophile, is that the mother pretends to be shocked by it.
"We are getting far more than just a celebration of gender diversity or an innocent display of precocious performance talent. So why all the denial? Why the coy insistence that kids’ drag performance has nothing to do with their sexuality?" This is at least an upfront Pedophile.
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25 Jun 19
An important thing to understand re. Sophisticated Predators is they've learned the best methods of emotional & psychological manipulation. You'll see these expertly employed by cult leaders, as they are used to psychologically deter scrutiny, defy boundaries, & silence concerns.
One of the most effective methods employed by Sophisticated Manipulators to silence "critics" (people who start to awaken to the Predator's Game Plan & ask penetrating questions) is the use of "The Big Lie." They know that people will tend to back off if someone seems intense.
As Sophisticated Manipulators & Predators know how to leverage the power of impression management (that is why they makes such excellent politicians or actors), they use that to mask what they are actually doing, what they are all about. That's how they gains people's trust.
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