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19 Nov
John Lolos will be in court today at 2 p.m. for his sentencing. DOJ is asking for a month behind bars.
Plugged in a little late and Lolos is fired up, wants to make sure his crime is in "context." Denies there was any violence against police. "Everyone was respecting each other," he says.
Lolos is ranting about receiving multiple ballots and some guy at the airport using homophobic slurs. Says he and the guy drew a crowd because they were "being loud" talking about the riot. Also says "half the plane" was yelling "Trump 2020!" when he was pulled off.
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19 Nov
At 10 a.m. Texas 3%er Guy Reffitt will be back in court for a motion hearing. He tried and failed last month to get a change of venue. Now he's one of the many #CapitolRiot defendants trying to get the felony obstruction charge against him thrown out.
I don't know that we will get a ruling on that question today, but earlier this week, defense attorneys in a different January 6 case said they believed the judges hearing those challenges were getting close.
Judge Friedrich has arrived and announces she has lost her voice and, indeed, she is very croaky.
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18 Nov
Back in Judge Nichols' virtual courtroom, where David Mish, of Wisconsin, is being sentenced. Mish pleaded guilty in August to one misdemeanor count of parading. The DOJ is asking for 30 days in jail. #CapitolRiot
"Mr. Mish's conduct inside the Capitol falls on the less egregious side of the spectrum," the DOJ says. No evidence he participated in violence or destruction.
"Most mitigating factor is his level of participation with law enforcement," DOJ says. He contacted DC Police to say he had witnessed the shooting of Ashli Babbitt. Told the FBI in an interview he heard her telling police to "just open the door. They're not going to stop."
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18 Nov
Plea hearing now for Jason Riddle, of New Hampshire. Riddle bragged in an interview that he entered the Capitol on 1/6 and “poured a glass of wine and watched it all unfold," He's accused of stealing the Senate Parliamentarian's rule book and selling it on Ebay. #CapitolRiot
Riddle admitted in an interview w/ the FBI to stealing the wine and book (which he sold on Ebay for $40). More interesting for prosecutors, I suspect, is that he also said he saw the Oath Keepers' "stack" moving through the Capitol "with a sense of urgency." #CapitolRiot
There's a hang up in the hearing. Apparently the version of the plea agreement Riddle signed was not the latest version. They're looking at reconvening later in the day after Riddle and his attorney have a chance to review the correct version.
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18 Nov
Steve Bannon in (virtual) court now. DOJ says evidence in the case amounts to about 200 documents, mostly Bannon's own correspondence w/ the @January6thCmte .

"In our view this is a very straightforward case about whether or not the defendant showed up."…
Bannon's attorney, Evan Corcoran, says they want to make sure any documents in the case are available on the public record.
Corcoran suggests they intend to attack the legitimacy of the @January6thCmte. Pushes back on the government's assertion that it's a "straightforward case."
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17 Nov
The extremist groups I follow on Telegram as part of my #CapitolRiot coverage are *keenly* interested in the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict. Here's the Proud Boys today threatening journalists who do basic post-trial reporting. Image
Reporting is not doxxing, and it's perfectly common for jurors to willingly speak after trials. Even high-profile ones.
Reporting is not leaking. And public access to trials, including information about jurors, is a well-established principle of American jurisprudence going back to before the colonies. SCOTUS has repeatedly upheld this right.
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17 Nov
Today at 10 a.m. Jacob Chansley, the "QAnon Shaman," will be sentenced. The DOJ wants him to serve the longest sentence yet: 51 months. My live coverage of the hearing will pick up here when it starts.… #CapitolRiot @wusa9 @EricFlackTV
After his plea hearing in September, I asked Jacob Chansley's lawyer, Albert Watkins, how he was drawn into QAnon. Here was his answer:
Watkins is asking U.S. District Joyce Royce Lamberth to grant Jacob Chansley a significant downward departure from the sentencing guidelines of 41-51 months. He says Chansley has lived for 15 years with a serious untreated mental illness.
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16 Nov
In non-CapRiot news, the owner of a GA cosmetology school has pleaded guilty to defrauding the VA out of ~$3.5M in post-9/11 GI Bill benefits.

Per plea: When vets worried they'd get caught, she said "they don't have time" to check on these things. Docs:…
"VA is going to pay me and they're going to pay you too," the owners of the school told veterans — promising them access to money from the post-9/11 GI Bill without having to spend it on school.
Charge is conspiracy to commit wire fraud – maximum sentence 20 years in prison and maximum fine of up to $250,000 OR twice the gross gain (which, in this case, would be into the millions).

Offense level is 20, so estimated sentencing guideline of 33-41 months in prison.
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16 Nov
Happening now: Sentencing for John Wilkerson, of Maryland, before Judge Christopher Cooper. Wilkerson pleaded guilty in August to one misdemeanor count of parading. #CapitolRiot @wusa9
It sounds like we're listening to the hearing through a landline phone inside a bucket of water, so... bear with me.
The DOJ is asking for Wilkerson to serve 60 days home detention as part of a 3-year term of probation, plus 60 hours community service. They point to messages about wanting to burn this "evil machine" to the ground & hoping the military would pick up where rioters left off.
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16 Nov
Uh, it appears that Brad Geyer and Jonathon Moseley, attorneys for #CapitolRiot Oath Keepers defendants Kelly Meggs and Kenneth Harrelson, have responded to a judge's denial of their request to file a 130-page brief by filing... 677 pages of documents.
Brad Geyer here regurgitates a popular anti-vax "fact" you might find on Facebook, but it's not true. Of the 312 million Pfizer vaccine doses that have been distributed in the U.S., ~257 million have been administered – leaving ~55 million doses available currently.
Again, false. Blatantly false. See above.
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16 Nov
We're waiting on a motion hearing to start for Daniel Rodriguez, the California man accused of electroshocking Officer Mike Fanone while other rioters were beating him on January 6. Judge Amy B. Jackson's courtroom.…
Rodriguez is trying to get his confession withdrawn. @ryanjreilly did great reporting on all the background here:…
Sounds like we're finally getting started.
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15 Nov
Stephen Bannon, now facing 2 counts of contempt of Congress, has hired former Trump impeachment attorney David Schoen and former AUSA Evan Corcoran to defend him. Corcoran is one of the Silverman Thompson attorneys representing Capitol Police Officer Angelo Riley. #CapitolRiot
Bannon is expected to appear in court today at 1:30 p.m. before U.S. Magistrate Judge Robin Meriweather.
There are at least four other cases on the magistrate judge's docket today. No way to know whether they'll want to knock Bannon's initial appearance out first or put him last. Either way, hearings should start in 5 minutes or so.
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15 Nov
Tim "Baked Alaska" Gionet – currently facing federal charges for entering the Capitol on January 6 and convicted earlier this month in AZ of assault – just posted this photo of himself next to white nationalist Nick Fuentes at last week's anti-vaccine rally in NYC. #CapitolRiot
Last month the federal probation office in AZ recommended Gionet's pretrial release be revoked because he had apparently moved to Florida without informing them. Gionet's attorney (successfully) argued he'd simply traveled to FL and purchased a house, but hadn't move there yet.
Baked Alaska's live stream from inside the U.S. Capitol Building on January 6 has helped the FBI identify, at the very least, dozens of other defendants, including five members of a Texas family who were all subsequently charged.…
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4 Nov
Up next, a sentencing hearing starts now for Jonathan Ace Sanders before Judge Carl Nichols. Class "B" misdemeanor. The government is asking for 2 months of home detention as part of a 3-year period of probation. Also 60 hours of community service. #CapitolRiot @wusa9
DOJ says Jonathan Ace Sanders witnessed people smashing in windows, tear gas and flash bangs going off and a "chain of Oath Keepers snaking in through the doors."

"Despite all this, the defendant chose to enter the Rotunda doors propped open by a rioter."
DOJ also notes Sanders is a 20-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force, during which time he earned, among other distinctions, a Purple Heart. That service should be respected, they say.
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4 Nov
Jenna Ryan's sentencing hearing starts at 10 a.m. before Judge Christopher Cooper. The DOJ says she should serve 60 days in jail. Her attorney is asking for probation. My live-tweet of the hearing will start here. #CapitolRiot @wusa9
Of special note: This is the first January 6 sentencing hearing since Chief Judge Howell laid out her (high) standards for sending misdemeanor #CapitolRiot defendants to jail last week. Well see how Judge Cooper may factor that in.…
Jenna Ryan has arrived at court for her sentencing.
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3 Nov
People want, and can now have, information sources that conform to and reinforce their world views. All reverting to this imaginary model of journalism old schoolers swear once existed would do is perpetuate historical blind spots while not winning a single reader back.
Case in point: The volcanic rage of Fox News viewers after they (accurately!) called Arizona for Joe Biden.
I think we should report facts! I think we should rigorously fact-check them! But more facts aren't going to win back readers who simply reject information they disagree with. People lined up yesterday to see JFK come back to life! What facts haven't we given them?
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3 Nov
Switching over to a hearing before Judge Lamberth about the ongoing medical situation w/ Proud Boy Christopher Worrell in the DC Jail. The latest on that:…
Judge Lamberth now talking about the US Marshals' inspection of the DC Jail. He says the Marshals did not find that conditions in CTF (where #CapitolRiot defendants are being held) are not egregious, just that they're not as egregious as the main jail.…
Lamberth says (as reported by @hsu_spencer), that Marshals overheard corrections officers telling inmates not to "snitch" to inspectors.…
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2 Nov
"... conditions at the CTF 'were observed to be largely appropriate and consistent with federal prisoner detention standards,' and that the problems were primarily in the main jail."

For those following #CapitolRiot cases, January 6 defendants are being held at the CTF.
Still, very serious issues found at the main D.C. Jail, including food and water being withheld as a form of punishment, per @hsu_spencer and @dugganwapo.…
Ironically, the surprise inspection of the D.C. Jail instigated by complaints of unequal treatment from #CapitolRiot defendants appears to show they're actually being held in much better conditions than the general population at the main facility.…
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1 Nov
As expected, Proud Boy Christopher Worrell's attorney, Alex Stavrou, has filed a motion asking for bond review. Stavrou claims D.C. Jail has been delaying "necessary and lifesaving medical attention. But, the docs he filed show Worrell has pushed back appointments. #CapitolRiot ImageImage
Last month, a federal judge held two D.C. Department of Corrections officials in contempt over their failure to turn over medical notes to him about a surgery for a broken pinky finger. Worrell claimed the surgery was necessary because of the jail's delay.…
Last week, the DOJ filed its own batch of records, including an interview with Christopher Worrell's doctor in which he said Worrell had "invented" statements from him and had demanded the surgery against his advice.…
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29 Oct
We'll be back in Chief Judge Beryl Howell's (virtual) courtroom shortly for the sentencing of Eric Torrens, another Class "B" misdemeanor case. Based on her sentence just now for Leonard Gruppo, and yesterday for Torrens' co-defendant Jack Griffith, probation only seems likely.
ICYMI: Yesterday Chief Judge Howell laid into the DOJ over their "muddled" and "schizophrenic" approach to sentencing in #CapitolRiot cases. She said she felt her hands were tied by their recommendations that other misdemeanor defendants get probation.…
The conversation between Chief Judge Howell and the DOJ about sentencing continues. Howell says it's incumbent upon the government to explain their sentencing thought process.
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29 Oct
Starting off today at 10 a.m. there's a sentencing hearing for Ret. Army Lt. Col. Leonard Gruppo, who claimed in a memo last week he was "misled" by former President Trump.… #CapitolRiot @wusa9 @EricFlackTV
Leonard Gruppo will be sentenced by Chief Judge Beryl Howell, who had quite a bit to say about the DOJ's approach to January 6 cases during another sentencing yesterday, so this is one to watch.… #CapitolRiot @wusa9 @EricFlackTV
Gruppo pleaded guilty in August to one count of parading -- the same misdemeanor count as Jack Griffith. Judge Howell said yesterday she felt the DOJ's previous requests for only probation for the same charge "tied" her hands. She gave Griffith 3 years of probation.
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