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15 Feb
You do understand there is a whole genre of American music *called JAZZ * where the saxophone is featured prominently, right?
Perhaps you have heard of Charlie "Bird" Parker?
Probably another 100 songs from 50's Rock & Roll that are considered cornerstone songs that feature the sax prominently
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15 Feb
Season Four of Decarceration Nation so far....

Episode 91 #COVID19 in prison featuring @WesternBruce and @ewang422

#cjreform #podcast…
Episode 92 Food in Prison featuring @MikaWeinstein and Leslie Soble of @ImpactJustice

#cjreform #podcast…
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14 Feb
138 Human Beings have died from #COVID19 in Michigan's prisons

* One of the highest prison death rates in the country
* Over 3X the death rate in the general population

#VaccinateNow #LetMIPeopleGO
For those who don't know, Michigan is vaccinating people in prison over 65 currently, about 4k have been vaccinated.

But according to the CDC, everyone in prison is at high-risk and should be prioritized
People in prison cannot self-isolate, cannot socially distance, and cannot look over their own health care is a very strong article making the moral and substantive case for vaccinations in New York…
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13 Feb
Look back, I said - since the beginning - people should steer far clear of the Lincoln Project, that it was a grift and that it would most likely be used to elect moderate GOP in the future
Now, I did not predict this awfulness.....but, I knew they were not actually allies
But a lot of people got mad at me for saying they weren't actually allies.
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12 Feb
There were two recent protests by incarcerated people that we should be paying attention to

1. The people at St Louis City Justice Center protesting COVID protocols

2. The Moose Lake Hunger Strike around the "forever punishment" of Civil Commitment…
In case you are less familiar with the second, these are people who served their sentence and are being held - in many cases forever, beyond their actual sentence based on questionable scientific claims of dangerousness Image
Yes, I get that folks in this situation are unpopular.....

But, we are holding people for DECADES who already served their sentences based on the legal fiction that it is treatment and not punishment

Think about the implications of the government having this power
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7 Feb
Folks, when people who are incarcerated organize and demonstrate, it is almost always because conditions are so bad they have been left with no other option

I am not sure why the press always demonizes them, read history, most so-called "riots" are for legitimate greivances
Also, some timetake a gander at how impossible it is to get a court to recognize a cruel and unusual punishment case is pretty much impossible.

Also, prisons are black boxes....a lot of bad things happen in the dark w/o accountability
If you haven't read, for instance, "Blood in the Water" by @hthompsn, you probably should...especially if your natural inclination was to assume it was unwarranted
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7 Feb
Here is the problem with the new NY plan for vaccinating people in prisons

1) EVERYONE IN PRISON is high risk - not just people over 65 (see CDC)

2) It was forced by a lawsuit

Regardless, it is a good start, but EVERYONE in prison is at high risk and should be prioritized
People will ask, "why should people in prison be prioritized?"

That is easy, people in prison are not able to look after their own health care or socially distance, are 7X more likely to catch COVID and 3X more likely to die from it...nobody was sentenced to die from #COVID19
Prison is also permeable and we are not sure vaccinations prevent transmissions....if people inside have #COVID19, correctional staff bring #COVID19 IN and OUT....the best hope is ensuring people are vaccinated
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5 Feb
There were a lot of human beings who had been in prison since the 1980's - who were passed over in 2010 - most of them black and brown, because of the crack v cocaine disparity

A lot of them are home now, and a lot of that is b/c @VanJones68 worked with the Trump White House
If @VanJones68 had not done what he did, if he was not willing to work across the exactly were those people (over 14k) coming home?

Being ideologically pure is great in theory, but I will stick with working to bring people home
It is really easy to take shots (@ananavarro) but what was the people on The View's plan to bring people home from prison during the Trump years? How could that have happened without alliances inside the White House exactly?
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5 Feb
Happy #InternationalClashDay

For those who don't know, The Clash have always been my touchstone, and were where I started my deep-dive into "alternative" musics back in my first year of high school
I had dabbled a little prior to that, but in around 1982 I was asked to play drums with a band and after our first practice they handed me the S/T album to practice with and it changed everything for me
Next thing you know I was listening to punk and hip-hop in equal, going to shows, playing in bands....making new friends from all over the of the best periods of discovery in my life
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1 Jan
Yesterday, when I was talking about 2020 accomplishments, I forgot to mention the 19 interviews I produced on the Decarceration Nation Podcast @DNationPod

Was so great to talk to so many amazing and accomplished guests in 2020
The year started with an interview with my friend Val, who returned from over 40 years of incarceration last year...We talked about everything from his service in Vietnam to getting to vote for the first time…
Next I talked to a legendary activist, Lisa Fithian about her new book "Shut It Down"

Who knew, just a few months later, protests would break out across the entire country…
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31 Dec 20

@JoeBiden MUST end the use of the Federal Death Penalty....It was LITERALLY part of HIS #cjreform plan during the was also LITERALLY part of the @KamalaHarris #cjreform plan

These were the promises they made, not some wild demand from outsiders
Don't believe me?

This is from the @JoeBiden campaign promises web page Image
Don't believe me?

This is from the @KamalaHarris #cjreform promises from her Medium page… Image
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31 Dec 20
Okay in 2020 Michigan:

* Passed the largest expansion of expungement ever (arguably ever in the United States)
* Passed all 20 pieces of legislation from the recommendations of the Task Force on Jails and Pretrial Incarceration
* Occupational Licensing reform
* SNAP reform
There was more, but it is actually possible that MILLIONS of people will be benefited by these changes and it all happened in a state with GOP control of the legislature and a DEM Governor

EVERY legislator and our Governor deserve a lot of credit for working together #mileg
Obviously, there is still a LOT of work left to do and we are dealing with a full-on COVID crisis in our prisons and jails.

117 people have died from COVID in Michigan prisons as of last night

We need the vaccine in our prisons and commutations for people at high-risk ASAP
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19 Dec 20

I am not sure who needs to hear this....but economic expectations for people coming back from incarceration are INSANE

1. When I got out, I had $10,000 in court costs, fines & fees, charges per day from when I was in jail awaiting transfer to prison etc.
2. In addition, when I was incarcerated, the State of Michigan found out I had money in a bank account and took it as part of paying the price of my incarceration (well over $1,000)
3. After I was released, I was forced to wear an electronic monitor for nearly two years....I am still paying the cost of that was over $6,000
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18 Dec 20

A huge thank you to everyone in the Michigan Legislature....all 20 bills created out of Task Force on Jail and Pretrial Incarceration have now passed and are headed to @GovWhitmer for her signature

An amazing accomplishment #mileg

As a result of this work...

People will not be incarcerated because of drivers license suspensions unrelated to dangerous driving, this is one of the largest drivers of incarceration in Michigan

Officers will be able to give citations in lieu of arrest in many of not most misdemeanor situations....something I testified about in front of the task force myself.

Many jail mandatory minimums were eliminated
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17 Dec 20
It is not censorship when a company chooses not to endorse or distribute your messages....people are not compelled to support or endorse your speech on or using property they own
It is fair to ask why we have decided to make corporately owned platforms, in essence, the 'public square,' but that does not change the fact that these are corporately owned platforms....Twitter has every right (it is in the TIS) to comment or ban me (or anyone else)
If you went to Starbucks, and they had a bulletin board people were invited to use, and you chose to post a racist is not first-amendment protected censorship for Starbucks to take it down...if you put up a lie, they can contest what you said
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17 Dec 20

The WSJ story on Dr. Jill Biden was a troll (trolling for clicks)

The National Review story on Dr. Jill Biden is a troll

They say something offensive and outrageous to get attention, retweets, and to attain virality, it is literally the business model
When you give the story oxygen, when you make it a thing, when you actually retweet the are helping them make money and gain attention.

They do this on purpose
This also explains why all media - right and left - in a sense - work together....Right wing media says something we find offensive - left wing media goes crazy...left wing media says something the right finds offensive....right wing media goes crazy

It is co-productive
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16 Dec 20
Michigan's legislature just passed a registry bill which over 100 experts and directly impacted people testified against (1 pro).

There is NO evidence this bill will make Michigan safer, the Michigan AG opposed it, and there is a LOT of evidence it will make us less safe #mileg
Why did Michigan's legislature respond to a court decision finding that Michigan's SORA was unconstitutional by actually making SORA worse??

You would have to ask them, but what they did was not evidence-based reform #mileg
Even worse, all the people who voted for this idiotic bill inevitably say it is to "keep Michiganders safe"

Whenever I ask any of them to share any evidence registries keep Michigan (or any state safe)...


But they sure will say it over and over again
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2 Nov 20
Do you know someone who has been incarcerated who has come back and done something great?

I know people who have raised money for amazing causes, run for office, started organizations that provide necessary services EVERY DAY

Share a story of hope and success
Way too often, all we here is stories of failure...

I know formerly incarcerated CEO's, visionaries, burgeoning real estate moguls, and employees

Share a story of hope and success
My friend @TarraSimmons5 is running for election in #Washington, my friend @Richard_Bronson is starting his second business @CommissaryClub, @ShakaSenghor is a best selling author and entrepreneur

Share a story of hope and success
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31 Oct 20
If you care about public safety...

If people cannot return from incarceration and find housing and employment....If they cannot connect with their community and families....

What exactly do you expect they will do?

The ability to return connected is a public safety imperative
Why do we consider to expect people to embrace a society that shuns them, that often relegates them to homelessness and unemployment, that often doesn't allow them a voice in their own government, and that makes connection nearly impossible

NIMBY is counterproductive
In Oklahoma right now, law enforcement is running a scare tactics campaign to scare voters into refusing SQ 805

The question is NOT if there will be recidivism, there is recidivism now...the question SHOULD BE will there be more recidivism BEFORE or AFTER reform is passed.
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26 Oct 20
Anyone who is still listening to Cheeto Mussolini on "testing" needs to try again. Testing reveals actual cases, it does not create cases.

Also, contact tracing + testing is what controls and reduces cases, not testing alone.
Also, Trump largely stopped investing in testing months ago...he has never insisted on any kind of national testing repository or in record-keeping of any kind.

A few days ago he implied COVID was an election hoax and would end on Nov. 4th
This guy wears 🤡👞on COVID and we are all paying the price

If you are tired of masks and quarantines blame Trump...people warned him for MONTHS this would happen in the Fall and he went all-in on herd immunity
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24 Oct 20

I promised personal news today...a little over ten years ago I was sentenced to prison and one of the last things I did was buy this shower curtain, in hopes of having my own place again someday
For the 7 years since I have returned, I lived in a boarding house...with shared facilities and a other words I have not had my OWN bathroom in OVER ten years...until today! This was my old place.
Yesterday, I became a first-time home owner, today I moved into my new place, and I now am a property owner for the first time in my of the very first things I did was took a decade, but now it is mine
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