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Hi I'm an Unlicensed Boxing Historian and a self taught boxing writer,
7 Apr
Not Waiting On The Heavy Bag:
Why You Have To Control It At All Times.
2. I've been watching some posts of Boxers working the Dummy Bag or Heavy Bag and I noticed a difference in how they work the bag and how Old Time Boxers did.
3. The modern day Boxer hits the bag and it swings away from them and they stand there waiting for it to come back to them to hit it. In my opinion this is a mistake.
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6 Apr
Left Hooks: Who Was The Best At It?
Part Four: Final Post.
2. When opinions on who had the best Left Hook in Boxing names from the forties and fifties come to mind, Men such as: Benny Lynch, Tony Zale, Ray Robinson, Ezzard Charles, Willie Pep, Kid Gavalan, and Rocky Marciano.
3. Benny Lynch had a great left hook but it was wide and wild and he would get so aggressive you could see him turning Southpaw with it. He would move and circle while throwing it angling his opponent.
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5 Apr
Left Hooks: Who Was The Best At It?
Part Three.
2. I’m always amazed when I read or hear Boxing People talk about the greatest Left Hooker in Boxing and never hear the names of Baby Arizmendi, Freddie Steele, Joe Louis, Joe Walcott, and Tony Zale from the 1930’s.
3. What these Men had were great left hooks that can be seen on film. I’m going to focus on a certain type of left hook that doesn’t get as much attention as it should.
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19 Jan
The Jab: Using It To Counter Speed.
These series of tweets are how important a jab is against a quicker Opponent.
2. I was watching clips of the fight between Sandy Saddler and Flash Elrode two all time great Boxers. Saddler was aging badly and Elrode still had much of his prime left in him.
3. The difference in speed is apparent as you see the younger man Flash Elrode be able to out work the slower more cumbersome Man in Sandy Saddler.
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24 Sep 20
Tiger Ted Lowry: The Knowledge The Man Had.
These are my thoughts on Mike Silver’s interviews with Ted Lowry and how they changed my thinking on Boxing.
2. When I was young I used to read about and watch Boxers training up in high elevation running miles up hill on top of mountains to develop stamina and endurance.
3. When you train at a high elevation it cause your white blood cells to double to help bring oxygen into your body. The idea is training up their well give your bloodline more oxygen and make your lungs work better.
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