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Research-expose human rights violations/persecution of Muslims,Christians,Dalits & Adivasis by RSS Hindu nationalists.Tweets with data are extensively recycled.
10 Sep 20
@RahulSi47939452 @thaiyaan @sakie339 The uppercastes have imported caste discrimination against Dalits in the West like USA & Europe. 90% in the US belong to uppercastes.
A study based on Dalits in USA has revealed the extend of atrocities against Dalits by uppercaste Hindus in USA.…
@RahulSi47939452 @thaiyaan @sakie339 Casteism in the US

RSS/RSS backed Hindu organizations have humiliated Dalits in the US & India by forcefully excluding the existence of Dalits & Hindu caste system from California school text books.…
@RahulSi47939452 @thaiyaan @sakie339 Casteism in the US

Caste on campus: Looking at social exclusions of Dalits in the U.S. colleges | Indian-Americans…
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24 Aug 20
@Shalini_Yoga_ @ProfVemsani @Oprah “the life of one cow is more valuable than the lives of fiver Dalits”. -
VHP leader, Acharya Giriraj Kishor,
@Shalini_Yoga_ @ProfVemsani @Oprah @Oprah Modi-RSS Hindu nationalists,uppercaste org., created the propganda that caste system was created British.These are absolutely wrong.
Atrocities against SC/ST have increased after Modi became PM. BJP states have highest rates of atrocities.
@Shalini_Yoga_ @ProfVemsani @Oprah @Oprah Modi is OBC & President is a Dalit, but see the following reports:

3 Years of Modi: Dalit Suffering has Increased

Uppercaste voted for BJP like never before

BJP Appease upper caste
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22 Aug 20
@BleckmanMegan @KamalaHarris @JoeBiden @DrAmbardar Islamic terrorists aren’t the problem. The only Hindus who are persecuted in India are ~ 280 million lower caste Hindus.They are attacked or raped or killed on a daily basis in India by by uppercaste Hindus. BJP states have highest rates of atrocities.
@BleckmanMegan @KamalaHarris @JoeBiden @DrAmbardar RSS claims Modi is backward Hindu & President is Dalit. But the realities are:

3 Years of Modi: Dalit Suffering has Increased

Uppercaste voted for BJP like never before

BJP Appease upper caste
@BleckmanMegan @KamalaHarris @JoeBiden @DrAmbardar RSS Hindu nationalists in the US are fighting for the following Hindus.

1. Top 10% upper caste own India’s 60% wealth

2. Upper caste Hindus richest in India, own 41% of total assets; STs own 3.7%…
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30 Jun 20
@sandeeproy1 @arun_5015 @free_thinker This is a common propganda Modi-RSS makes. If few people from Kerala joined ISIS, how could it invalidate Kerala’s unique achievements?

Not Kerala, TN and UP has maximum arrests in ISIS-related cases: NIA…
@sandeeproy1 @arun_5015 @free_thinker RSS has more Pakistan ISI spies in India

1. Accused in Pak-linked terror funding case Bajrang Dal member,

2. This Pakistan Spy Ring Exclusively Recruits Hindu Boys With Saffron Links.
@sandeeproy1 @arun_5015 @free_thinker BJP has more Pakistan ISI spies in India

1. BJP Leader's Kin, Alleged IT Cell Member Among 11 Arrested For Running ISI Spy Ring In MP

2.ISI spies and sex rackets: BJPs MP unit has become a haven for criminals
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27 Jun 20
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27 May 20
@mdashraff @Shaileshmpuroh2 @saket71 @suchitrav @mdashraff Recent DNA study has shown that India was the homeland of Harappans (Indus Valley Civilization).

Harappans were non-Hindu South Indian tribals. They spoke Dravidian language. Hindus came to India as Aryans (Vedic Hindus).

Contd ..
@mdashraff @Shaileshmpuroh2 @saket71 @suchitrav More references for this recent DNA based studies:

1. Scientific paper (Cell)…

2. Indus Valley settlers had a distinct genetic lineage’
@mdashraff @Shaileshmpuroh2 @saket71 @suchitrav Recent reports further confirms the existence Tamil Civilization, which may be related to Indus Valley Civilization ( Harappans), since both these groups had similar Dravidian language. This discovery further challenges the Aryan dominance.
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2 Mar 20
@AzharKh46032629 @yabhi0001 @Nehr_who @yabhi0001 US media? It’s from a US domestic terrorist group. RSS supports White nationalists. Spencer is a well-known White supramacist. & runs White nationalist propaganda site “Jihad Watch”., which published several articles on Delhi riot blaming Muslim.

@AzharKh46032629 @yabhi0001 @Nehr_who @yabhi0001 Robert Spencer is ultra Islamophobic. RSS loves him for that reason. But in another article Spencer wrote RSS, a militant nationalist group, wants all Christians gone from India by the end of 2021. RSS attacks Christians with no consequences.
@AzharKh46032629 @yabhi0001 @Nehr_who @yabhi0001 RSS supports/inspires White nationalists in US & Europe. They the core Trump supporters. Like RSS, White nationalists don’t believe in main stream media. They have propaganda media like RSS (OpIndia, IndiaFacts, IDC, TFIPOST, Swarajya etc).

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13 Jan 20
@affy1901 @dhruv_rathee Gujarat is considered as a model State or “gold standard “ for RSS, Hindutva & Hindu nationalism,

1. RSS’ India model comes to Gujarat

2. The Gujarat model, nationally -

Let’s see the RSS model state Gujarat.

@affy1901 @dhruv_rathee If Modi & RSS are truly against casteism, Modi (OBC himself) had the power to reduce/stop SC/ST atrocities in Gujarat,where RSS has very stronghold. But Modi or RSS never fought for SC/ST rights.

Thread: Atrocities against SC/ST Hindus in Gujarat (2019)
@affy1901 @dhruv_rathee Modi was CM and BJP is in power in Gujarat for decades. Look at few reports from Gujarat about atrocities against Adivasis in Gujarat.

Thread: Atrocities against Adivasis in Gujarat
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22 Dec 19
@EmpoweringGoa @AudreyTruschke Is’t a great thing? History tells:

Hitler’s Professors: A documentation of war crimes by German academics against the Jewish people…
@EmpoweringGoa @AudreyTruschke There were people who did the following?

Adolf Hitler was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in a darkly ironic letter by Erik Gottfrid Christian Brandt
@EmpoweringGoa @AudreyTruschke Hitler’s Hindus: The rise and rise of India’s Nazi-loving nationalists…
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