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4 May
Confused🤔 about Taxation of gains on various Asset classes:-

A thread🧵

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Equity/Equity Mutual Funds/Equity oriented balanced funds:-

Short term:-
Holding period<1 year

Taxed at flat 15%

Long Term:-
Holding period>1 year

Taxed at 10% with first 1 lakh exempt from tax each year

Dividend received from Equity shares:-

Rs 5000 is exempt from taxation each year.

After which the dividends are taxed as per your income tax bracket.

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27 Apr
Spotify did a direct listing in 2018 and very recently Coinbase did the same too!

In this thread, we are going to cover everything about Direct Listing!

Pros & Cons
Why Direct Listing
Who can prefer this route

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Let's go 👇
What is Direct Listing?

Direct Listing or Direct Public Offering (DPO) is the direct listing of shares of a company on the recognized stock exchange

The company becomes public by listing on a stock exchange without selling shares directly to the public

Existing shareholders such as PEs/VCs/Angel Investors, employees are able to sell their shares on listing (not obligated though)

Since there is no underwriting, DPO doesn’t need investment banks & underwriters(as no primary or secondary underwriting) like traditional IPO

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20 Apr
Persona Finance ki Pathshala📒:-

National Pension Scheme(NPS)💵 is a good tool to plan for retirement

A thread🧵

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1. What is NPS?

NPS is a social security initiative by the Govt.

Scheme encourages people to invest in pension account at regular intervals during employment

After retirement,subscribers can take out a certain % of the corpus

Remaining amount is paid out as pension

Who can invest in the NPS?

This pension programme is open to employees from both public, private sector upto the age of 65yrs.

NPS is a good scheme for anyone who wants to plan for their retirement early on and has a low-risk appetite.

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19 Apr
Rain Industries FY21 Annual Report.

It's businesses & what drives them.

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A Thread 🧵👇 #ARwithJST
1/ RAIN operates in 3 business segments –

▫️ Carbon
▫️ Advanced Materials
▫️ Cement

It is one of the leading product manufacturers in these segments.

They serve as raw materials for industries such as aluminium, carbon black, speciality chemicals, coatings and construction.
2/ The 64% (Majority) of the 10,500 crs rev & 70% of the operating profit & is derived from the Carbon segment.

2nd is Advanced materials with 26% of rev & 19% of the profit.

Thirdly, a small Cement business.
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16 Apr
Jeff Bezos 2020 Letter to shareholders. The best one so far.

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A Thread 🧵👇
1/ Amazon went public at a stock price of $1.5. The latest stock price at $3380.

That's an astonishing cagr of 38% for over 24 years.
Total wealth creation of 1.6 Trillion $.

In the meantime, the number of employees has gone from 150 to 13 lakhs 🤯
2/ "In 1997, we hadn’t invented Prime, Marketplace, Alexa, or AWS. They weren’t even ideas then, and none was preordained. We took a great risk with each one and put sweat and ingenuity into each one."

In the startup stages, Bet is almost always on the jockey (entrepreneur)🏇
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14 Apr
Steel prices are reaching all-time highs. Steel Stocks are breaking 2008 highs.

This is what's happening in the sector & what makes us cautious.

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A Thread 🧵👇
1/ Why is Steel important?

Steel is the world’s 2nd-largest commodity after crude oil.

It is 15 times the size of all other metals markets combined in terms of tons and it is worth twice its value. It is used in the production of our roads, bridges, houses, automobiles, etc.
2/ Steel is a global commodity that has similar pricing all over the world due to low transport cost compared to its value.

However, it is not the global supply & demand dynamics that rule its pricing.
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13 Apr
We did a basic quality check of all private banks websites:

These are the ratings from Worst to best: (100 is the best, 0 is the worst)

ICICI Bank: 49% (Rated as 'The user experience
is deeply affected')

IndusInd Bank: 53%
RBL Bank: 58%
Federal Bank: 58%


Kotak Bank: 59%

Moving to websites where at least basic requirements are met-

Axis Bank: 60%
City Union Bank: 61%
HDFC Bank: 65%

Finally the best among the worst:

IDFC First Bank: 66%

DCB Bank: 75% (The Leader, rated as 'Better than most pages')

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12 Apr
Want to save tax?💵

But dont know how?🤔

A thread on different Tax Saving products!

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Lets go👇🧵

Tax Saving FDs:-

Liquidity: Fixed Deposits have lock-in period of 5 years.

Rate of Interest : Interest rate across different banks

Tax Treatment : Interest earned in taxable.

Public Provident Fund(PPF)-

Liquidity:Lock-in period of 15 years,can be further extended by 5 years. Partial withdrawals allowed after 7 years.

Rate of Interest : Currently is 7.1% p.a.

Tax Treatment : Interest earned is tax-free.

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9 Apr
A small thread on Financial planning🧵

🥇The first step when you start saving is to create a financial plan

❓What is financial planning?

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Financial planning is a step-by-step approach to plan-

It is the process of managing and planning your finances at each stage of your life so as to meet your life’s goals.

Why is financial planning important?

It serves as a guide for all things finance and helps one to -

-Beat inflation

-Have enough money for goals like retirement, marriage, etc
-Helps you maintain your standard of life or upgrade to the a better one
-Helps you fight emergencies without eroding your valuable savings

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8 Apr
Financial Planning is the first step to having a secure life.

Asset allocation is vital part of financial planning!

A thread on Asset Allocation🧵

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Lets go👇

What Is Asset Allocation?

When you save money, you have the below options for investing -

Real Estate

A proper asset allocation will help you with the right mix in each of the asset classes in a proportion that is commensurate to your risk profile

Let's understand these assets more!

Equities -

Sole purpose of Equities is to GENERATE wealth

Ownership of business

Amongst the most volatile asset classes + highly risky (hence, the returns also tend to be high)

Only asset class that can compound in double digits

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6 Apr
Hello, Annual report Season!

Mahindra CIE🚚🚚 has come out with its annual report!

A thread 🧵on -

Insights by the company on the auto sector
Management Discussion
Direction of the company

Do share around for maximum reach!

Let's go! 👇

Main products for the company are:-

Gears+castings+aluminium products

Main operations in:-


Europe business🌍:-


Production for MHCVs in Europe has cumulatively fallen by ~17%.

The forecast for MHCV growth in CY21 is 11.4%.

However, CY18 numbers will once again be
achieved only in CY24.

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5 Apr
Term Plan or a ULIP or a endowment plan?🤔

Life Insurance simplified:

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A Thread 🧵👇

What is life insurance?

Life insurance is a product which pays out a sum of money either on the death of the insured person or after a set period in return for a specified premium

What are different types of Life insurance?

Term Plan-Pure Risk Cover

Endowment Policies-Insurance Cover + Saving

Non-Linked Participating Endowment Plan-Insurance cover + Sum Assured

ULIP-Insurance + Investment Benefits

Non-participating ULIP-Fixed Insurance Cover

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1 Apr
Health Insurance simplified:

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A Thread 🧵👇
What is health insurance?

Health insurance covers medical expenses that arise due to an unforseen illness. These could be related to hospitalisation,cost of medicines etc

Why is health insurance important?

Health risks and uncertainties are a part of life

With the constant increasing prices of healthcare,insurance today is a necessity.

Health insurance provides people with a much needed financial backup at times of medical emergencies.

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31 Mar
Natco Pharma: Business Model Simplified.

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A Thread 🧵👇
1/ A niche business model with a focus on complex molecules that are either FTF or PARA IV.

What is FTF/ PARA IV?

For that, let’s get the basics cleared.
2/ A generic drug is a copy of the patented molecule which might look different optically, however, works the same way.

When the patent expires, generics enter the market.

A Para IV/FTF is a way to enter 1st among the generics & also get a 180-day exclusivity.
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23 Mar
We have been hearing about Non-Fungible tokens or NFTs a lot recently, therefore we thought let's shed some light on it!

In this thread, we will cover -

Bitcoin v/s NFTs
NFT sales


Let's go 👇
First, let’s know what fungibility is.

It refers to the ability of an asset to be exchanged or substituted with similar assets of the same value such as currency.

you can exchange 5 notes of Rs 100 for 1 note of Rs 500. The value is Rs 500 (despite being in another form)
NFTs are the opposite of that

Each one is unique and can't be substituted for something similar

Think of the Mona Lisa painting - an original piece of art. It can’t be swapped for a poster of the same painting from a gift shop because the poster doesn’t hold the same value
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1 Feb
Jan Auto sales update:-

Escorts sales grows at 48%

Stay tuned for updates during the day!

Jan Auto sales update:-

Maruti sells 160,000 cars in Jan.(4% growth)

Jan Auto sales update:-

Ashok Leyland sells 12359 vehicles (a growth of 14%)

M&HCV is back with a growth of 32%.

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1 Feb
Stay tuned with all the important budget happenings!

As always, we will simplify the announcements for you!

Stay Tuned :)

#BudgetWithJST #Budget2021
A new central sponsored scheme - Aatmanirbhar Health Yojana with an outlay of Rs 64180 Cr over 6 years (in addition to National Health Mission)

Will strengthen National centre for disease control

Will launch 'Mission Poshan 2.0'

#BudgetWithJST #Budget2021
Will implement Jal Jeevan Mission with an outlay of Rs 2.87 Lakh Cr

Govt to set up 15 health emergency centres

#BudgetWithJST #Budget2021
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23 Jan
Grasim's Concall on the venture into the paints business. A Thread 🧵👇

Decorative paints will be the focus, 40,000crs market with unorganised share at 25%

Looks like a big opportunity, no? Let's delve deeper.

Have pan-India distribution presence with Birla white (Sold also at paint outlets & 2nd largest distribution in the industry): Will find synergies.

Red Flag: How will they copy Asian Paints Innovation DNA, operational efficiency, Inventory & supply management

Risk: Distribution of paints is from plant to dealers & for Birla white, it is from the factory to distributor to dealer. Totally different.

Answer: Birla white has a strong relationship with the dealer. What's the incentive?

No answer on the tinting machine Entry Barrier.

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22 Jan
Reliance Industries Q3FY21 -

Revenue down 19.9% YoY
Net profit up 25.8% YoY

9 Quarters data shown for all segments and the business as a whole.

The business-specific commentary continued on the thread below 👇👇

#Q3FY21withJST #Reliance
RIL has reclassified the segments, this is how it looks now

Img 1 - Segment Revenue and EBITDA

Img 2 - EBITDA Margins and Revenue Mix

Img 3 - The older segment classification (Just showing for info to show how the newer categories look)

Img 4 - Category description
Some Updates -



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22 Jan
Gland Pharma Concall Takeaways: A Thread 🧵👇

Trades at 12x EV/ sales

- Started to increase the focus in emerging markets (16% of rev: 120% absolute growth in 9M) in the near past. Major rev from the US: 60%

- Long-standing relationships with leading pharma companies globally.

- Made 6 product fillings for the Chinese market: A start.

- Cashflow growth affected due to inventory buildup for covid 19: Improved receivables & Payable days

- Growth was on new launches & increasing volumes of existing products: Received 24 ANDA approvals in 9M (25-30 approvals every year going forward).

- Customers are conducting audits virtually in this period.

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4 Jan
On Popular demand -

A comprehensive thread on Pre-IPO! 🧵

We will cover the meaning, risks, advantages, taxation, complete cycle of a Pre-IPO deal and a few examples of wealth creators and wealth destructors in the Pre-IPO Market!

Let's start 👇
The word IPO has a lot of emotions attached to it – Excitement, suspense, disappointment, happiness, anger, jealousy (if you friend gets an IPO allotment and you do not) and many more.
These days IPOs are getting so much subscription that the IPO going companies would think for once that why didn’t they sell the whole company! 50-100x oversubscriptions are the new normal!
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