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17 May
The Trump admin bought ventilators from Russia, but our hospitals can't use them since the same make/model was linked to two hospital fires in Russia. Now we're donating 200 U.S.-made ventilators to Russia and paying all costs, including delivery expenses (roughly $4.7 million).
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19 Nov 19
"When the President was going to meet Putin... the Ukrainians asked us in strong terms, if the President is going to meet him, could he at least please raise the issue of our detained crew members who remained in Russian captivity at that time?... I'm not sure if he did or not."
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9 Nov 19
Trump says transcript of second Ukraine call will "probably" be released Tuesday

Trump wants to release the first call only because—unlike the second call—it doesn't contain anything incriminating, according to Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman. It's a distraction.
Why the change in tone? What happened in between the first and the second call with Zelenskyy? In early May, during a phone call, Putin “did what he always does” in seeking to undercut the United States’ relationship with Ukraine. Also, Trump spoke to Putin at the #G20 in June.
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27 Oct 19
Trump claims that Russia and Iraq helped the U.S. with al-Baghdadi operation. Meanwhile, Russia's Defense Ministry says they know nothing about it, scoffing at Trump's claims: "News of al-Baghdadi''s demise come after he was reported dead on several occasions in recent years..."
"Trump says Russia, Iraq helped with al-Baghdadi operation"

"The Russian Defence Ministry has no reliable information about US servicemen conduction an operation to 'yet another' elimination of the former Daesh leader Abu Bark al-Baghdadi in the Turkish-controlled part of the Idlib deescalation zone."
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29 Sep 19
Have you ever heard Trump complain about any OTHER case of alleged corruption in #Ukraine, except for the Bidens? Look at his own statements, Tweets and videos. The message is clear and the squeeze was applied in perfect concert.
In May, Rob Portman met with the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy and mentioned “fighting corruption.” He said Zelenskyy understands it is “frankly a linchpin of the U.S. partnership with Ukraine, and as a matter of law, a condition of our future defense assistance.”
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6 Aug 19
Close to 5 thousand people evacuated so far, according to reports in Russian media. Details about casualties are still murky.
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5 May 19
Plane is reportedly on fire at Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport.
This plane reportedly made an emergency landing at #Russia's Sheremetyevo airport and ignited on the runway.
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6 Apr 19
The Kremlin questioned the methodology of the latest Rosstat study on Russia's living standards that found that every third Russian can't afford to buy new shoes. "Why shoes?" marveled Putin's aide and #Russia's state TV promptly declared that the Kremlin "refuted" poverty stats.
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27 Mar 19
"On January 25th—28th Lutsenko visited New York and reportedly met with President Trump’s attorney Rudolph Giuliani. (When asked for comment, Yuriy Lutsenko said: “He is a former US Attorney, we have plenty to talk about. This is not our first meeting”.)"
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5 Feb 19
Secret Files Show How Trump Moscow Talks Unfolded While Trump Heaped Praise On Putin
#Russia buzzfeednews.com/article/azeeng… via @azeen
RE: Andrey Kostin, the head of VTB, a Russian government-owned bank that is set to profit from the lifting of #Deripaska sanctions, as Deripaska transferred some of his shares to VTB.
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22 Jan 19
Russian media and attorney Dmitry Zatsarinsky report that Anastasia Vashukevich (aka "Nastya Rybka") has been unexpectedly released from Russian jail and will hold a press conference tomorrow at 1 PM. This is most likely directly related to @navalny's recent video re: #Deripaska.
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15 Jan 19
“Even discussing the idea of leaving NATO — let alone actually doing so — would be the gift of the century for Putin... a geopolitical mistake of epic proportion.”
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1 Jan 19
Call it what it is: Paul Whelan is a hostage of Putin’s lawless state. See my previous Tweets on this topic. Russian lawmakers have been openly brainstorming on state TV about arresting ANY Americans in retaliation for #Butina.
Here is a statement from Paul’s family:
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19 Oct 18
Russian troll guidance from the latest DOJ charges:
"Any attempt to remove Trump is a direct path to a civil war in the United States. Name those who oppose the president and those who impede his efforts to implement his pre-election promises."
#Russia #midterms #elections
The same theme was repeatedly voiced on Russian state TV:
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29 Jun 18
Senator Shelby is the one who says that Russian election interference is no biggie, everyone does it, "we’ve done a lot of things too." Any questions?
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29 Mar 18
#Russia's state TV reports that an unnamed high-level White House source quietly told the Russians that the number of Russian diplomats in the U.S. is not being cut (they can send 60 other diplomats to replace the ones being expelled). They quote the source: "The doors are open."
#Russia's state media quotes an unidentified senior Trump administration official, who reportedly said that the number of Russian diplomatic staff in the U.S. is not being cut (60 expelled spies could be replaced by others).
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9 Mar 18
The best way to gauge the Kremlin’s complicity is to consider that its involvement is directly proportionate to the number of conspiracy theories being floated by #Russia’s state media (e.g. #MH17). With respect to #Skripal, numerous “alternative story plots” are already in play.
Russia’s state media #Skripal conspiracy theory No.1:
“Accidental exposure”
Porton Down, where the Brits were experimenting with the same types of nerve agents, is located next door to where Skripal and his daughter were found.
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