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Resident of London Borough of Barnet and former trustee and now volunteer at Age UK Barnet. Tweets are made in a personal capacity only.
13 Jan
Good evening #Barnet It has been a while. Let us talk numbers, schools, enforcement and testing. Questions are always welcome, about anything.

The situation in Barnet is bad. Numbers of cases are very high. Test positivity rates are very high (means we are missing cases)
Hospitals packed. There are many more more people in hospital than during the first wave. 1 in 7 drs and 1 in 5 ICU nurses are showing signs of PTSD. 37 people died of Covid in Barnet last week. 583 since the start of this. Nationally we topped 1,500 deaths today, 100,000 total
It is grim. There is some light though. The numbers of cases are not yet dropping, but they are levelling off. That means the lockdown is starting to work. Thank you all.
A new PCR testing site in Osidge is opening on 18 Jan, which is great. And 3 lateral flow test sites too.
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12 Jan
Rapid community testing has now been introduced in Barnet for key workers who do not have symptoms. Thread. barnet.gov.uk/coronavirus-co…
There are three sites - Colindale Library, Hendon Leisure Centre and Burnt Oak Leisure. And here comes my gripe @BarnetCouncil - you know that east-west transport links are rubbish, esp conpared to north-south. Why are all three on the west of the borough? Why not @artsdepot ?
You can book 2 tests a week if you are over 12 and cannot stay home eg work in supermarkets, construction, schools or early years, delivery, public transport. Priority to key workers. These lateral flow tests are not for people with symptoms - then you need the PCR ones.
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