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DOJ & FinCEN alum. Political consultant & organizer. Contributing writer for Washington Monthly. @JoeMamas2020 @mamas4kamala. E me @ info@juliezebrak.com.🥁
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9 Apr 20
Thread: A friend who is a Bernie supporter asked me for talking points for why Bernie supporters should vote for Biden, rather than sit this next election out. Sharing here in case others need the advice for folks they know who supported Bernie. /1
Most every democrat in America did not get their first choice of candidate. Everyone is understandably angry and frustrated when their candidate of choice is forced to drop out. We are almost all victims of having to settle. The anger and frustration will subside. /2
The DNC did not decide who would be the nominee. The voters decided. There were countless debates & voters rejected Elizabeth, Kamala, Pete, etc. Bernie is not a victim any more than the rest are. He also took an active part in the formulation of the DNC debate rules 2019-20. /3
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5 Mar 20
True story. Two years ago a woman reached out to me whom I didn’t know to ask me to coffee to talk politics. Turns out she had been a Republican, but had voted for Hillary. After she watched the Kavanaugh hearings, she decided she could no longer be a Republican AND she /1
Told me she planned on helping the Democrats take back the White House in 2020. So she not only left her party because of Trump & the Kavanaugh confirmation, but she wanted to spend her free time to work elect a Democrat. Fast forward 2 years, & I heard from her tonight. /2
She wrote to tell me that she is thrilled that Biden may be the nominee and that she and her good friend (also ex-Republican) want to meet next week to discuss what they can do to help get Trump out of the WH. The reason this is important is b/c I would not have heard from her /3
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8 Feb 20
Thread: I'm getting a lot of questions offline about what folks can be doing politically right now. Here are a few areas:
1. Donate, even small amounts to candidates you support, including folks running for US Senate. For example, Amy McGrath to flip Mitch McConnell's seat; /1
or Sara Gideon to flip Susan Collins' seat. Even $5 helps candidates b/c it all adds up.
2. Pick a cause that matters and donate and/or get involved. For example, find a chapter of Moms Demand Action for gun sense reform near you. It is an instant community of like-minded /2
people working to help pass common-sense gun reform laws. Or find another issue or cause that speaks to you.
3. If you don't want to volunteer for one candidate, sign up to register voters, especially in states that aren't already blue. Parts of VA, GA, NC, PA, TX, WI, MI, FL /3
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31 Jan 20
Quick pep talk: We knew before it started that this Senate trial not be likely to end in impeachment. We have known this. Even if it wasn’t a sham trial, like it now seems to be, without witnesses, we knew removal was a long shot. So take a deep breath, & think about how mad /1
You are today and this weekend. And remember that these Republican votes were never within our control. And make a list of what you are willing to do through November which is within YOUR control. Making donations? Knocking on doors? Phone banking? Feeding canvassers? Driving /2
Voters to the polls? Hosting a fundraiser with your friends to talk about politics? Allowing your home to be used for phone banking parties? Whatever it is, you need to channel this frustration for the long haul to win in November. And, most importantly, don’t say you don’t /3
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21 Jan 20
Quick impeachment thread: On January 21, 2020, as one of the few Americans admitted entry to the U.S. Senate gallery to bear witness to the Senate trial, I will be wearing white. While the sobriety of the occasion seemingly would demand dark attire, throughout the Trump /1
Tenure, women wearing white has symbolized defiance of this administration. White also symbolizes women suffragettes, I will wear white to represent the women & men who have spent the last 3½ years pushing back against a lawless president, & who can't attend the Senate trial. /2
Electronics are not allowed, so I will not be live tweeting. I hope you'll watch the evening news w your families & kids so they learn what accountability means. There are few Americans who believe that the Senate impeachment trial will result in the needed votes for removal /3
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13 Jan 20
Thread: I’m sort of on a political money kick right now. And I think we need to have a ♥️ to ❤️ about political donations. Many people are not comfortable with political donations. For 2020, I’m going to ask you to put that discomfort to the side. Hear me out. /1
If you are someone who will donate to your church, to a charity for heart disease, to your alma mater, to a homeless shelter, to the arts, to Planned Parenthood, than you are a donor. You care about improving your community, the world, and others’ lives. You are a good person. /2
For the past 3 years, a cancer has been growing in the White House. He is killing our democracy, he has metastasized across America, and he leaves the majority of us feeling awful every single day. He showed up unexpectedly, & we have suffered & lamented his presence. We have /3
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15 Dec 19
Thread: Here’s the thing, friends. Fighting to save democracy isn’t fun. It’s not convenient. If you’ve found yourself feeling horrified and depressed by the state of our country over the last 3 years, it’s time to roll up your sleeves. If you claim to want Trump out /1
(even more than you dread a Pence White House), then you need to show up. On Tuesday night, ALL OVER THE US, folks are taking to the streets. I know you don’t feel like doing this. Gosh knows I don’t either. But don’t post on social media & vent to your friends and then sit /2
out an opportunity to make an impact. The reason your presence is critical is because the numbers and the visuals matter here and around the world. I look forward to seeing you there with your signs alongside me. And yes, I know, you’d rather be inside in your pjs wrapping /3
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6 Nov 19
Quick thread to my followers: You may have noticed an uptick in my pro-@KamalaHarris tweets. She's my candidate. I've been on board since Jan. I've raised over $20,000 for her, and I'm co-running @mamas4kamala. I spent the wknd in Iowa w her & her team, & other supporters./1
@KamalaHarris @mamas4kamala I get that not everyone agrees w my choice. I also see where the polls claim she falls. But if you know me on Twitter or in real life, you know I'm a rule of law person, who believes in the work of prosecutors, supports strong women, & loves this country. I'm not a fair weather/2
@KamalaHarris @mamas4kamala Fan, & I've been following my gut on this. It doesn't mean I don't like other candidates a lot, & it doesn't mean I won't sometimes critique other candidates for 2020. But know this -- if you've trusted me & followed me here since 2017 (or if we are actually friends IRL), you /3
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30 Jul 19
THREAD: This week 1 of my followers who is a Dem from a red state emailed me. I don’t know her, but she is feeling discouraged & nauseated by the state of politics right now. She is a single mom who works full-time. Rather than accept the feeling of powerlessness, she asked me /1
To help her find a way to get involved in Dem politics as a single working mom. Besides being honored that she reached out to me to ask for help on how to help, I am so impressed with her resilience & commitment to make an impact. As we all know by now, their goal is to /2
Overwhelm us with horrible acts & words, to exhaust us, to make us look away so that they can keep doing more, unchecked. To me, that means we have to take time off, hug our families, engage in self-care, but keep fighting. We MUST call our representatives even & especially if /3
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10 May 19
Today I spoke w a friend who lives out of DC. When I described to her how I’ve been spending my time (being on podcasts, talking to reporters, writing, activism, raising $), she asked me if anyone pays me to do this. The answer, of course, is no. There are MANY former federal /1
Employees from State, Treasury, Justice, the White House, who have spent the last 2 1/2 years talking and making sure we bear witness, we ensure Americans know what’s “off” and sharing our institutional knowledge to preserve (our sanity &) what is supposed to happen. Most of us/2
Take the time to show up, write, connect, share, advise, jump out of our comfort zones on tv or on Twitter, as our side hustles. We don’t get paid (well a few do) for this. We do it as a necessary continuation of our public service, at night, on lunch breaks, & on weekends. /3
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8 Apr 19
I’m not sure why folks aren’t making a bigger deal about Jeffrey Rosen’s upcoming confirmation hearing to replace Rod. I realize folks feel deflated with the Barr summary and the Mueller report delay, but this job is the #2 job at DOJ & plays a pivotal /1
Role both within DOJ & JUST AS importantly, w the White House. Rosen has NO prior criminal defense or prosecution experience, no government national security experience, and no law enforcement experience. But he’ll be telling the FBI Director what to do, he will be the boss /2
Of the US Attorneys who have the Trump related cases like Roger Stone, Maria Butina, Michael Cohen etc. He will be in a position to impact or shut down cases. He will be in a position to decide who gets to bring what cases if there is a fight between US attorneys offices. He /3
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20 Feb 19
Much being noted that DAG nominee Jeffrey Rosen lacks prior DOJ experience. Why this matters: DAG is the hardest job at DOJ in any Administration. Obviously, that difficulty is exponentially larger in this Admin. DAG oversees day-to-day operations of the entire DOJ, FBI, DEA /1
ATF, USMS, BOP, all 93 U.S. Attorney’s offices, the immigration judges, etc. The head of the Criminal Division, the head of the National Security Division, the Director of the FBI, the Administrator of the DEA, all of the U.S. Attorneys, report to their boss, the DAG who, if /2
Rosen, will lack any experience over the subject matter for which they are seeking his approval, guidance, etc. This puts Rosen at an enormous disadvantage for quickly gaining DOJ staff credibility & respect because he has had no exposure to wiretaps, FISA, Criminal laws on /3
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30 Jan 19
May Edwards from #FinCEN pled not guilty & is on administrative leave - not sure if paid or unpaid admin leave. Not sure why CNN @eorden isn’t reporting the name of FinCEN May Edwards’ co-conspirator since @WSJ @aviswanatha already outed him. wsj.com/articles/treas….
Natalie Mayflower Sours Edwards pled not guilty for 2 counts of conspiracy to make unauthorized disclosures of suspicious activity reports (SARS) which are a form of financial intelligence related to former Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort, among others. cnbc.com/2019/01/30/tre…
A complaint accuses May Edwards with 2 counts of conspiracy to make unauthorized disclosures of SARs, related to Manafort, Richard Gates, Russian agent Maria Butina, the Russian Embassy in Washington, and a suspected Russian money-laundering entity. cnbc.com/2019/01/30/tre…
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29 Jan 19
Wrote this piece in @thehill w former DOJ & Treasury colleague Edgar Chen: “The President Owes Our Nation’s Civil Servants Far More Than Missed Paychecks,” particularly the fed workers who’ve risked their lives such as law enforcement officers & veterans. thehill.com/opinion/white-…
The fiscal calamity visited upon our federal civilian workforce provides but a mere glimpse of their real sacrifice and contribution to this nation. There is no better testament to their valor than the over 3,000 federal civilian employees who have given their lives to their /2
country in the line of duty since 1992. Many of these fallen heroes served in federal law enforcement with the FBI, DEA, ATF, with ICE, the Border Patrol and other agencies, or as federal corrections officers. This figure also includes those federal employees targeted in the /3
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16 Jan 19
My advice for 2020 candidates is simple: put the Moms to work. Moms are seasoned multi-taskers, and we get sh*t done, especially if we think it will benefit our kids. Moms are connectors and influencers in churches, schools, and communities. /1 medium.com/@zebrakjulie/h…
Moms also write checks and are wonders at paying for things online. But — most importantly — political candidates need Moms because we are open, candid, credible and persuasive ambassadors for issues we care about. We spontaneously spark conversations /2 medium.com/@zebrakjulie/h…
& forge satisfying bonds with perfect strangers all the time. We come across as completely sincere, & we instinctively trust other moms for all kinds of advice. Why not have a Mom who believes in you do your bidding? Leverage the moms. /END medium.com/@zebrakjulie/h…
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15 Jan 19
Here is my wild theory which dovetails well with this story below. I’ve been thinking about why Barr would have written his 19-page memo about the Mueller investigation and circulated it as he did to the folks he did. What if - Hear me out - This is part of Mueller/Rod plan. /1
I’ve said all along that I’m confident that Rod & Mueller & Team have had contingency plans in place since Rod appointed Mueller. What if one of those plans was to get installed an AG they trusted. How could they have that much influence? And how could they be sure their ideal /2
“Pick” would get on the Trump WH radar? If the “pick” appealed to Trump, his ego, & his dislike of the Mueller inquiry. And how would Trump know? If the “pick” circulated his case against Mueller to the WH & DOJ to ensure notice. Barr is a long term Republican who knows his /3
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10 Jan 19
Amazing & diverse jam-packed crowd of young to vintage hopefuls here for ⁦@SenKamalaHarris⁩ book tour. #TheTruthsWeHold
Spotted at @KamalaHarris #TheTruthsWeHold book tour launch in DC - Sharon Malone, wife of @EricHolder. Plus other rock stars like @vanitaguptaCR and Kamala’s sister @mayaharris_ . I’m so glad to be here!
I’m such a fan girl. @SenKamalaHarris @CapehartJ
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7 Jan 19
I have a story to make you hopeful. Last Dec., a woman I don’t really know emailed me to ask to meet - she had figured out I was political through a mutual association. I had assumed she was a Dem asking me to meet about how to get involved for 2020. Today, we met. Turns out /1
she is a lifelong Republican who voted for Hillary. Even though she voted for HRC, she still considered herself a Republican in 2016. She had been an active Republican & done work with them in her early career days. BUT, during the Kavanaugh confirmation process, she reached a /2
Tipping point against the Republican Party. She feels now like she cannot be part of a party which is so anti-woman. So the first bit of good news was that she wants to leave the party. But that is not all. She told me that she knows many women in the same boat as her. Plus, /3
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13 Nov 18
Short Thread: I keep thinking about the fact that @gibsondunn attorney Ted Olson is representing @CNN in this 1st amendment case involving @Acosta vs. the WH. Ted is a well-known long-time establishment Republican who has been w Gibson Dunn forever & who led & won Bush v. Gore./1
@gibsondunn @CNN @Acosta Ted likes to take on big cases, and certainly this is that in terms of the 1st amendment. But Ted’s Gibson Dunn colleague @BoutrousTed is more specifically a renowned 1st amendment lawyer at the firm & nationally. Which leads me to think that Olson handling it (over Boutrous) /2
@gibsondunn @CNN @Acosta @BoutrousTed Has greater significance or meaning. To have one of the top 3 premier establishment Republican attorneys in the country lead the case against the White House sends a glaringly loud message: not just to the WH, but to the Republican Party as a whole, that this badge revocation /3
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10 Nov 18
Thread: My thoughts re Rod are more aligned with these guys below than with some pundits who are quick to jump on Rod for using the word “superb.” Rod has made some big mistakes - Comey memo, Kavanaugh visible support, access to law enforcement sensitive documents, working for /1
This Administration in the 1st place... but he is still around and he is still keeping watch. He is the guy who hired Mueller in the 1st place, & did it behind Sessions’ & Trump’s back. He may be a “survivor” as described derogatorily by Comey, but he continues to do more /2
To preserve Mueller’s role than any other member of this Administration. We are not in his shoes. We don’t have all the info. But critiquing Rod & impugning his word choice undermines the guardrails he has maintained. He could have quit like Brand. He could go write a book. /3
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21 Oct 18
Imagine waking up today & hearing that an entire Administration wants to “erase” your identity or your child or grandchild’s identity. That happened today to thousands of people, parents and grandparents today, including one of my BFFs. nytimes.com/2018/10/21/us/… #transrights /1
If you are familiar with someone who is trans or who has a trans family member, please let them know how much they mean to you. It’s hard enough to be trans without an entire Administration coming after you. My BFF has a kid she worries about every day in terms of self-harm & /2
Victim of hate crimes. No one chooses to be trans because it is fun or easy. No one wishes their kid is trans b/c it’s an easy existence to have. People say Dems are too focused on “identity politics” but when someone’s immutable identity is under assault, we must speak out./END
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