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9 Jan 19
I've been thinking of the B in Peter B. Parker as "Bum" but it occurred to me it's just as much Peter "Burnout" Parker. #SpiderVerse
No wonder older millennials relate to him so hard. A generation of very smart kids who tried so hard and got our asses kicked by life and are just so so tired.
I keep thinking about that 5 second montage of him getting injured over and over again AFTER his divorce and like, you know he probably doesn't have insurance or a very good plan and even spider powers don't perfectly heal everything and SO RELATABLE.
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14 Jul 18
Certain dudes saying they're afraid to talk to women in public in case they're accused of harassment?
Well, women have to constantly worry that if they're friendly to a male stranger he'll take it as a cue to touch her, follow her, get angry if she stops talking to him, etc etc.
I still remember the guy who told me he liked my shirt and my haircut and when I genuinely thanked him and kept walking, he started walking with me, saying he was also going this way, and THEN started hitting on me.
And then suddenly it occurred to me that I was only a block away from my home and would he keep looking at me even if I ran away, checking where I was walking into. I DIDN'T KNOW!
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