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Not a Christian myself, but tired of Christian hegemony I accidentally started a Daf Yomi study server - see link below. Jewish | American | He/Him
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8 Apr
My son was held in the NICU for several days because residents weren't willing to take the risk of saying he was okay to go home. Every time he would hit a benchmark that we were told would mean he was okay, a resident would set a new benchmark.
We had to throw a fit and be rude to hospital staff in order for them to agree to send an attending doctor to evaluate our kid. When we eventually got one over he said, and I quote "he could have gone home three days ago."
That's three days of unnecessary medical intervention for a newborn, and three days of emotional turmoil, lack of sleep, bad food and discomfort for his parents. It's also a bill for three days of expensive resources that we didn't need.
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12 Mar
Were you a pleasure to have in class who could get much higher grades with a little effort, who often failed to turn in assignments but did excellent work on the ones you did, who was excited about school but needed to work on paying closer attention, or are you neurotypical?
Yes, these are all direct quotes from my elementary school report cards.
Pro-tip for teachers: if your student is insisting that they DID the assignment, they just didn't TURN IN the assignment they are probably not lying, they just have ADHD.
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4 Mar
Ashkenazi Jews, day 1 of Pesach:
Ashkenazi Jews, day 2 of Pesach:
Ashkenazi Jews, day 3 of Pesach:
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23 Feb
I guess I'm recirculating this from (checks watch) less than a month ago. The WaPo story is the same facility. There is nothing new.

I'm not sure where the pull image on this tweet comes from. It's not in the article. The article does mention trailers for services - not housing.

I went to classes in elementary school in trailers like those, made for semi- permanent use. We called them 'portables'. Every construction site in the US uses them as offices for the trades and engineers. I don't see anything wrong with using them to provide services to refugees
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23 Feb
Thutmose III was an expansionist military genius who fought constant wars to collect tribute and gain territory for Egypt. Moses led a bunch of homeless refugees in the desert for 40 years and outsourced leading armies to Joshua.
Thutmose III was a renowned builder of cities. He constructed tons of monuments, temples and tombs. Moses lived in tents his whole life, lived and died as a nomad, was buried in a cave and notably hated monuments.
I'm not seeing the connection, apart from the names looking kind of similar transliterated into English. In the original languages, they neither looked nor sounded similar.
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11 Feb
It slips around in my mind, dark and still, a shadow of a shadow, a void as black as nothing. I know it's within, always. Watching. Waiting. A hungry animal, stalking it's quarry. I don't know what it is, but in my final hour on this world, I know I will find out.
I catch it, now and again, in a mirror. Hiding in my skin. It wants to push out of it's prison. It wants a way to go out into this world, to find a host. You, possibly. Or your soul's companion. But don't worry, I won't allow that. I know how to control it. I think.
I'm losing bits now. Just an hour or so a day, not much. Things start to go fuzzy and soon it's just ... nothing. My doctor says it's my brain guarding against old trauma, avoiding things I still won't talk about. I know that's not it, though.
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10 Feb
Listen, of course I wish that every Jew felt totally comfortable in all situations being openly, blatantly, visibly Jewish, but in the real world every one of us has had these situations, and portraying this as Schoen being 'self-hating' or hypocritical is ugly behavior.
If you're struggling to understand why wearing a yarmulke during a highly publicized Senate procedure would feel awkward, maybe consider that the procedure opened with a Christian prayer and a quote from the New Testament.
David Schoen is a terrible person, he's willingly taking on a terrible job, and in my opinion he's acting in ways that undermine the central ethical tenets of Judaism.
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4 Feb
Maybe ADHD is an adaptive trait that's useful for surviving in quasi-nomadic and early agricultural societies, but is extremely poorly suited to late stage capitalism.
Yes, late-stage capitalism is unbearably anti-human, and lots of people do self-medicate to get by, AND ALSO ADHD is a neurological condition that shows up on MRIs and affects metabolism, among other things. Image
Yes, I am technically "on speed" (it's not actually much like speed), but it only works because it doesn't affect me the way it affects neurotypical people - because I have a neurological condition that affects how my brain processes that chemical.
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3 Feb
I'm seeing a lot of "nothing has changed, kids in cages" outrage about this. I'm not saying it's awesome in every way, or that we shouldn't be paying attention, but this is VERY different from the Trump administration facilities and policies, and that should be made clear.
First off, this particular facility was opened specifically in response to the kids-in-cages camps, and was reported as being much more humane. This is the Biden administration re-opening the NOT sordid camp that closed under Trump because it was more expensive to operate.
The Carrizo Springs facility was converted from pre-existing housing for oil and gas workers. It's air conditioned, and it has rooms, not cells. This is kids in cheap dormitory housing, not kids in cages.
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3 Feb
I'm so tired of the artificial complexity of corporate jobs. 95% of what I do is completely unnecessary, just jumping through hoops and checking boxes instead of actually doing the thing. I want to be, like, an 18th century cobbler or something.
No SWIs, no naming conventions, no gantt charts, no alignment meetings. I buy leather and wood. I cut it into shapes. I make it into shoes. Done. Simple. You want a bigger shoe? No problem, I don't even have to file a P&L on that, I can just cut the leather a little bigger!
Oh, you wanted that shoe today? Too bad, it's going to take me until Thursday. That's how long it takes. That's when you get your shoe. I'm not even gonna request an expedite from some other department just so they can yell at me about following process. Come back on Thursday.
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2 Feb
Not that AOC needs me to back her up, but a few points here:
1) Yes, it is in fact an abuse tactic to insist that victims of violence "move on" immediately after the violence with no consequences for the perpetrator of that violence. It's not limited to sexual abuse.
What happened on 1/6 wasn't "legitimate political disagreement". It was an insurrection. Armed people forced their way into the Capitol with the intent of overturning a Democratic election by use of force, and by all accounts at least SOME of them wanted to kill political rivals.
The events of 1/6 are a matter of fact. There is video evidence. There are eyewitnesses, including and *especially* the people who's lives were under threat. Claiming that we can "disagree" about those facts is bonkers. They aren't a matter of opinion.
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2 Feb
The graphic design sucks.
The content sucks even more. Here's why, in an itemized list:
1) Jews aren't a race. The notion that Jews ARE a race was literally invented by the precursors to Nazis as a way to make their antisemitism seem more rational and scientific. James Lindsay, self-proclaimed not-prejudiced-guy is recapitulating this excuse for antisemitism.
2) Acceptance of racial stereotypes by average Americans has been DECLINING since 2001. Exactly contrary to what James Lindsay is claiming here, as Critical Race Theory has gained traction in mainstream academia, racial prejudice has decreased.
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1 Feb
I want to do a brief deep dive into my frequent assertion that Messianic "Jews" are, in fact, Christians and that Christians cannot be Jews. Every time this comes up a bunch of people - mostly Messianic "Jews" and appropriative Christians - show up to argue with me.
They assert that if a Jew converts to Christianity, they remain a Jew and therefore Jewish Christians are a thing. And *technically* this is true - "once a Jew, always a Jew" is a thing. *Technically* it would be more accurate to say that "Jewish Christians" are apostates.
But while it's more *technically* accurate, it's more misleading. Because unless you know that apostasy is a complicated thing in Judaism, and that there are different classes of apostate, and what the legal restrictions and status are for them, it creates a false impression.
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1 Feb
This is, almost certainly, a white supremacist in digital blackface propping up James Lindsey's argument that Jews are causing antisemitism through solidarity with Black people.
Look closely at the profile picture.
The earrings don't match. The right earlobe has some funky image stuff going on. The hair color and texture below the right ear is sharply different than above. There's an undershirt collar on the right, but not the left.
That is an AI generated profile picture.

James Lindsey is a high profile right wing demagogue who pretends to be left wing. He attacks critical race theory - the notion that racism is systemic, not organic, and serves white supremacy - while claiming to be against racism.
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13 Jan
Here's the thing about all these calls for "unity" and "moving on" coming from Republicans in the house -
The people who tried to OVERTHROW THE GOVERNMENT aren't going to "move on". They aren't going to "unify". They are going to keep trying until they succeed in a coup.
Like, forget the fact that I don't particularly want to unify with fascists. The bottom line is that the fascists don't want to unify with me. They want to kill me. That's why they're erecting giant crosses and gallows in front of the capitol.
You don't stop a fascist uprising by making conciliatory noises and suggesting group hugs. You stop a fascist uprising by putting it down, quickly and completely. That means consequences. It means action. It means a resolute refusal to allow them to recruit and organize.
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12 Jan
Nope. Not it, not even a little bit.
Insisting on honoring the diet mandated by your beliefs is not weak, it's not fragile, it's not brittle. Refusing to compromise your beliefs under pressure is not being a "snowflake".
Arizona Man is abhorrent. He's a bad person. He committed sedition, and he should face consequences for that. I suspect that he's the worst kind of cultural appropriator, and that he's weaponizing his colonialist "beliefs", and we should absolutely *raze* him for that.
What we should NOT do is throw Jews who keep kosher, Muslims who keep halal, Hindus and Sikhs who are vegetarian under the bus. People have a right to eat according to their beliefs, even when incarcerated, even when they are bad people.
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11 Jan
Fun fact:
In the aftermath of the *actual* Kristallnacht, while the atrocities were being reported for what they were in most newspapers, the German Propaganda Ministry was using the Volkischer Beobachter, the State newspaper of the Nazi party, to spread disinformation about it.
The Nazis used their own news sources and their own conduits of information to downplay the violence, to outright lie about it's cause and to mischaracterize what was actually a pogrom directly ordered by Goebbels as 'spontaneous violence' by 'impassioned patriots'.
The Volkishcher Beobachter was purchased by the Thule Society, a far-right nationalist group, in 1918 specifically to be a propaganda paper for the Nazis. Between 1920 and 1930 it was suspended from publication three times for spreading false and hateful information.
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28 Dec 20
I have seen (and received) a lot of advice on here for people who grew up distanced from their Jewishness who want to start practicing/observing that goes like this:

Start with something small, and gradually expand.

It's very practical advice, but I think it's not quite right.
Don't get me wrong, I think that starting a Jewish practice with simple things you know you can maintain is a great idea. Jumping into the deep end of a time consuming, lifestyle altering, intensely complicated practice is setting yourself up for failure.
It's the "gradually expand" part that I think is a little off. I think setting the expectation that the initial small, maintainable practice *must* expand is also setting yourself up for failure. It assumes, from the beginning, that what you want to do when you begin isn't enough
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25 Dec 20
Christmas movie/song tropes that subtly reinforce Christian hegemony and/or supremacy:

* Everyone NEEDS Christmas, without Christmas people would be literally unable to be good/experience generosity of spirit/understand love/know what peace and joy are
* Christmas is totally secular and for everyone, pay no attention to these subtle allusions to Jesus!
* True Believers(tm) are inherently better people than Doubtful Cynics. A Doubtful Cynic can be transformed from a Bad person to a Good person by being shown the True Meaning of Christmas.
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11 Dec 20
If you're going around telling Jews who don't observe exactly like you do that they're the bad guys in the Hanukah story, I want you to go look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself - do you honestly think that Matthatias wouldn't have run you through with a sword too?
There isn't a Jew alive today that the Hasmoneans wouldn't view as "Hellenized". They'd be wrong, about nearly every one of us, but that is absolutely what they would think if they saw any of us, from any community or tradition.
They'd be wrong because there is a difference between abandoning our traditions and beliefs, and allowing our traditions and beliefs to grow and change and adapt as we move through time and space. There is a difference between assimilation and evolution.
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8 Dec 20
The thing about describing countries or people as being completely devoid of religious association by calling them 'secular' is that 'secular' is, itself, a term originating within Christianity, based on Christian texts and connoting a Christian perspective on religion.
Secular is from the Latin 'saeculum', meaning "a generation" or "an age". It used to mean within a period of about 100 years. In the Latin translation of the Christian bible there's a phrase, saecula saeculorum, literally "an age of ages", often translated as "forever and ever".
Christian doctrine holds that God exists outside of time, and sometime in the medieval period Christians started using "secular" to mean within time (of a particular age) and therefore separate from God.
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