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Feminist fighting for the sex-based rights of women and girls. Publicly speaking out about the 'gender identity' industry. Women's Human Rights Campaign.
6 May
1/10 Here is a story that vividly illustrates why women and girls do not want men and boys in the bathrooms/toilets. I promise this story is 100% true.
2/10 I was 13-years-old and visiting an amusement park with my friend and both of our mothers. It was a hot summer day, and the park was very crowded. My friend was wearing white shorts.
3/10 My mom and I were walking behind my friend and her mom, and I suddenly saw blood on the back of my friend's shorts. I ran up to her to tell her. She was mortified.
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3 May
1/9 The fight to beat the #genderidentityindustry is going to have to be nonpartisan. Not bi-partisan, not cross-partisan. It has to be nonpartisan and global.
2/9 I recently accepted an invitation to speak with a group of US Republican women. They invited me knowing that I am a radical feminist Democrat. They expressly wanted to hear my feminist critique of "gender identity."
3/9 One woman asked, "Kara, what are we going to do about the problem of transgender athletes competing in women's sports?"
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2 May
1/10 @JamesCarville Great work here on CNN! cnn.com/videos/tv/2021…
2/10 @JamesCarville I am a lifelong Democrat and I couldn't agree more. Last month, I was asked if I have given up on the Democrats, and my response was, basically, not yet. But I'm close. You can listen here if you'd like. angusfox.substack.com/p/keeping-up-t…
3/10 @JamesCarville I have gone on the Tucker Carlson show a few times to explain my feminist objections to enshrining so-called "gender identity" in the law, and I have gotten a lot of push-back. Here is the first time I was on the show, in 2017.
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30 Apr
1/6 @WhrcU submitted this letter to President Biden today, explaining the devastating consequences that his January Executive Order will have on women and girls, globally. womensdeclarationusa.com/our-letter-to-…
2/6 Anyone in the world can contact the White House here. whitehouse.gov/contact/
3/6 After completing the mandatory fields (feel free to ignore the pronoun bit - it's not mandatory), you get to a field that says "What Would You Like to Say?"
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