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I live, I love, I eat, I teach (though not necessarily in that order) and I write about things I see, eat and teach! So far, so good ....so what?
Jun 28, 2023 19 tweets 4 min read
Sitting with a hot chai and reminiscing about the rains through all my days and the paraphenilia associated with them and I cant help but think they were fun times!
Buckle up for a lengthy set of tweets or get a cuppa and stare at the rain! 1/n Living in Mumbai the rains were an integral and eternal aspect of existence.
They were usually announced by the MRF tyre company and almost every single time they failed to arrive on MRF Rain Day!
The Met Dept was likewise clueless back then (it is much better these days)
May 10, 2022 87 tweets 37 min read
I have been thinking about samosas for the last week & here is a thread about them. For starters the Samosa comes from West Asia and was originally meat wrapped in a dough cone and fried - the sambusak! The only truly veg versions are all Indian! #Samosa #Sambusak #PunjabiSamosa I grew up in Mumbai eating what is now known as the Parsi/Bohri Samosa and which I simply knew as a Samosa. Lightly spiced lamb mince cooked with onions, green chillies and corriander, stuffed into a triangular pocket made from flat precooked sheets of samosa patti. #Samosa
Jul 18, 2021 62 tweets 24 min read
The Irani Cafes of Bombay had close friends in the Irani Bakeries that dotted the old city. Whilst writing about the Cafes a lot of people asked me about them and I thought today would be an ideal day to talk about Bakeries in Mumbai #IraniBakeries #MumbaiBakeries
#pau The 1st bakers of Mumbai were the Paowallas as they were affectionately called ie the Goans & they set up a whole slew of simple bakeries making pau and poie all over the city. They were continuing a Portuguese legacy. The word pau is the Portuguese word for bread #MumbaiBakeries