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12 Sep
today Growlcat got stuck in: The aloe pot.

I see how my life is going to be from here on out. Where's Puca? Somewhere hilarious, no doubt.
It's just a pot with some aloe in it, it's not the weird ones that are JUST for aloe. Nevertheless it's toward the back of my deep and messy kitchen counters so I don't altogether understand how she got there without any whiskey fatalities.
She called in a distinct "LITTLE HELP HERE GUYS!" tone of voice. So I tried to remove her but she is NOT HAVING IT. I reached for her and she rage pooped. OK. Stay there, then.
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12 Sep
Growlcat update: missing. I hope she didn't slip out. I left the door open to the sunporch for the boys, but there's damage to thescreen door too small for them, but...
I THINK the gap is too small and she's never tried to get out before, but she's still very wild, if less spicy.
Wait there is chaos upstairs but fenris is right here.
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18 Aug
Hey, everybody who doesn't coherently remember the eighties. We need to talk. If you call the pink triangle "holocaust imagery", you're wrong, and you have homework. I hereby sentence you to reading up on the AIDS crisis.
I did not watch the video. I am not watching the video. I do not care about the video beyond the fact that people pretending to know everything make me keep having to tell people to READ A FREAKING BOOK.
I'm not naming names or picking fights but I will say that no group is a monolith. "This or that group said not to use it" is not binding arbitration.
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11 Aug
Today in "Stuff on my mind": some people need to be more careful with the ways they ridicule the people they don't like.

Is the target of your ire a racist threat to society attached to a dictator who regularly commits war crimes? Then why are you calling them fat?
I've been dealing with this a long time. I had a ton of coworkers at one job who would use the congested voice that people think sounds like a person with a developmental disability to mock, for instance, fast food workers who got orders wrong frequently...
... and when I tried to shut that down "come on, it's not like we're talking about you." First off, I bet when I'm not around they did. Second off, it's throwing an entire category of people who had nothing to do with that wrong sandwich under the bus.
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9 Aug
I'm sure some do. But as often, parents think this when YOUR CHILD IS TELLING YOU THAT THEY ARE STRUGGLING.

"You're smarter than this." I wasn't. I was literally just born.

"Get me the thing." "I can't find the thing." "Sigh. It's right there. Snake woulda bit you." I'M BLIND.
Specific example: mom asked me to do the laundry. I was 12. I had never done the laundry. I understood the theory. So I agreed, but asked her to show me. She was furious. I should know how to do the laundry by now! Yeah, probably! But I need the settings explained ONCE, anyway.
Times a kid IS trying to get out of something? There's a nonzero chance they've got cause. "I'm in the middle of something, can I do it later?" Really does not fly in many households I know, but why shouldn't it, as long as later actually happens?
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8 Aug
Growlcat update: cannot find her. It's too hot and all the cats are hiding but I found the boys. Turned on AC when I realized I'm having heat exhaustion issues as well.
Found her! She's WAY too good at this. Saw her tiny little reflective eyes in a cave created by my bookcase, a box of books, and several blankets folded on top of the books. I am unsure how she managed to navigate all that.
She's now just chillin on the Growl Shelf on a stack of horror anthologies she knocked over.
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8 Aug
On tumblr and racism: I'm thinking about this a lot lately. Tumblr gets blamed for a lot of the worst, most dangerous behavior on the internet and I'm not letting it off the hook because the staff banned porn instead of Nazis. And it looks like twitter's going the same way.
Recently I discovered I'm on a blocklist of "fan creators who are a danger to marginalized people". This list is at least 70% BIPOC. The people who made the list: are not.

I am staring at the red string like conspiracy meme guy because I can ALMOST see how they did it.
I do not give a shit about being fandom cancelled, especially when I am in such good company.

The part I care about is a bunch of fash managed to persuade enough marginalized creators to talk about themselves to make a list like this...
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