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Writer ✍🏻 Coffee lover ☕️ 1 of 5 disabled students unjustly dismissed from 1 Johns Hopkins graduate program in 2021 🧶 #AbleismGrowsInTheDark #WeAreHopkinsToo
May 15 10 tweets 4 min read
A grad program has monthly faculty meetings to discuss “struggling” students. Remediation plans with student flaws are passed around for all to see, often containing info on disability accommodations. Help me explain how this leads to bias.
#DisabilityTwitter #DisabledInHigherEd A huge issue has been that professors seem to keep a sort of tally on how often students are asking for accommodations such as extensions on assignments across courses, which in turn affects how “reasonable” their professors see their requests.
May 12 5 tweets 4 min read
Starting a thread to aid @JohnsHopkins in transparency on their response to complaints of widespread ableism and the dismissals of 5 disabled counseling students.


jhunewsletter.com/article/2022/0… The first article that came out features 4 of the 5 disabled students, all dismissed from a small grad program within a 7 month timeframe.

#AcademicAbleism #HigherEd #Baltimore

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I am a former Hopkins student with disabilities. When my symptoms flared due to the pandemic, Hopkins refused to accommodate me and instead kicked me out - along with 4 other disabled students from the same grad program.

#CripTheVote Although I technically received accommodations, it was up to each instructor to decide what was “reasonable.” Unfortunately, one of my instructors was my advisor who tended to see my requests as unreasonable, and communicated with my other instructors.