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29 Oct
nsfw // fem bkdk // sub Deku

Deku sees her from across the room....red high heels; a tight, black miniskirt with a tight, black corset; red wings; red horns....

it makes Deku’s Playboy Bunny costume look more like a nun’s habit in comparison
then the tall, blonde, and drop-dead gorgeous spots Deku staring at her


and she starts walking over

/double fuck/
“hey,” she greets, her red eyes sparking under the flashing lights

she grins like she’s seizing up her next meal

“ahskf” Deku oh-so-eloquently greets back
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19 Oct
there’s not enough (or any??) fics where Toga successfully kidnaps Izuku & Uraraka☹️
I want that sweet sweet angst where she slowly and tortuously breaks them in every which way until they finally, /finally/, succumb to her every desire

and ofc /that’s/ when they’re finally rescued, when they don’t want to be

well, their bodies are, but their minds? not so much
I want to see how Katsuki and Yagi struggle with the new Izuku, the one who cries for Toga, cries for /blood/, who lashes out and hisses at them bc they’re /heroes/, they’re /scum/, who’s covered in so many new scars that it actually has the two of them nauseas
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16 Sep
so I woke up this morning in a soft (but #nsfw) PH #bkdk mood where Izuku gets hit with basically a “fuck or die” type quirk in which the first person to touch the affected is the one who has to fuck them

but neither Izuku or Katsuki knew that so Izuku goes home that night alone
when he doesn’t show up for work the next day, Katsuki, rightfully worried for his hero partner and friend, checks up on him during his lunch break

the sheer /terror/ he feels when he walks into Izuku’s flat to see Izuku curled up on the floor, crying and shaking and still in-
-his hero suit, though it was unzipped and hanging off his hips, is downright /paralyzing/

Katsuki can only stare for a good few seconds, as his brain computes what tf he‘s seeing, but the moment he hears Izuku whimper, he‘s on his knees in a heartbeat
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