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Traveller in a leased body on a Journey from Human to Humane #VedicWisdom #Bharata #Science #Spirituality #Music #History #Sports #StartUps #Author #TheLostGold
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#Karma & #Destiny
Lord Krishna & Arjuna were on their daily morning walk. On their path sat a very poor Brahmin in tatters. Arjuna being human got emotional and gave the Brahmin a bagful of gold coins. The poor Brahmin couldn't believe his luck and after ...1/n thanking Arjuna started off towards his home with excitement. A thief watched the Brahmin walk in a gay gait and followed him to find out the reason of the Brahmin's excitement. The Brahmin got into his dilapidated house and locked the door behind him and announced to his wife2/n
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#Chandrababu Naidu's 3 years old grandson has net worth of 19 crores . But he says , Modi chor hai"

ndtv.com/andhra-pradesh… #Mayawati owns 5000 crore declared assets earned out of her agricultural income . She is one of the most successful farmers . 😜 she thinks Modi chor hai"