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12 Jan
There’s an episode of the Buffy spinoff “Angel” where Barbara Boxer is an absolute monster called “Senator Brucker”— a demon who says “I'm not gonna take the White House in 2008 on just my sparkling wit and funding from hostile governments.”
The episode -- the whole season 5 -- is about Los Angeles do-gooders who wind up running a corporate law firm that runs *everything* through its worldwide network of demons / blackmailed humans who hold all corporate & political power.
Love looking for TV clips using good search terms on YouTube.
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11 Jan
I keep the Philip K. Dick book "The Simulacra" around as a sort of instruction manual for the times at hand. It's a minor work, one of FOUR novels he published that year, but since 2016 it has felt like the most accurate of his hazy visions. ImageImageImage
It takes place in the mid 21st Century, "where the whole government is a fraud and the President (der Alte, 'the Old Man') is a simulacrum (android)." The coup is the work of the government itself, of course.
Prophecy is always mixed up so you've got fake first ladies & the "real" woman president & the dead robot old man & the neofascist populist + the DC coup. He completely foresaw 21st Century media technology as mass mind control run by the tech giants.…
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