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7 Aug
There's a big climate change report coming out on Monday. Your feed is going to be filled with all of the horrible things that a warming climate will do. The fact that there are things we can do about it will be relegated to maybe a paragraph, more likely a sentence.
I have been working on a podcast focused on climate solutions (@how2saveaplanet) for a year now and working on it has crystallized things that I thought were not great about climate reporting generally (things, to be clear) that I have done. We need more attention on solutions
There have been a lot of parallels made between climate and covid - I HAVE MADE THEM - collective problem in need of a collective solution. But one big difference is that for covid what we mostly needed to do is... stay home.
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25 Jun
It's worth pointing out that while most of the attention regarding the heatwave is going to be on the record breaking highs next week what matters arguably more in terms of human health is the fact that the overnight lows are also going to be high. /1
Many people can handle temporary high temperatures (small children, the elderly and people on certain medications are more sensitive), but being in heat all day is physically taxing. The body needs a rest and in the past that used to come with overnight lows. /2
This is why in the old days before AC (which to be clear people still died), people dealt with the heat by sleeping outside. The pics are from the Nebraska state capitol and a NYC fire escape respectively /3 people lseeping at nebraska state capitolpeople sleeping on fire escapes
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