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Basically, I write content (for medical professionals and health business owners) that attracts those in need of them😊 For business:
13 Apr 20
I made three status updates today that got these exact order of replies.

The reason why this is funny to me is that it explains exactly what I was talking about on my status!

What am I talking about👇🏾
I'm talking about the RARE ability to *spark interest in people...
*make them curious...
*tell them what to do...

It is not such a rare ability because you do it frequently...

And only if you knew how to better sharpen that ability when you want to make proposals or advertise.. will be so much successful in persuading your audience to do what you want.

It could be to buy something from you... Or to subscribe to your channel... Or to join your group... Or to approve your proposal.

It doesn't matter what action you want them to take...
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4 Jan 20

It's saddening atimes when I think of how many ideas we know as clichés, that can change our lives by 360° but we fail to consciously take heed to, like:

*No food for the lazy man
*A stitch in time saves nine
*Practice makes perfect

Need I say more?

We want to find...
...the easiest route to everything.

"How I made $100 in a day without doing anything."

"Become a badass chef by taking these 5 simple lessons"

And the list goes.

Well... As I like to think; anyone who's lived over two decades should know that these are not as they appear!
Everything will always be blueprints and no matter how much we read, how many classes we take, and how many amazing folks we have around; IF we DO NOT take action, consistently, we will still be where we are.

To be great at anything, like I said before, work is required...
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