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Historian: White Flight; The New Suburban History; Spaces of the Modern City; Fog of War; One Nation Under God; Fault Lines; Voter Suppression in US Elections.
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25 Feb
1-0! #USWNT
2-0! #USWNT
God, I love Carli Lloyd’s play
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16 Feb
Wait, L. Brent Bozell IV was part of the MAGA Mob?

Feels like there's an interesting history of the devolution of modern conservatism to be written through that family line.
"Devolution" might be too strong a word given some of the activities of the earlier L. Brent Bozells, but then again, none of them were ever indicted for insurrection so ...
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13 Feb
So the Trump camp's argument now is that they'll get the upper hand by calling Muriel Bowser and Nancy Pelosi? What?
First of all, to call any particular witness, I believe they'd need to get 51 votes -- which would mean peeling away a Democrat.

Possible, I guess, but ... then what?
If the point is to show that Bowser or Pelosi didn't do enough to prep for the riot ahead of time -- that's some bizarre blame-shifting, like faulting a homeowner for not having deadbolts after they suffered a home invasion.
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9 Feb
It's OK, Bruce Castor, we've all tried to wing a public talk and failed miserably.
Really going well. Really, really, really well.
Really, really, REALLY well.
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9 Feb
The Arkansas state senate has a resolution for Black History Month and it's basically a D'Souza rant framed as a series of "WHEREAS" clauses.…
I'm not going to fact-check every line, but this gives you a taste of its accuracy and intent.

So, uh, JFK was not president in 1960.

And JFK signed EO 11063 barring discrimination in federal housing projects in November 1962, six months *before* the Birmingham protests.
The next paragraph:

Um, no, LBJ did not vote against the CRA of 1964 as a senator. What?

He voted against civil rights laws a decade earlier, but voted for the CRA of 1957 & 1960 and *strengthened* the CRA of 1964 & pushed for it.

But Dirksen gets *all* credit for passing it!
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29 Jan
I've still got @questlove's SUMMER OF SOUL documentary rattling around in my head after the @sundancefest premiere last night, so a few more thoughts this morning.
It covers the 1969 Harlem Cultural Festival, which featured an amazing array of talent -- Nina Simone, Stevie Wonder, Sly & the Family Stone, Mahalia Jackson, B.B. King, etc. etc.

Just the concert footage -- long forgotten in a basement -- would make this worth watching.
But what really elevates it is the direction.

It's stunning that this is @questlove's first time directing, but as he noted in his opening comments last night, he's always been a storyteller. And it shows here.
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28 Jan
This is an excellent point, and it gets to the heart of the D’Souza conundrum.

Bear with me...
Some people keep asking me why I bother correcting his idiocy at all. Isn’t it just legitimizing him?

Here’s my take:
But as @pashulman notes, when we point out that historians have endlessly written about Democrats’ past ties to slavery and segregation, we’re effectively underscoring his point that Democrats were/are the Real Racists.
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26 Jan
🚨🚨🚨WARNING: This is not for the faint of heart! 🚨🚨🚨

Dinesh will sneer about the fact that I went to a public university as an undergrad.

Did he delete it, or did Twitter take it down because he went FULL SAVAGE on me for getting my PhD at a “lesser Ivy”?
Yep, deleted.

Here it is for posterity.
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25 Jan
By "multiple examples," D'Souza means ... two.

And for his "examples" he names historians who actually have addressed Democrats' past support for slavery, segregation, racial terrorism and lynching -- Eric Foner and Robert Dallek.

Let's take a look!
Here's the podcast, and you should listen, if only to see D'Souza claim that he's not going to engage in credentialism before mocking me for attending a state school for my undergrad and a lesser Ivy for my PhD (around 49:00)

True? #GoHeels #Cornell…
Now, if you missed it, here are some of the examples I and others provided of "progressive textbooks" that note the simple fact that Democrats were the party of slavery and segregation.

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23 Jan
In case you missed it, my creepy stalker @DineshDSouza is back, repeating his bizarre claim that "progressive historians" never write about how the Democratic Party was the party of slavery, segregation and white supremacy.

Let's all dig in on this one.

It's a laughable claim, as anyone who took US history in college or even high school knows, but it seems D'Souza never did that.

He's been pushing it for years, and whenever I ask him for examples -- like this thread from July 2018 -- he runs away.

D'Souza has repeatedly promised he'll show examples of this trend he insists is incredibly widespread -- examples that are surely at his fingertips! -- but it's been years now.

(He *does* apparently have plenty time to tell everyone else in his replies how very important he is.)
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23 Jan
It’s just so very sad. Image
So, so, so very sad. Image
So, so, so desperately sad. Image
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18 Jan
This is somehow even worse than I expected it to be.
I mean, check out these dire threats to America ... slavery, fascism, communism and (squints) progressivism and identity politics?
The idea that affirmative action was somehow a repudiation of King's vision -- WHEN MLK EXPLICITLY ENDORSED AFFIRMATIVE ACTION AND CHARACTERIZED AS AN EXTENSION OF THE MOVEMENT -- is just insanely stupid.

And to release this ahistorical garbage on MLK Day? Goddamn.
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17 Jan
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4 Jan
The lesson that Nixon took from Ford’s pardon was his famous line to David Frost: "When the president does it, that means that it is not illegal."

Many of his successors took the same lesson.
As @julianzelizer and I noted here, Ford’s pardon — which he sincerely, I think, believed was necessary for the nation — set a horrid precedent for the presidency.…
It wasn’t an automatic shift. Indeed, as I detailed in my chapter in this volume, Jimmy Carter went to great lengths — even testifying before Congress in one inquiry — to show he was not above the law.…
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1 Dec 20
Dick was my advisor at Cornell.

A brilliant scholar and a powerhouse of a lecturer, he taught me so, so much.

More than anything, he taught me to be kind to my students, to be generous with my colleagues, to take the work seriously but not himself so much.
He was quiet, but always full of surprises.

One time he let it slip that in the 1950s he'd worked as an intern at Mad Magazine.

After he retired, he taught himself guitar, became quite good at it, and wound up playing songs with Pete Seeger.
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13 Nov 20
Now, to be clear, a 306-232 margin in the Electoral College isn't a landslide -- it wasn't when Trump landed it in 2016, and it isn't now that Biden racked it up in 2020.

Both of them, in fact, are in the bottom fifth of EC margins all time. See here:…
That said, Trumpworld has spent the past four years insisting that a 306-232 margin -- actually 304-227 after the EC voted for real -- definitely WAS a landslide, so it's pretty funny that they're on the other end of this.
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10 Nov 20
If we get another $1000 in donations to @fairfightaction -- receipts in any amount, but made from today -- I will post a never-before-seen picture of Sarge as a newborn puppy that is so cute it will break the entire internet.

Seriously, this photo is so cute that I'm worried @MollyJongFast will show up at my house to dognap him.

But I'll risk that for this cause. I'm very brave.
My God, you people are amazing. We hit $2000 in a matter of minutes, with big boosts from @reallyhillary and @nerdpyle.

All right, be sure to sit down. I'll post it after this.
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6 Nov 20
Also, I think it's worth reflecting on McConnell's reasons for immediately claiming that he'll be a brake on a Biden presidency.

Two stand out ...
First and foremost, he doesn't technically *have* the Senate majority yet, and we're about to have a runoff for two pivotal seats in Georgia.

Portraying those seats as the key to the GOP checking the power of a Democratic White House is an obvious strategy they'll use there.
So drawing a line in the sand on Cabinet appointments -- however real that might be -- is a smart political move for McConnell, as it will help rally Republicans to vote for Perdue and Loeffler.

(Democrats of course need to counter, making clear what a Dem Senate would mean.)
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26 Oct 20
Tomorrow evening at 6pm eastern, @ProfCAnderson @jimdowns1 and I will be returning (virtually) to @librarycompany for another discussion about voter suppression, past and present.

Register here:…
Our original discussion at @librarycompany took place back in April 2019, with @staceyabrams @HC_Richardson and @hthompsn as well.

Nice @jennyschuessler piece about it here:…
That discussion was turned into a terrific book, edited by @jimdowns1 for @UGAPress -- a transcript of our discussion and a number of important essays on voting rights and voter suppression.…
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21 Oct 20
Oh, Ratcliffe is leading off. Well, that inspires confidence.
The guy who was originally turned down for DNI because he lied about his resume is here to warn about disinformation.
Ratcliffe says that Iran is trying to meddle to hurt Trump, but then mentions the emails threatening voters — ones saying they’ll release info on them if they don’t vote for Trump — but doesn’t mention Trump there. Well done.
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19 Sep 20
If you’re despairing, find a Senate race near you and get involved.
Doesn’t have to be in your state.

You can phone bank from anywhere and do registration/canvassing in nearby states.
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