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2 Oct
Iran's policy towards Azeri aggression on Artsakh in late 2020 early 2021 was shortsighted. Armenians were never a threat to Tehran. Now the latter has to deal with a rogue country who enjoys excellent ties to Tel Aviv. In addition to thousands of salafist (Syrian) mercenaries.
I made this video a year ago in which I elaborated the main reasons for the Israeli support of Azerbaijan relying on leaked documents by @wikileaks: Iran🇮🇷, Arms🚀 & Oil🛢️

Also from last year, political researcher Ararat Kostanian (@ararat007) based in Yerevan addressed to @SyrianaAnalysis the bizarre alliance between Israel and Azerbaijan.

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30 Sep
I will tell you my personal experience with racism in Germany after 6 years of continuous residence and constant and daily contact with the Germans. So here's a thread 1/:
We must first define "racism" and it is simply the persecution and marginalization of individuals and groups for reasons including race, colour, religion or culture. 2/
On the governmental, administrative and legal levels, I believe Germany is one of the least racist countries and Berlin tirelessly develops its laws and social norms to provide an environment based on equality for all its inhabitants. 3/
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14 Sep
President Assad met today with President Putin in Moscow and talks focused on combating terrorism. #Idlib
Assad: “I am happy to meet today in Moscow. The joint operation to combat terrorism has now been going on for about 6 years, during which the Syrian & Russian armies have made great achievements, not only by liberating lands or by returning refugees to their cities & villages, 1/
Assad: but also through protecting many innocent citizens in this world because terrorism knows no political borders and does not stop at political borders.” 2/
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15 Jun
.@AnaKasparian hosts a clown expert to say Assad's motive of using CWs on Douma in 2018 was to force the "rebels" to surrender.

This is the map of control on Ghouta on 31.03.2018.

Militarily speaking, do you kill 49 civilians to force Islam's Army terrorists to surrender?
And let's suppose Assad really used chemical weapons, why would he drop a toxic weapon on the civilians when there were thousands of Islam's Army terrorists in the area?
Every time Ana Kasparian and the TYT talk about Syria, they make fool of themselves.
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14 Jun
1/ Former U.S. special envoy to Syria James Jeffrey said the U.S. had “indirect channels” to al-Nusra “through people in the media, people in the NGO world who did have direct contacts with them.”

I posted a video on the matter some time ago.

2/ Jeffrey: "We opened indirect channels to them as soon as we could, and kept Secretary [Mike] Pompeo advised of it and what we were learning, but we never raised the subject of opening specific channels directly with them,"
3/ Jeffrey: "in part because the Russians would exploit it, as would Assad; in part because we didn't want to make the Turks nervous."
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8 Jun
Israel attacks Damascus again in the middle of the night.
The Syrian air defences shooting against hostile objects not only over the skies of Damascus but also Latakia.
In a grave violation of international law, the Israeli warplanes are firing on Syrian posts from the skies of Lebanon.
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8 Jun
Today marks 2 years since Sarout died while fighting alongside Al-Qaeda forces against the SAA.

How is it possible to let people carry his pictures in Germany when he was a former ISIS terrorist and a genocidal maniac who thinks Christians and Alewites should be exterminated?
A recent photo from Reuters show a man carrying the photo of the former ISIS terrorist in front of the Syrian embassy in Berlin.
The German media occasionally quote the Syrian lawyer Nahla Osman, who's based in Germany and runs a legal campaign against me to deport me from Germany.

Guess what? Osman loves Sarout, the former ISIS terrorist and considers him the "guardian of the Syrian revolution".
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10 Apr
On this day 10 years ago (10/04/2011) the "peaceful protesters" murdered Nidal Jannoud, a poor peasant from Tartous because he was born in the wrong religious sect.

At that time, the MSM told you that a liberal & democratic revolution erupted in #Syria against the dictator. Image
On the same day, the terrorists ambushed a Syrian Army convoy on the road to Banias, killing more than 10 soldiers.
Arabic speakers will hear the terrorists calling for Jihad against the Syrian Army after occupying the minarets of the mosques in Banyas.

Remember, you've been told for 10 years that this was a peaceful and democratic revolution.
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12 Mar
Syria's MoFA: the #EU, with its applied policy, is only a continuation of colonialism, but in a modern way, reiterating that statements of some EU officials on its role and conditions in the reconstruction process clearly indicate a misunderstanding of what is going on in #Syria.
Syria's MoFA: for Syria, the EU institution with its applied policy is only a continuation of colonialism, but Syria’s view towards the EU has been based on true experiences that Syria has passed through with the EU before the war and that the terrorist war came to prove them.
Syria's MoFA: the EU had presented for Syria has never been donations or offers, but loans that were paid periodically from the money of the Syrian people.
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3 Feb
I took a critical position on Prime Minister of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan after signing the capitulation agreement with Azerbaijan and my argument consisted of the following:
- Pashinyan made miscalculations.
- Pashinyan is incompetent.
- Pashinyan is ignorant in geopolitics.
And due to his sins & incompetence, he betrayed the Armenian nation without really knowing that he betrayed us. However, I'm gradually changing my position on Pashinyan, especially what has he done after the capitulation agreement, such as handing over strategic regions to AZ🇦🇿
although these regions were not mentioned in the agreement. My impression is, Pashinyan is trying to gain some sort of a support in Moscow by adopting the business plans of Putin between Armenia and Azerbaijan.
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28 Sep 20
You may agree with me thay Erdogan's Turkey is the biggest threat to the regional security and his actions risking a full scale war, massacres and ethnic cleansing.
Turkey for example exported tens of thousands of multinational jihadists to Syria, collaborated closely with ISIS and Al-Nusra Front, and trained tens of thousands more mercenaries.
This behaviour has led to the killing of hundreds of thousands of Syrians and millions of refugees. Erdogan's neo-Ottomanism didn't stop in Syria and extended to Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Greece and now to Armenia.
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24 Sep 20
By the time of writing this Tweet, Erdogan's #Turkey🇹🇷 has transited hundreds of Syrian mercenaries to the conflict zone between #Armenia🇦🇲 & #Azerbaijan🇦🇿, in a bid to give upper hand for the latter.
These mercenaries were formerly known as the Free Syrian Army, which was backed, financed and armed by several western intelligence agencies, in addition to Turkey, Qatar, KSA, etc.
The flag of the so-called Free Syrian Army can be seen on a daily basis in the streets of Germany carried by sympathizers of the radicals, despite the track record of this armed group in committing horrendous war crimes and crimes against humanity.
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21 Sep 20
Major military operation is prepared by the SAA and Russian army to recapture the Southern part of M4 highway. Reports from Syria indicate that the timing of the offensive is in the next few weeks if not few days. #Syria #Idlib
SAMA reporter says the SAA is expected to attack Ariha, Arbaeen Mountain, Jabal Al-Zawiya & Kabani which are controlled by various radical takfiri groups.
#Lavrov: #Russia🇷🇺 and #Turkey🇹🇷 have stopped joint patrols on the M4 highway in #Syria🇸🇾.
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17 Sep 20
Watch my video on the #CaesarAct, the latest package of sanctions on #Syria and those who try to help Damascus circumvent the unilateral coercive measures.
#Syria's FM Walid al-Moallem delivers Syria's speech at the 75th session of UN general Assembly:
Moallem: Caesar’s law came to suffocate civilians in Syria and prevent them from receiving treatment.
Al-Moallem: So-called “Caesar Act” targets Syrians in their livelihood… Syria will spare no effort to end US and Turkish occupation.
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14 Jun 20
Most Americans not only don't know what the successive US administrations did to the third world, but they also don't even know that they don't know.
Countries bombed by the US since WWII
Countries where the CIA has successfully orchestrated or supported coup d'etat/regime change since WWII
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3 Jun 20
Don't be fooled: #Idlib is the world's largest Al-Qaeda haven where Syrians who don't share the ideology of the terrorists are slaughtered, women forced to cover from head to toe and stoned to death for "adultery". #GeorgeFlyod Image
In Idlib: democracy is the path of backwardness Image
In Idlib: Damn to democracy Image
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31 May 20
I hope the protests in the US don't only change the domestic situation there but also reshape Washington's foreign policies, which can't be described but pure evil. #GeorgeFloydProtests
The US is a country which it's current secretary of state says in public: "I was the CIA director. We lied, we cheated, we stole. (Laughter.) It's – it was like – we had entire training courses,"
And let's not forget when the former secretary of state Madeleine Albright was asked about the murder of half a million Iraqi children due to US sanctions, she said: the price was worth it.
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18 Apr 20
We always hear about the #MuslimBrotherhood. While some demonize the MB, others consider it alternative to the current regimes in the MENA region. But how did the MB emerge, what's its ideology , and who are its theorists? Watch Part 1:
The MB claims that it's an anti-imperialist group. How true is this claim? I'll address this in part 2, in addition to the British collision with the Islamist group.
Part 2
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31 Mar 20
Air battles going on over Homs. Most probably Israeli missiles trying to hit Shayrat air base.
Syrian air Defenses firing against hostile objects over Homs #Syria.
The hostile missiles were aimed at Shayrat and T4 military bases. The missiles came from Lebanese air space.
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22 Mar 20
The Syrian Minister of Health announces the first case of #coronavirus in #Syria.
The infected is a twenty-year-old girl coming from outside #Syria.
The infected came from a European country (France or the UK) to Lebanon and then to Syria.
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15 Mar 20
The first joint Russian-Turkish patrol was conducted today on the M4 highway in #Syria's #Idlib, but the militants did not withdraw, so the patrol retreated.

Al-Qaeda/HTS offered $ 25,000 to any terrorist who could snipe a Russian journalist or soldier on the M4.
While @BilalKareem claims that the "Syrian people" protesting the presence of Russian forces on M4, we know who he means by the "Syrian people". #Syria #Idlib Image
Russia's MoFA: The terrorists in #Idlib have rearmed and carrying out attacks against the Syrian Army.
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