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Poet~Author~#SciFi Writer. Latest Books: Devolution (#extinction), Undetectable (#HepC), Red Zone (#homelessness), Ride Backwards on Dragon (#Taoism #Liuhebafa)
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12 Oct
Major exposé by former @CanadianGreens President @MarkMacKenzie (2012-2013) on party's leadership crisis, election debacle, and Annamie Paul's outrageous power-grabbing contract that is still in place since she is still leader…
"What I am about to say is a collection of information that I have gathered from first hand sources within the GPC, and not from media reports or social media although I will reference articles... The GPC is under attack both internally and externally and has been for a while."
"The seeds of the subsequent problems lay in leader's contract. Annamie demanded far more power & authority than Elizabeth ever had, & she got what she wanted... complete control over all communications, something neither Elizabeth nor Jim Harris nor any other leader ever had."
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27 Jul
Federal Council meeting for @CanadianGreens commencing now. It's the last regular meeting for this FC, since FC elections are now underway. So next FC meeting will be held by the newly elected FC.
Annamie Paul saying agenda for today's meeting was received late, last night at 11 pm. also she has not been invited to executive committee meetings for month of July even though she is voting member of executive committee. Also other meetings she was not invited to.
Annamie now objecting to item on electoral urgency being added late to today's agenda because she is not aware of what it is about. Liana says that item will then not be added (electoral urgency item) since AP objected.
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3 Oct 20
Nearly 24,000 members of @CanadianGreens voted of 34,000 members. That's 69% of membership who cast a ballot for the next leader of Green Party of Canada. Voting ended 23 minutes ago. Results will start to be announced soon. I'm watching it here… #GPCldrR
Because the winner must have a majority of the votes cast, that means the winner in this 8-way race of candidates for next leader of Green Party of Canada must collect nearly 12,000 votes from the system of ranked ballots. #GPCldr
It could take several ballots before winner is known. With this system of voting involving ranked ballot, if none of 8 candidates get a majority on 1st ballot, then lowest candidate will be dropped & everyone who voted for that candidate will have their #2 choice counted, etc
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30 Sep 20
I was quick to request mail-in ballot when unnecessary #BCelxn2020 was called in middle of global pandemic b/c I didn't want to be stuck in covid crowd in order to vote. Well this is the mail-in ballot that has been sent to 400,000 BCers - blank sheet b/c nominations not closed. Image
It's okay for me b/c I am very politically engaged & very active online. I can find my candidates in my riding & write-in the name of my choice. But I suspect many of the nearly half million people who receive this blank page ballot will suffer. And so democracy suffers.
Voters should NOT be forced to choose between protecting their health during global pandemic with mail-in blank page "ballot", or risking their health to go to polls & stand in covid crowd for potentially hours to see a full ballot. Soooo many reasons to NOT vote NDP this time.
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11 Sep 20
Canada’s place in the world: Green Party of Canada Leadership Debate via @YouTube On live right now! #GPCldr
Annamie = Substance-free zone #GPCldr
Excruciating to listen to Andrew trying to redeem himself on #BDS issue and #GPC policy, which he apparently does not understand.
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31 Jul 20
THREAD - Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia: There is an under-studied, emerging phenomenon affecting some #CLL patients on #ibrutinib who develop "psuedo-Richter transformation when ibrutinib is withdrawn…
This mistaken diagnosis of the very serious condition of Richter transformation in #CLL patients after #ibrutinib withdrawal has been unnecessarily treated w R-CHOP in some cases, when all that was needed to resolve it was for ibrutinib to be resumed, since it was not true RT.
A group of researchers is starting to investigate individual cases of misdiagnosis & R-CHOP treatment of #CLL patients who developed psuedo-Richter's transformation following #ibrutinib withdrawal.
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27 Jun 20
Book review: #Nanaimo poet deploys dreamlike surrealism in ferocious collection… WOW!! Woke up to this FAB review of my book in Vancouver Sun! "Like Leonard Cohen’s Suzanne, Goldberg shows us where to look amongst the garbage & the flowers." 🤩💜💙💚🧡❤️🍾
Devolution can be ordered directly from the publisher, @caitlinpress. Or from any online bookseller (amazon, chapters, etc), or through your favorite indie bookstore. And I am selling signed copies from my door in #Nanaimo: $18…
Love that people are messaging me to stop by & pick up a copy of Devolution on their way through #Nanaimo! This is part of our new #pandemic paradigm - front yard book sales for poets! It's a brave new world we are creating in this age of no coffee house readings.
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