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17 Oct
I respect whatever you want to call yourself, but NO, I will not participate in gender.

Gender is the most sexist regressive labeling system ever projected onto human bodies. I will NOT participate in it. Participation in gender harms women. Bodies aren’t gender roles.
Accurately speaking about someone’s body without projecting gender onto it is not mean, it is simply a refusal to participate. I won’t be coerced into perpetuating the harms of gender. To participate in gendering bodies is to be complicit in turning bodies into gender roles.
My solidarity is NOT with Buck, but with the girls killed in female infanticide, mutilated in FGM, sold in child marriages. They did not get to choose how gender represented them. They were differently valued because gender was projected on them against their will.
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25 Sep
Feminists have been critical of gender since there were feminists. Men have projected gender roles onto women's bodies and then used these roles for the justification of our lesser status for as far back as we can track the patriarchy.
Aristotle said that women were "colder/wetter" as a justification to keep us out of politics. The bible taught that women were made second as proof that women should be subservient to men.
Darwin wrote that women's brains were more like the brains of great apes as the reason to keep women out of education.
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14 Sep
Query to the twittersphere:

Who would be interested in an "I ❤️ JK Rowling" mask?

I know a connection that could order them in bulk and sell them for possibly as little as 3.50 pounds, plus shipping. The idea would not be to make money, but to distribute as many as possible.
The shipping would be from the UK.
@sociallyisolate for you to follow along.
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2 Sep
THREAD: In which raping babies is called "sex."

What is wrong with these news outlets. You can't have "sex with" a baby or child, it's called RAPE???!!!

CORRECTED TITLE: Police: Hundreds of videos depicting rape of infants.…
CORRECTED TITLE: Man Gets Life Sentence for Raping Infant…
CORRECTED TITLE: Man sought to rape infants in Mexico…
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2 Sep
Poll in tweet below:

In light of some misunderstandings I've recently seen about the core tenets of radical feminism, I am putting together an online course exploring some of the seminal texts. I hope to provide a grounding in history/core analysis of radical feminism.
3 Polls, in the next tweets. I'd love to get feedback on which of these books hold the most interest. I'm thinking that in a possible 6 week course, covering 3 books, with maybe some excerpts from others:
More choices:
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2 Sep
Some clarifications about radical feminism as currently there seems to be a lot of misinformation flying around.

Radical feminism is not an "ideology" it's an analysis and critique of patriarchy. Much like Marxism is an analysis and critique of capitalism.
The analysis of radical feminism is that the root of female oppression is the control/exploitation of female bodies as well as our relegation to lesser gender status.This is simply a lens through which to analyze culture. It's a structural critique of patriarchal social systems.
I clarify here for many who seem to be confused about this, including those who act as if radical feminism is a belief system, ideology, or social justice cause. It is not those things.
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24 Aug
DM'd this to Matt:

I'm glad your DM's are open. I am deeply saddened, as well as horrified and angry over what is happening to Sasha. I read through her tweets and did not see anything transphobic in what posed.
She posted nothing hateful or derogatory. He tweets were in defense of women who understand biology and wish to talk about the unique experiences of being female without being harassed.
Her tweets were in critique of a system of gender which turns women's bodies into social roles, which is harmful to women globally.
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15 Jul
The man who raped me knew my sex. And the man who raped me didn’t wear a condom. So before I could go home and bawl my eyes out in the shower I had to go to the drug store and buy spermicide and squeeze the tube inside me in the cab on the way home.
I know my sex. I know what it is to live in a female body. My understanding of my position comes from my lived experience. And there is nothing any man can do to, no logic he can use, no argument he can make that can erase my lived experience.
Men can't become women. Men have no understanding of what it means to exist in a female body. So no man can "feel like" a woman. Women know this in our bodies. We know it from our lived trauma and from our uniquely female experiences. We know it in the organs of our sex.
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